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Poptropica Costumes A to Z

There’s a lot to do in Poptropica, and one of the most fun activities is simply dressing up your Poptropican in the many different outfits and costumes available in the game. There are a lot of different ways to get lots of outfits, including the Costumizer feature, which allows you to copy the costume of just about any person in Poptropica that you come across. But some of the best costumes in the game are only available in the Poptropica Store, and must be purchased with either credits or a membership. This guide covers all of the named costumes that you can find in the store.

Note: some of the costumes covered in this A to Z guide were only available for a short time as Limited Edition items. That means that you cannot get them any longer in the store.

Poptropica Costume Guide and Index