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Ringmaster Costume for Monster Carnival Island

Members, don’t forget to go to the Poptropica Store and claim your Ringmaster Costume. It will only be available during the Early Access Period for Monster Carnival Island. It’s one of three exclusive items for members who play the island. Let’s take a quick look at what you get! First, the outfit itself comes in three different colors: classic red, ... Read More »

New Poptopics Books Coming

The Poptropica Creators announced two more books in the Poptopics book series. These are books that give lots of details on the real-world inspiration behind several of the Poptropica islands. The newest books in the collection will be Scary Monsters and Wild West. The first discusses Cryptids Island and the second (of course) covers Wild West Island. They each cost ... Read More »

Monster Carnival Island Info Page Posted

The official info page for Monster Carnival Island was posted this week on the Creator’s Blog. Now we know a little more about this upcoming island. Here’s the official description from the info page: In the dead of night, a caravan rumbles into town. The traveling carnival has returned! But this is no day at the park. Behind the lights ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Monster Carnival Island

Monster Carnival Island is the 38th island in Poptropica, and one the most anticipated, as it was first announced nearly six years ago, but never released. Captain Crawfish posted on the official Poptropica blog in late January about Monster Carnival Island finally coming to Poptropica. This island has been rumored for years, dating back to 2008 as detailed in my ... Read More »

Devil Baby Attack

OK, so this doesn’t really have much to do with Poptropica, but I laughed really hard when I saw it. These guys made a robot baby inside a remote controlled baby carriage and set it loose on the streets of New York. Then they made a video for it. I think it’s a promotional stunt for an upcoming movie called ... Read More »

Unfinished Costume Goes Away on Thursday

Mocktropica Island becomes free for everyone to play this coming Thursday, January 16. And according to the Poptropica Creators blog, the special members-only Unfinished Costume will be gone from the store on the same day. So if you’re a paid member, now is the time to go and grab your limited edition Unfinished Costume before it’s gone for good! Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Mocktropica

The newest island in Poptropica is called Mocktropica and it is currently available for everyone to play. The video walkthrough is below! The full written walkthrough will be coming very soon. The story of the island is that Poptropica is under new management, and it’s falling apart at the seams! The newest Island isn’t finished, the staff is nowhere to ... Read More »

Virus Hunter Island is Now Live…and so are our Walkthroughs!

The infamously slow in the making Virus Hunter Island is now here!  You can find both our Written and Video Walkthroughs for the island here! The island had some minor glitches, but they didn’t stop me from completing it. One unfortunate bug was that I didn’t get to costumize the super cool bio-suit that you wear during part of the ... Read More »

Harry Potter Costumes, Part Two

This is part two of our Harry Potter costume jamboree. Here’s part one. And here’s how we got started on this idea. We only got six more submissions, but got a whole bunch of submissions and they’re all great. Plus, we got two a bunch of Harrys, which we didn’t have yet. Can’t have a Harry Potter Poptropica Island without Harry, can we? ... Read More »

Harry Potter Costumes, Part One

Here’s our first batch of Harry Potter costumes courtesy of the Avatar Studio power and your awesome imaginations!  (And a good knowledge of Poptropica costume items!)  We’ve got some of the main characters — Hermione and Ron, for example — and we’ve got some more peripheral (but no less beloved) ones too, like Narcissa and Tonks.  (Well, I guess it’s ... Read More »

Gathering Costumes for Harry Potter Island!

  Not surprisingly, since it’s the most popular book series in the history of the printed word, the winner of our “which book would you like to see turn into a Poptropica Island” poll is: Harry Potter! Since it’s almost 100% certain that everyone reading this has read at least one of the books or seen at least one of ... Read More »