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Poptropica Costumes – E and F

Here is a detailed look at all the costumes from the Poptropica Store that begin with the letters E and F.

Earth Astro Knight

Poptropica Costumes - Earth Astro-Knight

The Earth Astro Knight costume is for boys only and features a look reminiscent of the knights from Astro-Knights Island. This version of the outfit features earth tones of brown and green. The helmet has a green leafy plume at the top and the outfit includes a yellow sword. Press the space bar to strike a pose and open/close your helmet visor.

Einstein (Boy)

Poptropica Costumes - Einstein Boy

You’ll look like one of the smartest people to ever live with this special costume card that was released in 2010 to celebrate the birthday of Albert Einstein. The costume includes white and grey puffy hair, a yellow sweater and brown pants, and a rarity for Poptropica–facial hair. Yes, part of this costume includes Albert Einstein’s big mustache.

Einstein (Girl)

Poptropica Costumes - Einstein Girl

The girl’s version of the Einstein Costume is much like the boy’s version, but with slightly longer hair, full lips, and no mustache.

Fairy Queen

Poptropica Costumes - Fairy Queen

This costume for girls only is a beautiful outfit that will make you look like a true fairy queen. It has a hairstyle with ribbons and a jeweled crown, earrings, a two-piece dress with belt, and even butterfly wings. And don’t forget the magic wand! No fairy queen would be caught without one. The costume has a special move. Press the space bar to make your magic wand sparkle with fairy dust. The costume comes in three color choices: green, purple and pink.

Fierce Lion

Poptropica Costume - Fierce Lion

Roar with pride when you put on this fun lion costume. It comes complete with a lion head and mane, a yellow body suit and even a great lion tail. The last piece is a little mouse, with which no lion should be without. This costume has a special move: press the space bar to toss your little rodent friend up into the air.


Poptropicans of all kinds can come to the rescue with the firefighter outfit. It features a red firefighter helmet, mask, and a firefighter’s coat with belt and oxygen tank. Of course, you also get a fire extinguisher to carry. The special move for this outfit makes the fire extinguisher spray. Press space bar to give it a try.


Poptropica Costumes - Frankenstein

Mwararar! You’ll be at your creepy best in this Frankenstein costume, which is for boys only. Get the complete look with a flat-top haircut, stiches on your cheek, a mouth with bottom teeth sticking out, and even bolts on your neck. The outfit includes a tattered brown jacket and black shirt with brown pants.


  1. on the astro knights costume brown leaves will dorp when you walk.

  2. @Earth Astro Knight:

    that’s tottaly unfair! i’m a girl on poptropica (and in real life) and i like fighting, killing and all that. UNFAIR!!

  3. plz change that the Earth Astro Knight costume can be for girls too!!


  5. Hey, she doesn’t actually design the clothes, logan, she only reports new fashion! I really want the costume, too, but you don’t see me griping about it! I know this might sound harsh, and I don’t want it to, but just move on! Complaining and moaning about it won’t help, after all.

  6. that sucks that the earth astro knight is only for boys.. and girls get some pink heart knight… this is a little bit stereotypical and sexist, isn’t it?

  7. PJmoviesSuck119

    I still haven got ANY costumes back since the update. Why?


  9. weird why do they have a Einstein suit for girls it will be better if you make like a smart girl outfit and get rid of the Einstein one for girls

  10. You haven’t been posting in a long time. There are more costumes in the store. Can you please put them on this list?

  11. Hello! If you would like, join me at the common room on Mystery Train Island at 6:00 PM (Mountain Standard Time) today. Thanks!

  12. um so you kinda need to update that since ya know some costumes just don’t exist anymore or islands like cryptid island

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