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Welcome to the complete index of all the Poptropica Items. In this section of the web site, we’ve assembled all the items you can add to your backpack as you adventure through the quests on all the Poptropica Islands. Sooner or later in each island quest, you’ll need to obtain all of the items mentioned here, and this comprehensive guide shows you what each one is for and how to get it. So whether you need help with something specific or just want to browse through all the cool stuff you can get in Poptropica, this guide will tell you everything you need to know about all of the Poptropica items.

Early Poptropica

Shark Tooth Island

Time Tangled Island

24 Carrot Island

Superpower Island

Spy Island Item

Big Nate Island Items

Nabooti Island

Reality TV Island

Skullduggery Island

Steamworks Island Items

Astro-Knights Island Items

Counterfeit Island Items

Mythology Island Items

Great Pumpkin Island Items

Cryptids Island Items

Wild West Island Items

Wimpy Wonderland Items

Red Dragon Island Items

Shrink Ray Island Items

Mystery Train Island Items

Game Show Island Items

Ghost Story Island Items

S.O.S Island Items

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