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Poptropica Music Available on iTunes and Amazon

Poptropica Music Available on iTunes and Amazon

When Poptropica started upgrading all of their islands to the new “big format” they also added music. And now they’re making that music available for download via iTunes and Amazon.com.

So if you find yourself yearning to hear the Poptropica soundtrack when you’re not actually playing the game, you can now purchase and download all the tracks. They’re available for $0.99 each or you can get the whole album on iTunes for $9.99 and Amazon.com for $8.99.

Here are the details on the version from Amazon.com, which sounds like a better deal. It’s a buck cheaper and you get it in MP3 format, which is easier to transfer to all your devices than Apple’s proprietary format.

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What do you think of the idea of a Poptropica soundtrack? It will be interesting to see which songs get the highest popularity ratings on both services. Right now, Monster Carnival Island is out to an early lead on Amazon.com, while Mythology Island is the favorite among iTunes users.

Here’s a track list:

  • Poptropica Overture
  • Poptropolis Games
  • Virus Hunter Island
  • Mythology Island
  • 24 Carrot Island
  • Back Lot Island
  • Mission Atlantis: Into the Deep / Fortress of the Deep
  • Mocktropica
  • Survival: Crash Landing
  • Monster Carnival
  • Shrink Ray Island
  • Time Tangled Island

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