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PoptropiCon Open for Members

PoptropiCon Open for Members

Wow, so much news to report. First, PoptropiCon is now open for members to play. That’s right! Head over to my PoptropiCon Cheats page for all the details, including the video walkthrough and tips and tricks for completing the island.

PoptropiCon works a lot differently from previous islands. It’s episodic, just like Survival Island and Mission Atlantis. But this quest involves heavy use of the Costumizer to complete. There are also some cool mini-games in the quest, like the race with the Cheetah Bandit. Unfortunately, I got bugged on that one, so I can’t (yet) complete the island.

But the biggest news is that Poptropica is officially making their own video walkthroughs! Captain Crawfish narrates this one. I’ll still be making my own video walkthrough, but you can learn how to complete the island by viewing the official video right here.

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