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Magician and Magician’s Assistant

27: Magician (boy): Go to Early Poptropica and copy the balloon man’s shirt and top hat. Find the grey-ish opened over-shirt, and a pair of jeans. If you want, you can really just add the magic wand from the actual magician costume Magician’s Assistant (girl): Go to Spy Island and copy the girl in the Bistro’s entire outfit, aside from ... Read More »

Saved by the Holiday Ball

Well, I’m glad to see that Poptropica has just released the new Holiday Ball costume/item into the game. And here I was, worried that I had run out of outfits to wear for the upcoming Cryptids Island Walkthrough! The Holiday Ball is a free item in the Poptropica Store. You’ll find it with the “gold card” items up above and ... Read More »

Rosalie Hale

This twilight inspired outfit requires a bit of running around, but I think it’s worth it. Go to Mythology Island and copy the girl in green (She is in the restaurant, Herc’s Hero Hut). Copy ONLY her tank top/shirt. Next, get Vampire Hair (Any of them look great, but vampire 1 is most realistic) Then use the Biker Jacket. Copy ... Read More »

Poptropica Honey is In Danger Ad Walkthrough

There’s another Honey Nut Cheerios advertisement quest in Poptropica. It’s not available to all ages and you won’t find it on all the islands so you might have to try to find it with a few different characters. I was able to locate it on both Steamworks and Skullduggery Islands using my nine year-old Poptropican. In this new Honey Nut ... Read More »

Boy Costumes

A lot of the costume ideas so far have been for girls, but I have 2 right here boys! No pictures, but soon I’ll get a boy account and get pictures up soon! The Lumberjack Red shirt w/suspenders, and the jeans with the black belt attached. Use Bucky Lucas’ hair, and all the mightiest forests tremble in your presence! All ... Read More »

Something Old, Something New

Go to Mythology Island, and use the mirror to get to Aphrodite’s realm. Copy her mouth. Then, go to the restaurant place outside, copy the blue girl’s shirt ONLY. Then, buy the biker outfit and use the jacket, OR with your a cheaper, you can find someone wearing the black vest. You can use the infamous mannequin jean, or the ... Read More »

Tough Girl (or Semi-Punk/Ulti-punk)

This was one of my earlier costumes, but it’s timeless! You only NEED 225 credits, but in my version there is 375. You need to have Gamer Girl, Biker, and Rock Star 2. Use the shirt from the black Rock Star 2, the Biker Jacket and the hair from Gamer Girl. (For less credits, you might try the gray and ... Read More »

Sassy Spy Costume

This outfit uses 150 credits for: Pop Star and Royal Ball: From Pop Star, use the shirt, jacket, belt, and hair. Find someone wearing the glasses with attached microphone, and find a black skirt with black tights. Chew popgum, or use the Royal Ball mouth. Read More »

Amish (Boy and Girl)

Boy’s Amish: Find an RP wearing the top hat thing. Dye it gray. Find the bucktoothed grin, and this blue shirt with a white shirt under it. Then the jeans with the belt attached. Find a beard and you are Amish Man!! AKA: Ezekiel. Girl’s Amish: Go to Astro-Nights Island and copy the girl in front of the planetarium for ... Read More »

Rickie Rock – Revised

This is my version of the Reality TV character, Rickie Rock: Go to Reality TV and come and leave until you get Rickie Rock. Copy her shirt. The rest is found on our friends, the RP’s. You need the black vest, black skirt with black tights, a tiny bit hard to find, but worth it. The last piece is a ... Read More »

It Begins and Wannabe Costume

Hi everyone! You migh’ve seen me on the “Costume of the Week” posts. Well, I am PoptropicaSecrets newest member, Strange Moon: Ace Fashion Reporter! Okay, I made the title up, but I will be posting everything from my costumes I’ve made so far, to things I see in multi-player areas. I’ll give you all my first costume I ever made! ... Read More »