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Vote For Your Favorite Anything Goes Costume!

  Wow, a lot of entries for our Anything Goes Costume Contest! I can’t wait to see which costume ends up being the winner. So many different ideas to choose from. So, without further ado, here are the contestants. Scroll down to vote. Good luck and may the most Anything Goes-est costume win! Contestant #1: Red Wing – This Purple Punk ... Read More »

Anything Goes Costume Contest!

  As many of you are getting ready for the wide release of Back Lot Island, I thought it was time for another costume contest. Based on comments after our last contest, it seems like people want some freedom this time. Well, you’ve got it! The theme for this contest is simply…anything goes! With one small caveat: no Katniss Everdeens ... Read More »

Poptropica Aviators

  The Dailey POP posted this picture recently and it’s got me pretty excited about what might be coming up.  Sure, this could be a teaser image for characters who are in the upcoming (and rumored to be named) Virus Hunter Island.  Maybe you have to be in the Poptropica Air Force before you can be shrunk down and injected ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Virus Hunter Island!

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! The newest adventure from Poptropica has finally arrived (for Member’s at least). It’s called Virus Hunter Island, and you can see from our original post way at the bottom of this walkthrough that there was quite a lot of build up. (The last island, Back Lot Island, shipped almost three months ago!) Of ... Read More »

New Island: Fantastic Innerspace Voyage!

    The Sneak Peek section in Poptropica (click on Daily POP! when you’re logged in), has shown enough images from the new island in production to give a pretty good idea of what it’s going to be about.  There have been at least two movies about the idea of someone being shrunk down and then stuck inside another human ... Read More »

Dr. Hare’s Rabbot Balloon

It’s not the Dr. Hare costume, but maybe it’s the next best thing. On the Creator’s Blog they’ve announced that the Dr. Hare Deluxe Balloon is now available in the store since they reached their goal of 5,000 votes for their Lego set.  It looks like the image above. And here’s their description: Like a Giant Rabbot effortlessly soaring over ... Read More »

Back Lot Island: Teaser Images

  As we get ready for the release of Back Lot island, I wanted to gather some of the teaser images the creators have given us and see if we can’t figure out some of the details of the movie-themed adventure. First off is a film splicer, a piece of old-school movie editing equipment that has gone the way of ... Read More »

The Winner of the Rare Outfit Contest is…

  Tiny Bee! Take a bow, Tiny Bee. Your very sharply dressed feline in vintage suit and bowler won the day. A very clever combination of rare items. And thanks to everyone who participated! Here’s Tiny Bee’s winning description: I put together an outfit with several rare elements. Top Hat Cat!! (It’s actually a bowler hat, but that doesn’t rhyme. ... Read More »

Back Lot Island Gear!

  Lights, camera, ACTION! Over the last few days, they’ve announced the release of Member’s Only gear in the store. As usual, all three items are related to the upcoming new Poptropica content Back Lot Island. It’s interesting that all of the items harken back to the old days of Hollywood. It seemed from some of the teaser images that ... Read More »