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Popgum Bubblegum in Poptropica Store

The creators in Poptropica have been busy this week! In addition to launching Mythology Island to the public, and making a lot of cool announcements about the upcoming Skullduggery Island, they also released two new items into the Poptropica Store! Putting some Pop in Poptropica The new items are bubble gum, which your Poptropican can chew. When you use the ... Read More »

Skullduggery Special Items

Starting tomorrow, May 3, Poptropica members will be able to get two limited edition items. Both have been promoted recently in the official Poptropica Blog. The first item is called the Skullduggery Island teaser trailer and it’s probably a video trailer of scenes we’ll see on Skullduggery Island once it’s released. The second item is even cooler. It’s a special ... Read More »

Solve the Labyrinth Bones Puzzle in Mythology Island

The Minotaur’s Labyrinth in Poptropica Mythology Island is a tricky place, indeed. Looking at the comments posted to my Poptropica Mythology Island Walkthrough video, it looks like a few people are having problems with the bones puzzle that you have to do after meeting the ghost of Pan inside the labyrinth. The puzzle starts off by simply saying, Fifteen bones ... Read More »

How to Cross the River Styx in Mythology Island

A lot of people are having trouble with crossing the River Styx in Charon’s ferry boat while exploring the Underworld in Poptropica Mythology Island. In my walkthrough video, I show you how to do this part, but since so many people are still having problems (or maybe just haven’t watched the whole video), I’ll explain it in more detail. This ... Read More »

See How Easily You Can Get Cool Costumes in Poptropica

One of the best things about Poptropica is the Costumizer feature, which allows you to immediately copy just about any costume you see a Poptropican wearing while you adventure around the islands on your quests. Although most of the outfits that Poptropicans are wearing are kind of ordinary, there are some really great costumes that you can find on some ... Read More »

How to Get the Pomegranate in Mythology Island

Pretty much everyone knows by now that Poptropica Mythology Island is now available for everyone to play. One of the big questions that everyone is asking is how to get the pomegranate. You’ll need this item to get into the Underworld and complete your quest for Zeus. Getting the pomegranate is actually pretty easy, but you have to know where ... Read More »

Mythology Island Released for Everyone

Mythology Island has finally been released for everyone Now you can play even if you’re not a paid member. So get on there and enjoy the new island, everyone! Stuck? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the full walkthrough and more. Check it out: Mythology Island Walkthrough Also, check out the new island map on Poptropica. They’ve put in ... Read More »

Mythology Island – Spotlight on Zeus

The new Mythology Island on Poptropica becomes available for everyone to play tomorrow. For the last few weeks, only paid members have been able to play through early access. All this week here at, we’re helping everyone get a taste of Mythology Island by spotlighting some of the Gods, Goddesses and creatures you’ll meet in this great Poptropica Quest. ... Read More »

Mythology Island – Spotlight on Hercules

Hercules, who was actually known as Heracles to the Greeks (Hercules is his Roman name) was one of the most powerful and beloved of all the Greek Heroes. He was born the son of Zeus and a mortal woman, and early on showed his strength and survival skills. When he was only a few months old, a jealous Hera sent ... Read More »

Skullduggery Island Confirmed and Sneak Peek

The Poptropica Creators confirmed what we reported last week: a new pirate-themed island is coming and it will be called Skullduggery Island. The official Poptropica blog has a very cool-looking wallpaper that you can download. They also created a promotional page for the new island that you can see here. Not many details are given, but the promotional page says: ... Read More »

Mythology Island – Spotlight on the Minotaur

Only a few more days until Poptropica Mythology Island becomes available to everyone to play. If you haven’t see the Mythology Island Walkthrough yet, check it out to get help with solving this fun island quest. In the meantime, we’ll continue our spotlight on some of the Gods and creatures from Greek mythology that you’ll find during your quest on ... Read More »