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Costume Contest #6

Last week was another tough one.  No one got all of the right answers, but some of  you came close!  Here are the official answers for Costume Contest #5: HEAD – Hat and mask from the Masked Hero (Poptropica Store) BODY – Samurai chest armor and katana (Poptropica Store) SHOULDERS/CHEST – Blue jacket and scarf from the fisherman at the ... Read More »

Poptrop-Poll: What do you think of the non-Poptropica character islands?

With the release of Wimpy Boardwalk, Poptropica now has a whole bunch of islands that use non-Poptropica characters.  Islands like Big Nate, Wimpy Wonderland, Red Dragon, and Great Pumpkin all bring popular characters into the world of Poptropica.  So, the question for you is this: what do you think of those non-Poptropica character islands?  Love ’em?  Hate ’em?  Let us ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Lunar Colony

The newest area of Poptropica is Lunar Colony, an out-of-this-world astronaut adventure that takes you from Earth to the Moon and back, complete with a rocket launch, asteroids, lunar landings, zero gravity, and more! Written Walkthrough: (scroll down for the complete video walkthrough below) The newest area of Poptropica is Lunar Colony, an exciting mystery that takes you from astronaut ... Read More »

Where in Poptropica? (#5)

Welcome to another installment of Where in Poptropica!  We’re trying to make these a little bit harder than the first couple of images.  Let us know if you think they’re still too easy!  As always, look at the picture above and try to figure out where the image was taken.  How well do YOU know Poptropica?  Let us know in ... Read More »

Costume Contest #5

We’re back with another costume contest!  Unfortunately…there were no winners last week.  Some of you came close, though!  Here are the official answers for Costume Contest #4: HEAD – Gambler’s bowler hat in the 4 Aces Casino (Wild West Island) FACE – Goggles from the kite-flyer at Cliff Park (Cryptids Island) SHOULDERS/CHEST – Leaf covering from elf guard (Twisted Thicket) ... Read More »

Poptrop-Poll: Which island has the best story?

Getting the medallion for a Poptropica Island isn’t just about solving puzzles and completing games.  Most of them have you journey through some kind of story.  Science-fiction, historical fiction, mysteries…Poptropica has them all!  So, this week’s Pop-trop Poll asks: which island do you think has the best story?  (We didn’t include Wimpy Boardwalk in this poll, because it’s only available ... Read More »

Where in Poptropica? (#4)

Here’s this week’s Where in Poptropica picture.  We heard from some of you that these have been too easy.  Well, we accept your challenge!  Do you know where the picture above was taken?  Let us know how well you know the islands of Poptropica in the comments.  Good luck! Read More »

Wimpy Boardwalk is here!

Grab your sunscreen and flip-flops, because Wimpy Boardwalk has arrived!  The new island is open to Members now and will be open to everyone July 18th.  Our awesome video walkthrough is on its way, but if you want to check out our written walkthrough, check it out here! Just want the video walkthrough? Here it is: Read More »

Costume Contest #4

We’re back with another costume contest!  But first, last week’s winner.  The Poptropican whose answers were the closest in Costume Contest #3 was… Green Drummer!  Way to go Green Drummer!  GD identified all of the items as well as the islands that they’re from.  A special mention goes to Wild Comet who was a close second.  Congratulations to all of ... Read More »