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Vampire’s Curse Island Released for Everyone

After a few weeks of waiting, non-members in Poptropica have reason to celebrate: Vampire’s Curse Island is now available for everyone to play. You can get all the Poptropica Cheats for Vampire’s Curse Island right here including the full written walkthrough. I’m also posting the video walkthroughs here on the main page just so they’re even easier to find. Vampire’s Curse Island is scary and spooky at times, but is pretty easy to play and with the walkthrough you can finish it in about a half hour.

So what do you think of the island? Post your comments below!

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. “he who move first always wins”

  2. Second

  3. fourth…..and yay i can’t wait to play the island!

  4. hey whatever happened to costume of the week???? i liked it cuz it was something for me 2 do with my credits. plz bring it back!!! oh and you should do a thing where ppl could post costume suggesti0ns. u guys are awesome!!!

  5. U should! Ps. How do u change ur profile pic?

  6. Um, 7th? This comment isn’t related to the page, but it is interesting. The other day (Sunday I think) on Astro-Knights Island, the person who stands next to the guide-book stand’s body, hair, and head were all split apart. Every time they turned, the parts moved farther apart. Unfortunately my phone, camera and camcorder were all dead, so I couldn’t obtain any evidence of this. If you didn’t see my comment on the Hunger Games page, I am a.k.a. Commodore Pi.
    -Quiet Ice

  7. Alas! My history teacher died! Everyone was sad about it in school today. Please respond if you are sympathetic. His name was Mr. Goddard.

  8. This island is awesome! I completed it a couple weeks ago since I’m a member. So many potential vampire (or vampire hunter) costumes.

  9. My history teacher died today. His name was Mr. Goddard. Respond if you are sympathetic, please.

  10. what happen to him. and sorry for ur lost

  11. does any1 watch switched at birth?

  12. Terminal cancer. He was a nice guy.

  13. What the heck!? Really King Roosta? You are the most inconsiderate … Umm, yeah. You get the idea.

  14. Wait never mind. Sorry. I didn’t read your earlier comment.

  15. sorry I thought u logged off, but i’m really sorry.

  16. my uncle died of drinking too many sodas,i really miss him i love how he used to buy me french frise when I’m hungry. (wail)

  17. its ok, so what grade r u in commodore?

  18. it’s just weird why do the nice people die first,and the mean one lives?

  19. is there any logical explanation.

  20. hey night longer i didn’t mean its ok that ur uncle died, i was talking 2 commodore.

  21. hey commodore and night longer, you know you’ll see ur dead loved ones again!

  22. yeah but it will take death to do that.

  23. unless there are spirits haunting my house,and i get freaked out and ran away from home.

  24. seeing my face on posters u get my point.

  25. no not that I’m talking being on a paradise on earth i’ll explain more some other time. 🙂

  26. Owell guess not, I’ll just talk 2 myself LOL anyway if any1 sees this tomorrow or it would be today hello I’m new here! Whats up? Does any1 watch switched at birth American idol (if so who’s ur fav)? Or any1 play tomb raider?

  27. I meant or American idol, just correcting my grammar LOL…I say LOL a lot don’t I…LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!

  28. death cares not whether a person is good or bad,if it seems that death takes the good first,it is because you only notice the death of those you favor,you wouldn’t notice a serial killer that died in an ally,but you would weep over your dead uncle

  29. You should learn to close your mouth roosta.

  30. or in this case,to not type everything you think

  31. So bored!!! Wow I think if I keep doing this all make it 2 1000 comments LOL I wonder if any1 when they see this tomorrow is going 2 either….Love me, hate me, think I’m funny, think I’m stupid or just not even care about me…I’m so un loved!!! LOL ohhhh also whatever happened 2 Rebecca?

  32. LOL hi ryuzaki!!! What grade r u in???

  33. R u there ryuzaki? Ps. What does that mean? Ryuzaki…..pwwhahahahahahha!!!!!

  34. Yo ryuzaki do u think I’m funny or stupid??? Please answer.

  35. Also I just noticed thanks 4 calling me Roosta 4 short 🙂

  36. Is any1 going 2 answer me (ryuzaki)???

  37. OK RYUZAKI I’ll close my mouth there done! But I won’t stop my fingers, keep on typing…click,tap,tap,click,click,tap,click LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

  38. Ryuzaki doesn’t mean anything but Ryuzaki,what grade I am in doesn’t concern you,does it. I believe you are the type of person who likes what they THINK is popular,but turns out it makes you a social misfit,with perhaps a slight inferiority complex and you seem rather impulsive,does that answer your questions?

  39. and perhaps you should learn that constant typing is bad,and you should go do something important,for example it is late where I am,and I will depart to my bed,so if you have something to say to me,say it now and expect no more response for the night

  40. and LOL,lets grow up,shall we?

  41. Let me see….hmmm…..NOPE LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL oh and guess what ryuzaki STICKS AND STONES!!! LOL in all ur comments ur trying 2 act like some great teacher or something. ( but I’m the impulsive 1) 🙂 🙂 :)!!!!

  42. Oh you want me 2 stop saying LOL….LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! ahhhh…LOL

  43. Ok this is my last comment…2 u…see u some other time ryuzaki 🙂 have a goodnights sleep. Sorry if I offended u I’m just new here and I like typing goodnight.

  44. I’m toldly thinking about a rooster gravatar….awesooooooome!!!!

  45. Hey Fierce Moon I know u don’t comment a lot and u probably won’t on this 🙁 but how old r u?

  46. It would really mean a lot 2 me!!!

  47. I’m guessing about maybe….17?

  48. Well maybe 15…wait maybe 16? Please type back?

  49. Owell maybe tomorrow GOODNIGHT 🙂 (I think ryuzaki just jumped 4 joy LOL). Night.

  50. Bock bock…rrr…urrr..uuu…ooooo (rooster crow) 🙂

  51. so,basically your a chicken?

  52. personally i prefer humans over chickens,their constant crowing makes it hard to think

  53. ha ha funny right there.

  54. It won’t let me pick up the meddallion. :{(

  55. hey guys!!! i’m so tired I was up with my dog all night!!! He’s scared of thunderstorms. oh and ryuzaki CHICKEN!!!! click on my name!!!

  56. oh wait i meant 2 say…oh and ryuzaki i love chickens!

  57. I going 2 get my braces tighten!!! (I bet ur not smiling either ryuzaki).

  58. At dentist, kid staring at me, help!

  59. wow roosta is making me miss kesha btw your so werid ps night longer what does it mean when you hear voices and its the middle of night i think theres a ghost in my house

  60. i’m not weird (well maybe a little). I just like typing, wait I thought u didn’t like ke$sha? and how am I making u miss her?

  61. ps. why r u asking night longer that???

  62. pss. what is ur gravatar?

  63. Oh fierce moon, shall u ever tell me ur age?

  64. Say bock if u think I’m stupid, say chickenif u think im funny!!!

  65. Say chicken if u think I’m funny (correcting my grammar)

  66. Ahhh ur do nice so why did I make u miss Kesha

  67. Wait I thought u called Kesha a bleeps bleep and she’s going 2 bleep?

  68. King roosta, she makes you miss Ke$ha because she didn’t originally like Ke$ha at all. By saying you make her miss Ke$ha, she’s implying that she considers you worse than Ke$ha, making her wish that Ke$ha was in your place. (Personally I have NOTHING against you xD). She did drop subtle hints about how you were weird and stupid. Again, I have nothing against you.

  69. So evergreen u don’t actually mind me?

  70. Poptropicafan why do hate me so much? Im just a real out going person 🙂

  71. Well, I have no reason to hate you…

  72. Awesome! Hey so have u watched the hunger games it’s coming out today?

  73. king roosta not to be mean or anything,but I personally think your kinda stupid.

  74. but still I consider you as a friend.

  75. and poptropfan what exactly are u saying what do you mean hearing voices in the middle of the night.

  76. Umm well I’m not I was just happy and all 2 be on here, so that’s why I keep typing, but it seems that every1 hates me exempt everdeen 🙁

  77. Yes, I’m watching the Hunger Games today, infact. Although, I bet I’ll still like the books better after watching the movie T: Roosta, I don’t hate you, although you need to find limits, and you’re a little naive. That’s fine though…it takes experience to not make yourself look stupid..not that I’m implying anything (no really, that was hypothetical and I’m not being sarcastic)

  78. U don’t hate my either night longer? Yeeeees!!! Well that’s 2 LOL

  79. Not to be stalkerish or anything, but are you in elementary? You seem young.

  80. hey i Didn’t say I hate you i’m just simply saying that your kinda acting like one.

  81. It’s ok everdeen but like I said I was happy 2 be on here 🙂 is Poptropicafan this hatefull 2 all new people?

  82. well let’s just leave that alone.

  83. mostly some people like my brother.

  84. Middle school I’m just reaaaaally out going!!!

  85. wait forget that line about my brother

  86. What ever happened 2 Kesha?

  87. um..you don’t even know ke$ha.

  88. true where is eva anyway? she usally comes up a lot.

  89. Kaay….I can see how you could be in middle school….
    Poptropfan…is….unique. I don’t really…nevermind -_-

  90. I know but I’ve been reading all of u’s past comment and I’ve been trying 2 comment since December and I just figured out how

  91. actually i meant do u even know ke$ha?

  92. that was my comment up there

  93. eva…one of the biggest spammers I’ve ever known..jade? Don’t know, don’t care..all she cares about is crap. Ke$ha…weird little child…

    You basically know them all now. o.o

  94. So what y’all fav pop islands?

  95. e_e
    I’m the only girl online right now?

  96. So what’s u fav island?

  97. IDK..when I joined poptropica, only early poptropica and shark tooth were out.

  98. Jade is pretty who everybody hates the most. Eva I’d preferred at TAL=talk a lot. Ke$ha talking about inappropriate stuff.

  99. I don’t really play poptropica anymore.

  100. I agree with u night longer (about what Kesha said)

  101. You don’t play poptropica???? My, my heart, ohhhhhh

  102. well a little I mostly beated all the islands

  103. Im not bragging but I’ve beat all of them ps. Not bragging

  104. -Sigh-…I have A LOT to work on over the weekend..my math teacher decides to give us a math packet full of quadratic equations to finish up. That’s my main problem. I HATE MATH.

  105. Does any1 play tomb raider?

  106. Join the crowd everdeen, maths my worst subject, so grade r u in?

  107. I love math! but not language arts.

  108. I hate math but love language arts LOL

  109. math is the only subject I’m good at besides history.

  110. what do you mean by unique and i dont hate king hes just um hyper

  111. Yesssss!!! Thanks poptropicanfan (it right I a hyper)!!!

  112. ♬ ♪ ♫ RedWing♪ ♫ ♬


  113. ♬ ♪ ♫ RedWing♪ ♫ ♬

    p.s. u have over 100 comments on this page ya know

  114. DSE57 any1 want 2 join???

  115. night longer? everdeen? poptropfan?

  116. the vocies i hear are mysticalish and faint i cant even hear what they say

  117. 1how old r u popfan? 2voices in ur house? 3whats ur gravatar?

  118. 9th.

    What do I mean by unique? I mean that you have added a new personality to my growing list.

    I am not failing math, I have a 96 average, I just find it…I dunno, boring? I mean, I know that to have a succesful future you need to be knowing in this subject, but I think math sucks. Sorry to be sounding like a delinquent, I am just putting it bluntly.

  119. everdeen, popfan, night longer, DSE57

  120. 1 12 2 i think there ghost 3 dont remember

  121. popfan whats ur gravatar??????

  122. I agree Everdeen not all are the same.

  123. whos speedy hopper, come on we need more than3 !!!!

  124. hey was speedy hopper u, night longer???

  125. thanks ur 2, so how do u do that robot dance?

  126. sorry but you can’t get it anymore it’s was a mini game, for game show island. Now it’s gone.

  127. ps. whats ur fav minigame? mines soupwords

  128. yeah kinda figured that thanks anyway…so have u ever seen some1 do the kung fu kick b4?

  129. I’m in martial arts and I see lots of kung fu kick.

  130. use to have one of those.

  131. your certainty inquisitive Roosta,that is a good trait,but if your not careful it can even get you killed,though I doubt at your age the issue is that severe,(P.S,it doesn’t matter,but in case you ask at some point,I won’t call any one king,ever)

  132. thats ok i prefer being called just roosta 4 short

  133. umm but how am I inquisitive?

  134. Poptropica: Mysterious Creature in Twisted Thicket can you see the creature
    click on it

  135. Poptropica: Mysterious Creature in Twisted Thicket

  136. Mysterious Creature in Twisted Thicket

  137. ayman long time no chat.

  138. Yeah I saw that. Hey Ayman I’m King Roosta, but u can just call me roosta 4 short. Nice 2 meet u. 🙂

  139. Have any of u seen John Carter? I’m about 2 go see it.

  140. John carter, anybody???

  141. no actually I don’t watch any movies. mostly spend my time outside in nature.

  142. I watch some, but i also spend a lot of time in nature 2, or at least on our farm feeding chickens

  143. you live in a farm how surprising, no wounder you name yourself king roosta base on a rooster.

  144. I live in a medium size house with a swimming pool. I enjoy swimming.

  145. Yup go chickens!!! (but mostly roosters)

  146. my little sisters are frighten by roosters and chickens as well.

  147. I like swimming 2 but like waterparks better

  148. whats the difference water park and swimming both contains water.

  149. but when I meant swimming I didn’t mean only in a pool.

  150. water slide whooooohooooo!!!!!

  151. some roosters r nice, but some aren’t, we have 1 that try’s 2 spur u in the face.

  152. have u ever heard, or played Tomb Raider, or the Sims 3?

  153. testing again………..

  154. anybody have any tips 4 gravatars?

  155. I just notice something First i said jade was pretty what i meant is that she pretty much who everyone hates. And when i said my sisters i meant sister need to improved my grammar.

  156. I maka spalleng mistekas all tha teme (not being sarcastic)

  157. My English teacher gets mad when I don’t use proper grammar T: I find it annoying that I have the urge to correct people when they say ‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’….and OTHER common grammar mistakes..IT’S NOT FUNNY. D: You will rarely see any grammar mistakes from my part without me rushing to correct them shortly after.

  158. everdeen have u watched the hunger game?

  159. Yes, I make spelling mistakes, just not as commonly in English as in French. French accents get annoying too. Anyone else speak French?

  160. You ask allot of questions,most of them you don’t need to know,like how old are you? asking questions is inquisitive

  161. Roosta: I previously mentioned that I’m going to see it tonight :D!!!!! I’m exciteeedddd!!!!

  162. Roosta: defined by Ryuzaki as ‘inquisitive’ xD

  163. as for gravatars,it is what will represent you,so choose wisely,it should show what your like,without showing you face

  164. LOL im seeing John carter tonight!!! oh and ryuzaki i’ll ask whatever questions I want:)

  165. your xD is unnecisary

  166. .p.s. Roosta to get a pic you go to Gravatar (you already know that). Next you will need to create an account, after that it will confirm your email address. Okay so this is the part where you start on you pic. click on my Account, click on add an image. Once you’ve done that it will list options of where you want to get the photo from. so lets say you want to add a pic. from your computer hard drive click on that, then it will ask you to choose a file click on that. After that you will see your desktop, go to your pictures and click on the picture you want and then you will be ask to crop the picture, then rate it and whola! your done.

  167. I’m going to try being inquisitive. Hey, Ryuzaki! Where do you live? How old are you? What websites do you go on most? What are your hobbies? What is your nationality? Where were you born?

    Does that plain out annoy you, or does it just give you a bad impression of me? XD

  168. Yes, well: xD

  169. Thanks night longer, and go Everdeen!!!!!!!

  170. I’m just bored..

  171. inquisitive the reason why Ryuzaki call you inquisitive is because you ask too many questions that really aren’t significant and because you want to learn about us by asking these questions.

  172. testing gravatar…….

  173. boredness is always around me these days nothing seem very amusing. I have acquired boredom inside my body.

  174. I don’t think it did roosta try again.

  175. Do u play tomb raider?

  176. and once again your welcome.

  177. tomb raider what games is that.

  178. She’s an explorer, what about the sims 3?

  179. oh wait I heard of that game also played at my friends house on his ps2. I never played sims before but i heard of it.

  180. Also how do u like my gravatar?

  181. Nice gravatar, in the aspect of how it defines you.

  182. I considered playing adventure games like GOD OF WAR 3 the best brutal,bloodiest, game I’d ever played. The graphics are astonishing. The second best game I’ve ever played is KING KONG was the best movie and was an even better game.

  183. the pic. explains who you are well not a chicken. Nice chicken tho

  184. Hey going 2 go see John carter, later guys

  185. I’ve been on laptop too long need some fresh bye.

  186. i made a simple circuit with a battery little light bulb and a wire

  187. and ur gone “sigh”

  188. patient can be the solution waiting for a person to response will take lots of patient.

  189. like you can do it.

  190. I can well most likely maybe 50 percent chance That i can.

  191. yeah right. like the time we were taking turn playing video games and u were like shouting hurry up!

  192. wait a minute why are chatting here when we live like in the same house. (awkward)

  193. John carter!!! Awsoooome

  194. I just came back from watching The Hunger Games!! Yes, I know that none of you actually care..I just felt like telling you 😀 It was a great movie….above my standard expectations for it anyway. I CAN’T WAIT TILL THE NEXT MOVIE COMESSS OUTTTT!!! Btw, even though it was an epic movie, I still like the books better..

  195. late response but,I am thoroughly amused at your “attempt” to be inquisitive,either you were born so,or you weren’t ,sadly, many people are,what is the phrase,”go with the flow” and care not for inquisitiveness.

  196. have you taken to giving possibilitys in percentages night longer? I knew you were a clever one

  197. Was the Hunger games really bloody???

  198. I changed my gravatar!!!

  199. No..well, mildy. It wasn’t full-on gor. Ryuzaki, I thought you took inquisitiveness as a positive quality..?

  200. OK hey everdeen u know u can change ur gravatar to hunger games or katniess (hope i spelled that right)

  201. ps. what do u think of my new gravatar?

  202. wait night longer & OFFTOPIC r brothers!?

  203. Yes, I know. I actually made an account..but it’s pretty hard to choose just one picture. It’s not like my life revolves around the Hunger Games, that’s be pretty pathetic. I have other obsessions, too….

    ‘brothers’. of course…t’would be nice if a girl came on here as frequently as you guys do. I mean, it’s awkward, only having guys to talk to. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against you guys.

  204. what dose possibilitys in percentages mean Ryuzaki?

  205. u could always create an account an talk 2 yourself LOL (just kidding)

  206. just like you puffle your so inquisitive asking many questions all day making me having a headache.

  207. and yes offtopic is my brother.

  208. so night longer u and OFFTOPIC r brothers?

  209. possibilities in percentages…means how much of a chance there is, converted into a percent. e.g. there is a 90% chance that you will be abducted by a pod of narwhals in the next 24 hours(speaking hypothetically, of course). SORRY if that was a sucky answer, but I’m just bored and don’t know how else to explain. Btw, sorry..I know that wasn’t a question directed at me, but once again, I’m bored..^-^

  210. like say if there a possibilities in percentages that i might get an a on the test.

  211. So tell me about the Hunger games

  212. Oh i forgot 2 tell u night longer, but i’ve seen u in another common room b4 i started commenting

  213. well…how much do you already know? do i need to tell you the whole plot?

  214. ^-^ you’re welcome puffle

  215. don’t ask me cause I don’t know a clue.

  216. SURE!!!!!! I mean that be cool (awsome!!!)

  217. I keep forgetting to ask, but has anybody heard from eva lately.

  218. ahh another transcendent question let me think, I got nothing.

  219. I’m new here but i’ve been wanting 2 meet her. ps. nice metting u puffle 🙂

  220. hi roosta it’s a pleasure to meet you.

  221. i’m kinda new here myself.

  222. OKAY. So, it takes place in the ruins of North America(Sci-fi) when the people are divided into 13 districts and a capitol. As punishment for the districts’ rebellion, the Capitol blows up the thirteenth district and creates the annual ‘Hunger Games’. Each district is required to pick two random youths (one girl and one boy) from the age of 12 to 18 at a reaping event. At the Hunger Games, the ‘tributes’ are required to fight to the death. The single, lone surving tribute is the winner. His/ her district gets showered with prizes and money, since only the Capital is living a life of luxury with enough supplies to sustain them and not leave them to starve (Capitol=rich, spoiled. District 1-12= barely scraping by with the money they’re earning). So….just happens that Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are chosen(well actually, Katniss sister Prim is chosen, but Katniss volunteers to take her place, and first volunteer in the history of District 12)..blah blah…now they have to try and win the hunger games! Have you heard of the famous quote from the book,”May the odds be ever in your favor!”? Well, the odds are actually NOT in their favor. Katniss and Peeta have to compete with the killing machine-like tributes from district 1 and 2 who are trained all their lives for this moment.

  223. well, whatev. read it in the morning.

  224. hi im here puffle

  225. “mornin everybody” nice day outside where I am.

  226. I said nothing of the sort about inquisitiveness being negative,I said that many people sadly do not posses inquisitiveness

  227. And it appears I was right about night longer being clever,I look forward to seeing more proof to that claim,in the future

  228. Yes why teacher (ryuzaki)

  229. There’s a new food costume! Waffles! ♥ They are sooo cute…(i like the boys’ costume more than girls’ costume, but it’s pretty)

  230. Umm I meant yes wise teacher (being sarcastic) hello candy stein nice 2 meet u!!!

  231. Ryuzaki I believe your the clever one Ryuzaki, but I appreciate that. Know one has ever believe me as a clever fellow including myself.

  232. king roosta or anybody!

  233. Thank you,but,I believe that your a fake,no icon.

  234. if I am wrong accept my apologies

  235. Did I Here some1 say KING ROOSTA??? Yes OFFTOPIC?

  236. I apologize I have multiple emails.

  237. finally someone is on.

  238. I really don’t intend to use them very often.

  239. that was me if your still concerned.

  240. so do you play any games?

  241. oh I almost forgot, king roosta I’d never answer your question. My favorite mini game is hoops.

  242. 1 I love hoops 2 (I also like soup words) 2 rats??? 3 and yes a lot of games

  243. Ps. Sorry if it takes a min 2 type back I’m feeding chickens

  244. Ps. Is ryuzaki being a terd again? (can’t wait until he reads this LOL)

  245. you mean nerd. That’s kinda rude don’t you think

  246. you feed chickens you mean you live in a farm?

  247. No i mean..,oh Nevermind, it’s just we kinda got on the wrong foot, & if u remember he said I should learn 2 shut my mouth, & made fun of my name, and yes I do live on a farm

  248. cool I’d always wanted to know how it’s like living in a farm.

  249. Its okay sometimes I gets a little old

  250. so how big is your farm.

  251. Little bigger than Medium, sorry 4 taking so long I’m catching catfish

  252. It takes about 15 or more mins 2 walk the whole thing, it’s made up of ponds, fields, woods

  253. I just fell In our pond!!! And I didn’t even catch the fish LOL

  254. nice pic, sorry I took so long I got a little distracted.

  255. thanks, so whats up OFFTOPIC ?

  256. Night Longer? OFFTOPIC? Everdeen? Poptropfan? PUFFLE? Anyone?

  257. OffTOPIC whats ur fav island in pop?

  258. I like that 1, 2 but I also like mystery train

  259. im going bowling so catch u later 🙂

  260. well i have about 5 min

  261. so u thought i was being mean 2 ryuzaki???

  262. no I didn’t meant that you were mean to Ryuzaki what I mant was that it was just kinda rude, calling a person a nerd.

  263. .p.s. I’m not defending him or anything and I have nothing against you.

  264. i didn’t call him a nerd, I called him a terd LOL

  265. oh and remember he said I should learn 2 shut up & he made fun of my name, I’m just sick of him calling people out.

  266. what oh man i really need glasses wait a minute what is a terd anyway.

  267. where did he said that.

  268. wait a minute terd isn’t a word is it?

  269. Umm yeah let some1 else explain that LOL, when I 1st got on here

  270. When I 1st got on here he said that

  271. like in what post was that.

  272. I think in this early article

  273. Got 2 go night longer maybe we can catch up later

  274. I think when Quiet ice said that her teacher died, you just went talking to a different subject and it seems like you didn’t really care about the teacher. That’s why ryuzaki told you to keep your mouth close.

  275. I kinda agree with that.

  276. Poptropica Cheats and Secrets

    Vampire’s Curse Island Released for Everyone

    After a few weeks of waiting, non-members in Poptropica have reason to celebrate: Vampire’s Curse Island is now available for everyone to play. You can get all the Poptropica Cheats for Vampire’s Curse Island right here including the full written walkthrough. I’m also posting the video walkthroughs here on the main page just so they’re even easier to find. Vampire’s Curse Island is scary and spooky at times, but is pretty easy to play and with the walkthrough you can finish it in about a half hour.

    So what do you think of the island? Post your comments below!

    Tagged as: poptropica cheats, poptropica help, poptropica vampire’s curse island, vampire’s curse island

    { 335 comments… read them below or add one }
    OFFTOPIC March 24, 2012 at 1:19 pm
    you feed chickens you mean you live in a farm?

    King roosta March 24, 2012 at 1:23 pm
    No i mean..,oh Nevermind, it’s just we kinda got on the wrong foot, & if u remember he said I should learn 2 shut my mouth, & made fun of my name, and yes I do live on a farm

    OFFTOPIC March 24, 2012 at 1:27 pm
    cool I’d always wanted to know how it’s like living in a farm.

    King roosta March 24, 2012 at 1:30 pm
    Its okay sometimes I gets a little old

    OFFTOPIC March 24, 2012 at 1:32 pm
    so how big is your farm.

    King roosta March 24, 2012 at 1:40 pm
    Little bigger than Medium, sorry 4 taking so long I’m catching catfish

    King roosta March 24, 2012 at 1:42 pm
    It takes about 15 or more mins 2 walk the whole thing, it’s made up of ponds, fields, woods

    King roosta March 24, 2012 at 1:53 pm
    I just fell In our pond!!! And I didn’t even catch the fish LOL

    OFFTOPIC March 24, 2012 at 2:27 pm
    nice pic, sorry I took so long I got a little distracted.

    King Roosta March 24, 2012 at 2:42 pm
    thanks, so whats up OFFTOPIC ?

    King Roosta March 24, 2012 at 2:54 pm
    Night Longer? OFFTOPIC? Everdeen? Poptropfan? PUFFLE? Anyone?

    OFFTOPIC March 24, 2012 at 2:54 pm

    King Roosta March 24, 2012 at 2:55 pm
    OffTOPIC whats ur fav island in pop?

    OFFTOPIC March 24, 2012 at 2:56 pm
    red dragon.

    King Roosta March 24, 2012 at 2:59 pm
    I like that 1, 2 but I also like mystery train

    Night Longer March 24, 2012 at 3:00 pm

    King Roosta March 24, 2012 at 3:00 pm
    im going bowling so catch u later

    King Roosta March 24, 2012 at 3:01 pm
    well i have about 5 min

    King Roosta March 24, 2012 at 3:02 pm
    so u thought i was being mean 2 ryuzaki???

    King Roosta March 24, 2012 at 3:04 pm
    night longer???

    Night Longer March 24, 2012 at 3:04 pm
    no I didn’t meant that you were mean to Ryuzaki what I mant was that it was just kinda rude, calling a person a nerd.

    Night Longer March 24, 2012 at 3:06 pm
    .p.s. I’m not defending him or anything and I have nothing against you.

    King Roosta March 24, 2012 at 3:08 pm
    i didn’t call him a nerd, I called him a terd LOL

    King Roosta March 24, 2012 at 3:10 pm
    oh and remember he said I should learn 2 shut up & he made fun of my name, I’m just sick of him calling people out.

    Night Longer March 24, 2012 at 3:11 pm
    what oh man i really need glasses wait a minute what is a terd anyway.

    Night Longer March 24, 2012 at 3:11 pm
    where did he said that.

    Night Longer March 24, 2012 at 3:14 pm
    wait a minute terd isn’t a word is it?

    King roosta March 24, 2012 at 3:18 pm
    Umm yeah let some1 else explain that LOL, when I 1st got on here

    King roosta March 24, 2012 at 3:18 pm
    When I 1st got on here he said that

    Night Longer March 24, 2012 at 3:20 pm
    like in what post was that.

    King roosta March 24, 2012 at 3:22 pm
    I think in this early article

    King roosta March 24, 2012 at 3:25 pm
    Got 2 go night longer maybe we can catch up later

    Night Longer March 24, 2012 at 3:28 pm
    I think when Quiet ice said that her teacher died, you just went talking to a different subject and it seems like you didn’t really care about the teacher. That’s why ryuzaki told you to keep your mouth close.

    Night Longer March 24, 2012 at 3:30 pm
    I kinda agree with that.

    Night Longer March 24, 2012 at 3:37 pm
    see ya later roosta

  277. I meant that it is unwise to speak constantly,and at least 90% of the comments on that page were you,as for calling me a terd,rather cheap shot I’d say,any one could say that,I prefer to make more intelligent insults,you have to unravel insults I make,though I try not to call names,it is very rude,as for the word itself,it is not a real word,spelled that way anyway,it is spelled turd,and it refers to a pile of excrement, cheap joke, if you must insult me,at least put some effort into it

  278. 1st of all, Night Longer, I said I was sorry 2 commoner pi. Then I thought he logged off so i was trying 2 talk 2 u, ryuzaki, apparently we’re not the best of friends, it’s just every time I say something or some1 else does u have 2 make it sound better, basically calling people retards! And 1 second night longer all post why he said to shut up.

  279. Ok, night longer go 2 the 1st page make sure u read everything and half on the second page, I didn’t post 4 it because it was 2 much (ryuzaki probably going 2 call me some long word that means lazy) it also ryuzaki, after all ur talk, what insult would u like it 2 be?

  280. And night longer I’m pretty sure it was commodore pi that said it

  281. And as for the name,roosta is fine,I said that I refuse to refer to anyone as a monarch,also if you want a synonym for lazy,I’ll be happy to provide you with one

  282. retard,a sad word,obviously someone desperate for an insult came up with it,though they must have possessed some for of intellect,originally retarded was ritardando,meaning to slow down in a tempo

  283. guys please lets not have a fight

  284. I mean what would it solve, nothing.

  285. I agree night longer,and yes,I suppose I would know

  286. I’m not usually so annoying,I think this Icon is affecting me,I’m acting like the character,brilliant but a brat

  287. …………….i’m not in it

  288. no one said you were

  289. why don’t you 2 apologize to each other and forget all of this ever happen.

  290. .p.s. offtopic no one said you were.

  291. which is why I’m not in it.

  292. i meant,i’m not in it right?

  293. ryuzaki, r u still here?

  294. …no one is ‘in’ anything. I wouldn’t even call this an argument. I’m not going to tell you to stop ‘fighting’, because that OBVIOUSLY wont help in any way whatsoever, just work it out and clear things up without exploding at each other. What’s the argument here? I’m going to try to reconstruct. Roosta thinks Ryuzaki is trying to be smart and corrects people when not necessary, so as to make them look ‘idiotic’. Ryuzaki thinks Roosta is..annoying, and comments unecessarily.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, I just want to know what this’s all about.

    Ryuzaki: I misunderstood you about the whole ‘inquisitiveness’ subject.

  295. the argument was about to happen,and if apologizing isn’t going to help then there really no conclusion to that.

  296. everdeen i read where the hunger games was a bloodbath is that true

  297. and Everdeen you just said the whole plot of the story.

  298. the argument is that their not getting along.

  299. is every1 mad at me???

  300. why the heck so into arguments I can’t get my mind off of it.

  301. Roosta, where did you read that? Blood bath…hmm….well, I wouldn’t describe it like that personally. It really depends on how you think about it.

  302. and no no one is aberrant at you roosta.

  303. not 2 be ryuzaki, but what night longer?

  304. tip for keyboard typing, never type fast.

  305. No, roosta. I am not mad at you, because, once, again, I have no reason for it. You see, you need to learn how to act around certain types of people. I have learned such over the years. Neglecting this may cause you to either be made into a total idiot in the eyes of others, or just extremely abhorred by the perspicacious type.

  306. ??? what does aberrant mean??? dum me…1 sec everdeen i’ll post what they said

  307. it’s another way of saying mad.

  308. ok here it is everdeen… As in the book, The Hunger Games’ central “pageant” is a televised battle to the death: 24 children between the ages of 12 and 18 (12 girls, 12 boys) are selected to participate in a bloody reality show-style contest in which there’s only one victor. There’s a pervasive sense of peril and tension, and once the Games start, there’s an immediate bloodbath, with vicious weapon use, a fair amount of blood, and several dead bodies — though the quick editing means that the most gruesome bits aren’t lingered on. The young combatants proceed to die from spears, arrows, knives, deadly insect bites, attack by genetically modified dog-like creatures, and poisonous berries (some deaths occur off camera). A couple of the tributes also have their necks snapped or heads bashed. The Gamemakers purposely devise situations to try and kill off characters, including a scary fire with fireball projectiles; another scene has a large explosion. Katniss is badly burned; Peeta has a nasty knife injury. Earlier in the movie, there are scenes of characters practicing with weapons and demonstrating their deadly skills, as well as gory snippets of footage from earlier Games. Scenes of a riot and subsequent retaliation by government forces.

  309. so night longer did u read the early comments?

    But obviously no one here would care xD

  311. uhh…..yeah i did i think forgive me, but i totally don’t have a good memory.

  312. its ok NL, so everdeen did u read that post???

  313. how do u all like my new gravatar?

  314. Roosta: yes, there is a fair amount of blood. I guess you could think of it like that, because the tributes get pretty violent went battling to the death. The movie, though,didn’t show that much gor. They also cut out a major violent part at the end when Cato dies a long and painful death from the Capitol’s genetically-modifyed mutts that resemble each fallen tribute. In the movie, Katniss puts his misery to an end by simply shooting him with an arrow. I guess that saved them an R rating.

  315. cato? mutts? tell me more!!!

  316. so whats up? night longer?

  317. I have no engrossment on The Hunger games,but hearing all this blood is getting my attention.

  318. john carter, awsoooome!!!!

  319. ~~~~~~~~~~SPOILER ALERT~~~~~~~~~~

    Cato is the ‘lead-ish’ tribute from district one. He had been training his whole life for the Hunger Games. He was the head of the alliance of Districts 1 and 2 during the Hunger Games. After all his alliances from district 1 and 2 (the girl from district 1 and both from district 2) die, the Gamemakers force Katniss, Peeta, and Cato (the only living tributes) to meet at the cornocopia by letting loose genetically-modifyed, vicious, mutts to chase them into a corner. When on the cornocopia, Katniss manages to shoot Cato with an arrow. He falls down, to the mutts. They drag him into the cornocopia. The whole night, the mutts are violently tearing at his flesh at exposed pieces in his armor( he has on undestructable armor at the time, don’t ask). The whole night, Katniss and Peeta listen to his pityful moans. He finally dies. About the mutts resembling the fallen tributes, their eyes were created by the Gamemakers to reselble a specifc tribute’s eyes.

    One more thing: I hope you don’t mind that I basically gave most of the first book away for you. Sorry, I answer questions when I am asked,

  320. john carter was a great movie

  321. By the way, this whole scene was cut out in the movie, as previosly mentioned. Don’t mean to sound like I take pleasure in pain, but I was actually looking forward to how they would portray it.

  322. roosta you seem like you enjoy this John carter, can you provide more orientation about him or her.

  323. .p.s. if you don’t know what orientation means it’s a synonym for information.

  324. LOL i know what it means here it is…Civil War vet John Carter is transplanted to Mars, where he discovers a lush, wildly diverse planet whose main inhabitants are 12-foot tall green barbarians. Finding himself a prisoner of these creatures, he escapes, only to encounter Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium, who is in desperate need of a savior.


  326. ps. NL what do u think of john carter?

  327. No, it somewhat described it in the book, it cut out the scene completely in the movie..

  328. yay no bloody parts!!! LOL

  329. everdeen, cornocopia???

  330. oh 400 comments, duh…owell night guys

  331. well i’m back,lot of comments while i was gone.and I believe a cornucopia or horn of plenty is a symbol of abundance and nourishment

  332. … 😀 or =D

  333. o.O
    (. Y .)

    What do these look like?

  334. actually the corucopia is an arena in the hunger games ( I GOOGLED IT)

  335. Ke$ha…what happened to censors? LOL appropriate ’emotions’ PLEASE.
    Both are correct. A cornucopia IS a symbol of abundance and nourishment. They use it that way in the Hunger Games too. In the start of the Hunger Games, the twenty four tributes have to stand on 24 plates arranged in a somewhat circular pattern. In the center is a giant cornucopia. Around this cornucopia are middle-class supplies like backpacks full of supplies such as rope and water bottles. As you get closer inside the cornucopia, the weapons become more lethal and the supplies more useful. Of course, you have to take the chance if you want to get the best weapons and supplies, since the start of the Hunger Games is when the most tributes die. Grabbing something from around the cornucopia and running off would be more beneficial to one’s life.

  336. the sky. u_u

  337. OFFTOPIC asked ‘what up’. I replyed ‘the sky’. lol.

  338. Hey guys and what’s the emotions?

  339. Pa. Poptropfan Kesha’s back LOL

  340. how was your cruise ke$ha?

  341. you seem very intoxicated to see me roosta.

  342. maybe intoxicated isn’t the right word..?

  343. well hello Ms. Everdeen

  344. Sorry it took so long 2 type back, I got busy working, but intoxicated? U mean drunk?

  345. Umm night longer, r u mad or something that I didn’t say sorry 2 ryuzaki?

  346. no intoxicated exciting every word has several meanings.

  347. actually intoxicated is a synonym for happy.

  348. and please call me Night for short.

  349. Ok so whats up? (do u think you’ll see the hunger games?)

  350. no I’m not going to watch the hunger games I got lots of other experiments to do.

  351. Ok, night r u sure ur not mad at me 4 not saying sorry 2 ryuzaki, or any other reason?@

  352. no I’m not what is it with u of me getting mad.

  353. I told you already I’m not defending HIM.

  354. oh never mind forget what I just said,kinda got carried away.

  355. “Call me night please” Is what made. Me think u r mad at me, I guess I’m just a limitless sensitive today, my friends grandmother died

  356. Wait I meant 2 say a little not limitless (I’m on my iPhone and it’s trying 2 guess the words)

  357. I’m planning on watching something more amusing and entertaining like the new 3 stooges movie that’s coming in theatres n april.

  358. Owell Nevermind….so how old is ur brother OFFTOPIC? Just wondering

  359. sorry I just don’t really want the word longer in it.

  360. Oh cool I like funny movies 2, the help was a good movie

  361. he’s tuning 13 this weekend. (offtopic)

  362. ok, so hes about 4 or 5 weeks younger than me

  363. Sorry I couldnt play it 4 longer my mom wanted the computer

  364. I hope ur not still waiting in the common room

  365. Ok good so am I any better a hoops?

  366. a little since I kinda let you win.

  367. your all the lost hee hee I did that all on purpose .

  368. If I believe, right when I was about 2 win u would hit close LOL

  369. tired of winning i guess.

  370. actually my brother was playing also, and i guess he didn’t like losing.

  371. I really think ur just saying that about u letting me win LOL anyway where is OFFTOPIC?

  372. your a tough challenger.

  373. Yeah what’s up umm what can I call u 4 short?

  374. you made go raging, acting like an angry pig ha ha ha .

  375. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!uhh offtopic

  376. and that was not funny.

  377. Sorry didn’t mean to upset u, u can call me roosta 4 short as u know… Hey everdeen

  378. What’s with the picture?

  379. 🙄 😈 :mrgreen: 😮 :d 🙁 🙂 : 😡 😥 👿 8) 💡 😳 ❓ ❗ 😉 cool huh?

  380. Hey night will u tell ur brother I didn’t mean 2 offend him?

  381. 😀 💡 😳 you forgot those 3.

  382. Awesome everdeen how did u do it?

  383. i mean i forgot those 3.

  384. So what’s up people? Does any1 want 2 see the avengers?

  385. yes…i might watch the avengers.

  386. who your favorite marvel character?

  387. Hey everdeen, A.K.A. Biggest hunger games fan, ever Lol

  388. 😉 I wouldn’t say the biggest…there are people who’s lives revolve around the Hunger Games. Thanfully my obsessions have limits. My favorite marvel character is Iron Man, because he looks cool. I know that sounded really shallow right there, but it’s the truth xD

  389. click on product. my favorite marvel character is deadpool and spiderman, they both make a lot of jokes.

  390. I like hawkeye because he shoots arrows, I think that’s why Im drawn 2 the hunger games/Katiness

  391. Ps what with the emotions links guys? (they r starting 2 creep me out Lol)

  392. You like archery Roosta?

  393. and they both move like acrobatic referring to spider man and dead pool.

  394. No everdeen I LOOOOOOVE archery!!!!

  395. 😀 do you own a bow and arrows?

  396. I use 2 but it broke I’ve also made 2

  397. A real sword? Cooooool

  398. your the same age as me.

  399. I knew u would be either 13 or 14

  400. Also does any1 know what the Expressions, that Kesha posted was?

  401. O_O I know…

  402. Roosta, Ke$ha is rather perverted..so I suggest you don’t ask what they were.

  403. she just have a weird life that’s all.

  404. Why? I can handle it, was she making fun of me or something?

  405. Tell me,I’ve been called all kinds of stuff nothing hurts

  406. Noo…nothing ‘mean’…

  407. Oh Nevermind, umm she’s kinda volgar isn’t she?

  408. sometimes it’s best to not know it.

  409. I meant vulgar, so why does she live a weird life?

  410. Ps. What does this mean O-O?

  411. Nevermind night longer I just read some of her earlier comments….

  412. emotion

  413. I wounder if he ever dated a girl.

  414. hey……what is b fb??

  415. oh nothing that was an accident.

  416. u asked if i ever dated?

  417. no not u, the guy in the link.

  418. wasn’t it a girl? xD

  419. no it’s uhh…a guyirl.

  420. oh, wow that 1 ugly….something

  421. do ya’ll want 2 play uhhhhh……….the guessing game?

  422. sure I’ll play got some few time to spare.

  423. ok night i bet u have black hair, &everdeen lives in NY

  424. WAIT. did I mention that before? scary…D:

  425. u do live in NY!!!!!???

  426. um YES. I DO.

  427. I bet you have brown hair and eyes..?

  428. yup brown hair and….eyes

  429. WOOW. O:

  430. I gtg in a few, tomorrow’s school and I might end up sleeping through first period.

  431. lol, night.

  432. LOL you might’ve already mentioned this, but are you a guy or a girl? I can’t really tell…xD

  433. your right i do have black hair.

  434. guess where i’m from.

  435. hope your not asleep I’m not much of a sleeper when it comes to games.

  436. night, I bet you wearing a green shirt that has a dragon on it.

  437. offtopic your like right beside me.

  438. HOW SHOCKING!!!!!!!!! OO_OO

  439. Yeah I’m a guy.. And night ur from….Alabama or Ohio?

  440. And night u have blue eyes?

  441. Also does any1 know what it means when stars start spinning in a circle around u in pop?

  442. I’m from china and I have black eyes.

  443. fascinating,If I have questions about Chinese culture,I truly hope you answer me!

  444. Night r u really from china? If so what part? And what time is it where u live now ?

  445. i didn’t say i was in china, i just said i’m from china.

  446. ohhhhh so what state do u live in now?

  447. Ryuzaki What is the the question you desire to ask me. Yes black eyes not completly black,And I live in the .u.s.

  448. Roosta, for Night to have black hair and blue eyes, he would have to possess a genetic mutation. That would be cool though. Didn’t you already mention that you’re Chinese, Night? As far as I know, most east-asians have brown eyes and black/brown hair xD

  449. uhh yeah i mention that, btu roosta is new.


  451. PS. Night, what is the crow???

  452. yes, i have brown eyes, but I gots brown hair..:D

  453. Thanks a lot for all the things u did!

  454. How scary is this island? I’m a little nervous to play it, cause’ I’m scared easily 🙁 please tell me!