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Costume Contest #3

We’re back with another costume contest!  But first, last week’s winner.  The Poptropican whose answers were the closest in Costume Contest #2 was… Muddy Dolphin!  Yay, Muddy Dolphin!  That’s two winners in a row with Dolphin in their name.  Will the streak continue next week?  Congratulations to all of you who got the right answers!  Here are the official answers ... Read More »

Poptrop-trivia: the Chicago World’s Fair of Mystery Train Island

As we all know from Mystery Train Island, the Ferris Wheel was invented for the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 in an attempt to rival the amazing new tower that the French engineer Gustave Eiffel had built for the World’s Fair in Paris in 1889.  The fair’s actual name was: The World’s Columbian Exposition which was a way of commemorating ... Read More »

Costume Contest #2

Hey hey hey, it’s time for another costume contest!  But first, the winner of Costume Contest #1 was… Smart Dolphin!  Smart Dolphin was the first to guess all of the items correctly, including the fact that the vest was from Zack on Steamworks Island and the bandolier (the strap across the chest) was from Skullduggery Island. Congratulations to all of ... Read More »

Poptrop-trivia: the Minotaur of Mythology Island

Poptrop-trivia is another fun new feature here on Poptropica Secrets.  Every week, we’ll be giving you some quirky facts or stories inspired by the amazing islands of Poptropica.  This week’s Poptrop-trivia spotlights a monster from Mythology Island! Did you know…in Greek mythology the minotaur’s name was Asterion?  Every year King Minos captured prisoners from the surrounding islands and let them ... Read More »

Where in Poptropica? (#1)

We’re firing up another new game today!  This one is called “Where in Poptropica?”  Every week, we’ll post an image taken from somewhere in the wide, wild world of Poptropica.  Your mission is simple: figure out where it is.  Obviously, there will be some clue in each of the images.  (We’re not going to just show  you a rock…unless that ... Read More »

Costume Contest #1

Zippy Turtle here to let you know that starting today we’re going to have a costume contest every week this Summer! The idea is pretty simple: Zippy Turtle and Fierce Moon are going to dress up — using our Costumizers, of course — with items from Poptropicans from all over the many different islands.  Your job is to figure out ... Read More »

An introduction from Zippy Turtle!

Hi everyone, I’m Zippy Turtle and from now on I’m going to be helping Fierce Moon with all the awesome news, secrets, cheats, and guides on everything Poptropica!  Not only that, but we’ve got some really cool new games, contests, polls, trivia, and more that we’re getting ready to roll out.  With me and F. Moon on the case, Poptropica ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Wimpy Boardwalk

The newest area of Poptropica is Wimpy Boardwalk, a colorful old-style theme park on the water, in the spirit of Coney Island and the Santa Monica pier.  Crazy fun houses, bumper cars, old arcade games, eating cotton candy, and getting sunburned on the beach…Wimpy Boardwalk has it all! WRITTEN WALKTHROUGH: (scroll down for the video walkthrough below) The Areas There ... Read More »

Poptropolis Games Has Arrived

Poptropolis Games Island has arrived for paid members. Non-members can still play a limited demo version. I’ll be posting the full walkthrough as soon as I can. In the meantime, be sure to stop by the Poptropolis Games Island Live Help thread in the forum. We’ll be helping each other out to beat this new island adventure! Poptropolis Games plays ... Read More »