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Candy & Clyde

Candy & Clyde is a fun game from MiniClip.com in Poptropica Daily Pop. In this game, you must help Candy & Clyde through a variety of different tasks, chores and games. For each task, you can choose to play as either Candy or Clyde and the task will be slightly different depending on who you choose. Candy is nice and sweet and is always trying to help others. Clyde is mean and is always trying to hurt others. Your goal is to complete each task as quickly as possible and score as many stars as you can. The games start out very easy, but get harder and harder as you go on.

Tips and Cheats

This game is all about moving quickly with your mouse. There are no instructions for the individual tasks, so you need to figure out how to do each one as you play. A lot of the games involve picking objects up and moving them. Other games require aiming. Some are just simple memory games. After a while, you’ll start to see the games a second or third time, but they’ll be much harder. For example, there will be more fish to feed in the Fishbowl game, or more candles to blow out on the Birthday cake game.

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