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Poptropica Comic Strip – Week 2

Poptropica Comic Strip - Week 2

The full second week of the new Poptropica Comic Strip has been posted up on the creator’s blog. There are seven new strips to read. The Poptropica Comic Strip follows the adventures of two boys, Jorge and Oliver as they explore the islands of Poptropica in search of a way home. This week, they escape the island of the monkey ... Read More »

Is Poptropica Phasing Out the “Island”?

Where Have the Islands Gone?

There are now 39 official “islands” in Poptropica, with Survival and Mission Atlantis starting a new trend of episodic adventures, where we play a short episode or chapter of an island right away rather than wait for the full island to be developed. But there’s another trend forming: the lack of the word “island” on the official names of these ... Read More »

Poptropica Now On iPhone

Some pretty big news today in Poptropica land. The app has been updated and you can now play Poptropica on your iPhone. It’s no longer just for iPads. It’s a little challenging to play Poptropica on such a small screen, but now if you need your Potropica fix on the go, you have more options. There’s still no word on ... Read More »

Poptropica Comic Strip

Poptropica Comic Week 1

There’s now an official Poptropica Comic Strip available in Daily Pop. It’s about two boys named Oliver and Jorge, who are stranded in Poptropica and travel from island to island searching for home. The first week’s worth of strips have been posted in Daily Pop, and the Poptropica Creators are promising a new strip in the series every day. That ... Read More »

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return Advertisement

Potpropica Legends of Oz Dorothy's Return

There’s a new video advertisement billboard appearing on Main Streets everywhere in Poptropica. It’s for the upcoming movie, Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return. All you need to do is to watch the movie trailer and you’ll get a free reward. Girl characters get the Toto Toe, which is a basket with Toto from the movie inside. Boy characters will receive ... Read More »

Updated Mythology Island for Everyone

Outside the Museum in Mythology Island

The updated version of Mythology Island, which was released to members last month, is now available for everyone to play! The new version of the island fits into the new “big screen” format in Poptropica, and includes sound and music. It’s also available to play on the iOS version of the game. Read More »

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 50th Anniversary

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Poptropica Creators posted about the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 50th Anniversary celebration. What? 50 years? Yes, for those of you who didn’t know already, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was originally published as a book by Roald Dahl, a British children’s author. And a really, really good one at that! The Poptropica Creators are a little late with ... Read More »

Sneak Peeks for April are Here

Fish Story

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the Sneak Peeks collection. OK, a really long while! But since April is coming to a close, I went in and updated all of the collected sneak peeks for this month. For those of you who don’t stalk the sneaks peek section of Daily Pop like I do, the sneak peeks are a ... Read More »

The Gods of Mythology Island

Poptropica Gods of Olympus

In Poptropica’s Mythology Island, we get to meet several of the Greek Gods, specifically the gods that commonly make up the Twelve Olympians. We also get to meet Hades, god of the Underworld, who was never really invited to the party up on Mt. Olympus. That could be a big part of why he’s such a sourpuss. When you visit ... Read More »

New Mythology Island is Here for Members

Poptropica Mythology Island

Well, it’s “new” in the sense that it has been updated and fits the big screen look. I just did a quick run through the island and it looks and sounds great! The gameplay is pretty much the same, although they made a few changes, like making the boat ride across the river Styx a lot easier. The newly updated ... Read More »

Mythology Island to be Updated

Poptropica Mythology Island

We got our first clue when new special members-only Mythology Island items appeared in the Store, but now the word is official. Mythology Island will be the next island to get the “big screen” treatment on Poptropica. It will also be available on the iPad app version of the game. There will be new music and sound effects as well. ... Read More »