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Poptropica Costumes – C

Here is a look at all the costumes available in the Poptropica Store that begin with the letter C. They’re classic, captivating and creative.

Candy Cane Suit

The Candy Cane Suit is a fun and festive holiday outfit where you are wearing a giant candy cane. It was released in December 2009 and the official name on the card is the Crazy Candy Cane. This costume is the same for girls and boys. It’s another fine entry in the giant foods category of Potpropica Costumes and perfect for the Christmas season. For extra credit, carry the little candy cane item from the store while you’re dressed in the full suit.


Give me a P! Give me an O! Give me a P! Show off your bubbly and bouncy side with the Poptropica cheerleader costume. It’s only available for girl characters in the game and features a sweater with the letter P on it, along with a skirt and a yellow pom-pom. The hairstyle is cute pigtails. Press the spacebar while wearing this outfit and you’ll do a little cheer. Go Poptropica! The costume is available in three colors: red, blue and purple.

Cheesy Mouse

It’s weird but it’s fun. This is one of the Poptropica animal costumes. The cheesy mouse comes with a full body mouse suit, including big ears, a tail, and whiskers with buck teeth. Of course, no mouse is complete without some cheese, so you’ll get a huge hunk of it to carry around. Just don’t cut it, ok? Press the spacebar to make a silly mouse face.


I don’t know you, but I’m kind of scared of clowns, and this costume is no exception. But if you’re into clowns, or just like hanging around Bobo’s clown shop in Counterfeit Island, then this is the look for you. It’s the same costume for boys and girls, and features a full clown suit, with multi-color wig, face paint, and a frilly clown top. As a bonus, you’ll get a flower to carry around that squirts water when you press the spacebar. Now go out there and make some little kids cry!


Here’s a classic cowboy costume for boys in Poptropica. It’s got everything a good cowboy needs except for the boots (hey, there are no shoes in Poptropica!) You’ll get a nice Stetson hat, a white shirt with a vest featuring a sheriff’s badge, a belt with start buckle, and a bandana on your neck. And of course, every self-respecting cowboy has a gun that goes bang. This one is no exception. This reminds me: when is Poptropica going to release a Wild West Island?


You’ll be rough, tough and armed with a gun in this classic cowgirl costume on Poptropica. It comes with a Stetson hat, a bandana for your neck, a nice shiny belt buckle and a sheriff’s vest with badge. And don’t forget the huge six-shooter. Press the spacebar to reach out and get a big “Bang!” from the gun.

Crazy Rooster

The crazy rooster costume in Poptropica is another animal costume, but this time featuring a very big bird. This costume is for boys and girls and doesn’t feature any special moves. Flapping your wings would have been a nice touch, but you’ll have to settle for just strutting around. It comes in green, white and blue.

Creepy Countess

The creepy costume is a great pick for the Halloween season, but works any time of year for when you want to go with that ghoulish look. It’s for girls only. The costume includess a purple dress and cape featuring black hair with gray stripes going down the back. It also has round earrings and purple lips with a mole on the cheek. There are no special moves for this costume.