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Sleigh Shot

Sleigh Shot is a game from MiniClip that can be played in the Daily Pop section of Poptropica. It’s a simple game where you must launch Santa’s Sleigh from a cannon into the air and try to make it go as far as possible. You’ll earn cash for each launch you complete, and that cash can be used to buy special add-ons for the sleigh and cannon that will allow you to travel even further. You’re in competition with Mrs. Claus and you must beat her top distance to advance to the next round.

The Basics

This is a standard aiming and shooting game that uses a power meter. You’ve probably seen it before in lots of other games. The needle moves up and down and your first click is to freeze it in place. You want to get it as close to midway (a 45 degree angle) as you can. The second click is the power. You want to freeze it when the meter is completely full. Each round the needle and meter move faster, so you may need to practice to get your timing down. Getting the position and power of the meter right is the most important part of this game.

Sleigh Shot Power Meter

A near-perfect power meter in Sleigh Shot

There are several power-ups you can add to the sleigh to help it go farther. The first are the soda thrust cans, which you can use to make the sleigh go faster and higher. The soda thrust cans should be used immediately after you launch. The second power-up is the skis. Each ski gives you one hop off the water. You should click it just before you hit the water on your way down. The next power-up is “Call Freaky.” Freaky is the name of a special radioactive fish you will appear and bump you out of the water. It’s slightly more powerful than the skis. You should click it just before you’re about to hit the water on your way down.

The next power up is decorations for your sleigh. You can purchase up to two of them and they each add 250 meters to your final distance. They are permanent–you don’t need to buy them again like you do with the other power-ups. The final power-up is the gun powder. You can purchase up to three and each one makes the initial cannon shot a little more powerful.

Strategy for a High Score

Here’s the basic strategy for getting a high score. First, in the early round try to get practice on getting the power meter right. After this round, you’ll want to purchase one soda thruster. Use it immediately after launching in the next round. Keep buying power-ups at the end of each round in this order: 3 soda thrusters, 3 skis, 3 Call Freakys.

Use the power-ups in the same order. Use all of your soda can thrusters immediately after you launch. Then use the skis one at a time on each hop. Finally, use the Call Freakys one at a time on the remaining hops.

When you have enough money, purchase the Sled Decorations to add 500 meters to your final distance. Then purchase the 3 Gun Power power-ups to get the most possible power out of the cannon. By the time you get to the final round, you should be able to get a total distance of 7,500 meters or higher, depending on how close you can get the power meter to perfect.

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