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Poptropica Land Alpha 2 Arrives

Poptropica Land Alpha 2 Arrives

Members can now experiment with the Alpha 2 version of Poptropica Land — Poptropica’s (sort-of) answer to Minecraft. If you’re a member, head to the Poptropica Store and get your Poptropica Land gold card. This will allow you to access this special island.

Once you arrive, just keep heading to the far right (there are a lot of zones to pass through) and you’ll find the mystical Svadilfari, a hammer of immense power. With it, you can mine for Poptanium to “level up” your hammer and gain access to more and more items in the Create section.

After a while, you’ll be able to build a huge number of things in the Poptropica Land zones using the hammer’s Create Mode. See what you can build! You can even save your creations to your computer and re-load or share them!

Get all the details on Poptropica Land here.

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