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Poptropica Pathwise

Pathwise is a fun multi-player game in Poptropica with a simple goal. You need to create a connected line of your tiles to connect your two sides before your opponent can do the same. It is a very strategic game that involved both offense and defense tactics. Each player takes turns selecting one tile on the board at a time. When you select a tile, it turns into your color (either green or blue). If you connect a continuous path across the board, you win.

Here are some important Pathwise cheats and secrets to use when playing the game.

  • Play from the center of the board. You want to keep all your options open and not reveal your desired path early on. Playing from the center allows you to move in any direction as the game changes.
  • Always try to move where you have more than one option for the next move. In other words, keep two tiles open to continue your path. If you don’t, your opponent can block you easily.
  • Don’t forget to play defense! Sometimes players get so set on continuing their own line that they forget to see a chance to block their opponent.
  • Try using the power triangle early on. This works especially well if you go first. Create a triangle in the middle of the board. This opens up a ton of options and keeps your opponent guessing.


  1. Hi there I’m new on poptropica so thanks for your help

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