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Survival Island Episode 3 Available for Members

Survival Island Episode 3 Available for Members

Hi everyone, I’ve been on vacation for the past week, so this news is a little late, but Episode 3 of Poptropica Survival Island is out for members. It’s called Distress Signal and the object of this episode is to find and repair a radio to send out a help message in hopes of getting rescued. Once you complete the task, you’re message is received, but the episode ends on a cliff-hanger (or is it a helicopter-hanger?) and you don’t know if you’re being rescued or dragged into even more trouble. We’ll have to wait for episode 4 to arrive to know for sure.

Here’s the full video walkthrough:

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  1. when will u do the written walkthrough?

  2. i can’t watch the one on utube cuz my utube isn’t working

  3. same as me

  4. hey i am facing a major problem…..i got all the items to assemble the radio: radio,wire, penny coin, lemon and galvanized nail. but when i try to fix the radio, it doesn’t show the wire. it only shows the lemon, nail and coin so i cant power the radio….can u please tell me how to do the radio part again i need serious help, thanks Fierce Moon.

  5. Hey Hungry Toes. It sounds like you might be glitched. I know there was a problem early on where if you didn’t do things in the right order, the game would get glitched and this might be what’s happening to you. Try emptying your browser cache and playing again. If that doesn’t work, you may need to simply restart the island. Hope that helps!