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Poptropica Friends and Twisted Thicket

It’s a big week in Poptropica. Poptropica Friends launched yesterday afternoon and Twisted Thicket Island just launched for everyone today.

Twisted Thicket Island is a fun adventure in the woods. Check out the complete walkthrough for tips, tricks and help.

Poptropica Friends has several different features. You can get to the main screen by clicking on your portrait in the toolbar in the upper right of the screen. You’ll get a new screen where you can add friends and track your own progress with badges, photos and more. You’ll need to know the username (not the display name) of your friends to add them. Here are a few to get started:

Poptropica Creators

  • captaincrawfishcreator
  • nednoodleheadcreator
  • sharkboycreator
  • blackwidowcreator
  • binarybardcreator
  • drharecreator

Fierce Moon

  • popsecrets

Once you add friends, they’ll appear at the top of the screen and you can click on them to see what they’ve accomplished in game including how many island medallions they’ve won, how many times they’ve completed each island, and how many photos they have. If you add some of the Poptropica Creators, you’ll see that they haven’t finished very many islands! Ahem. Ahem. You’ll also discover that the display names for the original creators are all “normal” Poptropica names (adjective + noun). For example, nednoodleheadcreator is Thirsty Flyer and the display name for Binary Bard is Clean Carrot. Cool names! The newer creators, like Black Widow and Captain Crawfish use their actual character names.

Photos are a new feature where you’ll get photos at certain points in each island. If you’ve already finished the island, you’ll need to replay it to get the photos. I’ll be writing a complete guide to all the photos once I have time to replay all the islands. It looks like they disabled the island restart feature for now, so it’s not clear how we’ll be able to do that! In the meantime, add sharkboycreator to your friends list to see some of the photos that are available to earn. Shark Boy has been busy on (of course) Shark Tooth Island.

The closet feature is for members only and you can use it to store lots of different outfits. It works a lot like the Costume Collector card, but you can store thirty outfits instead of just three! Click on the Save Look to Closet button when using the Costumizer to add the current outfit you’re wearing to your closet. You can browse your friends’ closets as well for new looks.

What do you think of Poptropica Friends and Twisted Thicket? Post in the comments below!

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. I’m so excited about all this! It’ll be fun to trade usernames and things like that!
    Oh, and, first comment!

  2. second!

  3. how do you find out your own name?

  4. Guys, I really want to add you all as friends. If you don’t see a waffle named Gentle Singer in your friends list, please post yar username so I can add you all! c:

  5. Im kogoy!!! whats your EV????

  6. has anyone ever heard ”Animal” by: Neon Trees? I love that song?

  7. ayman351 everdeen

  8. I’m ilovemypoodle1! I love making friends! I already have 102 and counting!

  9. WoooooooW i have 30 I don’t want to get like to many strangers in common rooms like just clicking friends LOL

  10. I just have my friends, Forum friends, and you guys

  11. i got 130

  12. mine is iceyrock25 i spelt icy wrong when i was little so that is how you spell it

  13. I already Added you LOL…so whats up???

  14. king roosta whats yours

  15. eva the 8 year old kid


  16. eva the 8 year old kid

    is mine

  17. LOL guys, sorry, I can’t tell you my username because, as I said before, I was 10 when I made my account, and my user kinda contains my first and last name….XD
    I trust all you guys, but it really isn’t a good idea to put my first and last name online πŸ˜€ anyways, I’m sure I added you ayman, I tried again today and it said that you’re already my friend. I just realized, though, that you have to add me from your side too XD
    Wanna all meet up in a common room and add each other?

  18. i’m mighty lightning!!!

  19. eva the 8 year old kid

    i am chilly lobster

  20. hipo

  21. I’m Shiny Tomato

  22. eva the 8 year old kid

    friend me i want 100

  23. i got 139 fiends

  24. P.S. how did u make clothes sparkle? I LOVE GLITTER!!! PLEASE REPLY!:-O

  25. im young hippo

  26. My username is coolmanaga1n

  27. Awesome party!

  28. everdeen i got my acount when i was 5 and i chose the correct way for a username

  29. Awesome Person

    Mine is 4cubs67 and my friends is 4cubs5!I got my account when I was 7!:D

  30. eva the 8 year old kid

    i got mine when i was 7

  31. My username is be4guh if you want to add me and if you see a strange dude with a sailor hat, thats me. Just to clarify, my poptropican name is Wild Scorpion.

  32. Does anyone want to meet me? If so, go to

  33. hi eva i didnt see you in a long time

  34. Dang! I’m like, the 70th person! I’LL FRIEND YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. add me im allibearooni721

  36. eva the 8 year old kid

    i am xismycat

  37. HI EVA

  38. eva the 8 year old kid


  39. eva the 8 year old kid

    king i like skyler to

  40. mine is bman504

  41. mine is ayman351

  42. dat great Katniss T_T

    anyone on right now so I can make a multiverse room?

  43. eva the 8 year old kid

    i am

  44. oh well, I made one anyway.

  45. can anyone come? c: eva?

  46. ADD ME EVA

  47. eva the 8 year old kid

    i did

  48. lol i’m just gonna leave eva cause we have nothing else to do XD

  49. NVM lol you beat me at star link

  50. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  51. helllooooo

  52. eva the 8 year old kid


  53. ok



  54. eva the 8 year old kid


  55. COME BACK EVA )’:

  56. wb eva

  57. gtg ayman πŸ™

  58. eva the 8 year old kid

    go to early poptropica and go into arcade

  59. i dont see you eva

  60. eva the 8 year old kid

    go to the other one

  61. dont see you

  62. Wow, the multiverse room is totally deserted!

  63. Is anyone on here?

  64. yea, Polychrome.
    Nice to meet you πŸ™‚
    D’ya speak French? If so, me, you, and RedWing can be French buddies πŸ˜€

  65. What should I nickname you? O:
    Poly? Chrome? Pome? Chroly? Porome? Chromly? Waffle? Whale? Turtle? Awesumsauce? LET’S BE BEST BUDDIES C:<


  67. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii everdeen

  68. Everdeen, u can call me Polly. πŸ™‚ I’ll stay on as long as possible. Wanna meet in a multiverse room?

  69. helllloooooooooooooooooooooooooo ayman.
    Hey, you live in Morocco, right? Do you speak Arabic?

  70. yes everdean

  71. HEY POLLY C:<
    Maybe tomorrow?Cause right now I just realized that Twisted Thicket is out for nonmembers, and I have to get as much of the island done as possible, as I'm waking up at 5:30 tomorrow (to take a shower D:) and when I get home tomorrow I'll have a load of H.W to do. BUT WE'RE BESTIES NOW πŸ˜€


  73. inm i your friend everdeen

  74. Has anyone else been trying to restart an island and a messgae pops up saying they’re working on it? It’s been happening to me all day. It’s getting to be annoying. :p

  75. YEah, ok, I get up at the same time, a little after 5:30, ok? I’ll say on here when I’m up. Until then, goodnight one and all! πŸ˜›

  76. LOL I wont be on until 2:45 P.M Eastern Time Zone (U.S)
    And yes Ayman, we’re officially friends πŸ˜€ wait…do you mean in Poptropica? XD LOL
    there’re a lot of people on here but I don’t know many of them too well D:

  77. i have 200 friends

  78. I have…11.

  79. Ok, well, see you l8ter!

  80. on poptropica

  81. ok everdeen i was talking here about the friends thing

  82. im the only person on here

  83. no i’m on btw i added you

  84. yeah what do you want to talk about

  85. I dunno poptropica i guess

  86. ok how many islands did you finish?

  87. All 26 baby.

  88. 26 also

  89. wow…..97 comments!
    @King roosta, katniss, fierce moon, bendy dragon, ayman, and those who gave out usernames…..
    @Everdeen, i made mine when i was 10 too! except i wasnt too crazy πŸ™‚
    Yeah so i sorta missed the party…..can we try for later?

  90. did you friend me? If you didn’t get it it’s bman504

  91. bonus quests stinks they should just let other poptropicans play with it!!!

  92. Hey, good morning everybody! Is anyone on here yet?

  93. You can also add the non-existent Monster carnival @monstercarnival2012

  94. Wierd….

  95. *yawns* Anyone on here? *twiddles thumbs*

  96. lame! the only cool thing cool is the camera or whatever. but since iv’e completed all the islands, and it has come out, i can’t restart any of the islands! WHAT A RIP OFF!

  97. oh, and by the way, i have 40 friends including all the creators and fierce moon AND shiny tomato. so THANKS!

  98. plus, if you want to be my friend, my username is swamphamster1

  99. I have 51 friends, and if you want to meet me,head over to the twisted thicket common room

  100. Yeah lets do another, I came to mine but missed EV sorry….BUT i know what time and how to get a BIG party now I’ll talk to you guys later, Oh and i’ll make the party again πŸ™‚ haha i’m being greedy

  101. by the way, I have a party at DWS23

  102. I’m at the party!

  103. Ok morning birds LOL i’ll create a later one…..

  104. Good game of Sky Dive, Wild Scorpion!

  105. hey i can’t make a party today or come to one sorry….I HATE SCHOOL!!!!!

  106. Ok, mabey tommorow…….

  107. Hey…apparently my grades & progress wasn’t where its supposed to be. So my mom band me from any computer other than school i’ll probably be gone for the most about 3 weeks or more…and it sucks!!! πŸ™ bye guys

  108. πŸ™ bye…..

  109. Hey guys my username is Lazaroclub

    P.S. No neither Drake nor Lazaro is my real name

  110. By the way my character name is Dangerous Lightning

  111. I friended u, Drake! My username is ilovemypoodle1.

  112. Nice Polychrome I added u. U almost have all the medallions except for Wimpy Wonderland

  113. *sneaks on computer* Mines kogoy

  114. Yep. Whipy Wonderland is driving me nuts!!! I can’t finish the stupid island, even with the walkthrough. It’s the twisted wuzard game that stops me. It drives me crazy!

  115. I had the same problem…Make sure you build the wall around the whole wizard guy, and turn easy mode on πŸ™‚

  116. Early Poptropica Pictures: Golden Egg, Giant, Jet pack, Pig, Medallion.
    Shark Tooth Pictures: Key Ingredient, Medicine Man, Booga Shark, Medallion.
    I’m working on Time Tangled right now but I’m on a different account because I can’t restart. πŸ™

  117. I’ve tried that, Roosta, but I still can’t do it. Curse you, Ogers! >:(

  118. Time Tangled Pictures: Phonograph, Warrior Headdress, Declaration of Independence, Medallion.
    I’ll be back later for 24 Carrot.:)

  119. 24 Carrot: Cat, Drone Ears, Rabbot, Medallion.
    Off to Super Power.: )

  120. Super Power Pictures: Copy Cat, Speeding Spike, Crusher, Betty Jetty, Medallion.
    I think that’s enough for one day. I’ll try to do more tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  121. hi everyone one

  122. Who’s on right now?

  123. nothing much

  124. What happened to the island restart?

  125. I don’t get for some reason I didn’t have to play the Twisted Wizard game, (I think it was optional in the island). But I have played it in a common room.

  126. Wow, nice job, Shiny Tomato!

  127. Thank you. I’ll try to do some more islands to get more pictures. I just wish they would enable the restart island button.

  128. Yeah, me too! I just friended somone named “Grumpy Icicle”, and I think they’re the Poptropica superstar! Username: 8 (Dressed as Tinkerbell)

  129. User Fun7206 my account my brother is greedy.

  130. Spy Island Pictures: Chameleon Suit, Grappling Bow Tie, Fingerprint, Medallion

  131. Brave Star, her username is 8?

  132. lolz um.. if u want to add meh meh name is umbreongurl143

  133. Cheerful Singer

    Hey guys, I’m new on this website.

    I’ll be trying to deliever the newest fashion trends in Poptropica each week, hoping someone will also help me. Here’s a couple things about me:

    I’m obsessed with popular PoptropicaSecrets people. Not gonna list any examples, might start a fight.

    I’m Jamacian. l live in Canada.

    I’m a Christian.

    Those are useless facts. I’d like to get a reply.



  134. cool i wanna be fierce moon’s fashion reporter

  135. hi Cheerful Singer

  136. hi katniss!!!!

  137. please respond to me fierce moon

  138. Cheerful Singer



  139. Cheerful Singer



    ON PS?

    WELL, I DO!

  140. Cheerful Singer

    And, I’m not a stalker or anything.

    Just to let you know.

  141. whats ur user cheerful singer

  142. Cheerful Singer

    I am curently on Poptropica, searching from island to island, trying to find a good fashion trend to cover.

  143. Cheerful Singer


    elysia is my fav band
    allen my last name
    10 my lucky number

  144. Ooh I wanna be the Poptropica News reporter. I could do some news once in a while

  145. Cheerful Singer

    It’s official. Some people on Poptropica are really unfashionable.

  146. BREAKING NEWS: Restart Island Button still unavailable. Back to you Bob

  147. BTW i friended you. πŸ™‚

  148. Cheerful Singer

    Cool. I’ll check it out. πŸ™‚

    Restart Button being unavailible is annoying.

  149. IKR and my Poptropica name is Shiny Tomato (obliviously).

  150. Cheerful Singer

    KK, going on.

    I tried restarting Vampire’s Curse and forgot it was unavailible.

  151. Cheerful Singer

    I’m on.

  152. Nabooti Pictures: Blue Nile Falls, Moon Stone, Hard Hat, White Jewel

  153. Nice to have you, Cheerful Singer! πŸ™‚

  154. add me Andreaskullz on poptropica

  155. HI cheerful singer! I know…u abso-LUTE-ly adore me! *pats back* Just kidding.
    Yeah….stupid island restart button. and stupid camera and clost (im a non-member *pooey*)
    Just to let you know….
    i finally got around to doing it, so…..i make it official. IF YOU POSTED YOUR USERNAME ON THIS POST’s COMMENTS PAGE, IM UR FWENDDDD!!!!!!
    πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ YAYAYAY

  156. And once again, please make me YOUR friend!
    username: chipmu1
    Display Name: Red Wing
    @kogoy, did u watch american idol todaY? Looks like Skylar Laine is going home! I actually kinda liked her….wanted Holly to go….u know she escaped elimination 3 times in a row now….i hope she leaves *colton*

    But Skylar’s performance of “Beneath my Wings” was too good to be true. Probably the best song i have EVER seen performed on live TV.

    Yeah, it was THAT good!
    screw those other contestants, she stole the night πŸ˜€

  157. My username is liz9517

  158. Thanks for the cheats! I was able to complete 14 islands. Please friend me! Username is purpleracky

  159. Fierce Moon, I try not to by mean when I say this but Binary Bard’s username is not “binarybardcreator” it is just “binarybard”. I hope I’m not being rude.

  160. Cheerful Singer

    Thanks for the warm introduction.

    I feel so welcomed now.

  161. Cheerful Singer

    The Restart Button is down but, I also realized there’s this black (or white) line when you put on bottoms/skirt.

    Is this just affecting me? Or is this happening to other people too?

  162. Nervous Stomper

    My username is pop684859297938 and i DON’T need to read it off the paper to type it in!
    If you add directordcreator (White Shark) his character picture is talking…..and talking….. and talking!!!

  163. Nervous Stomper

    Ha ha “Back to you bob”!
    I LOVE Horrible Histories but i LOVE the bob news guy!!!!!!!
    btw how do you do a black heart????

  164. Cheerful Singer

    Had to copy and paste that.

  165. Hey, who’s on right now? Oh, and, welcome Cheerful Singer! My username is ilovemypoodle1 if you want to friend me.

  166. YAY!!!!!!! 93 FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FRIENDED YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Friend me! Jace999608
    Golden Brain (Happy Birthday to him! πŸ™‚ ) Greenelephantboy4 (Don’t ask)
    Wild Club: Moonstar488

  167. I was just typing random numbers and letters, and that DOES get you more friends. I put in 8, and someone named Grumpy Icicle came up. If you type in Fierce Moon, you get a different person named Fierce Moon! Nervous Stomper, I’ve talking mouths like that, but I don’t know how to get one other than customizing it. Is it just me, or do you only friend somone if you type in their username, and then they type in yours to friend you?

  168. Ugh! I meant to put “seen”! BTW, if you want to friend some other characters I made, like my Chase costume (from Lab Rats), here they are:
    Part One (There’s a LOT)
    bluered198 (A werewolf)
    orangepurple198 (A black and white poptropican)
    yellowgreen198 (A superpowered magician)
    blackwhite198 (A golden Poptropican)
    silvergold198 (Another black and white)
    greybronze198 (Someone who should be in Monster Carnival, but I made him)
    Blueblue198 (A blues singer)

  169. Wow thats alot of usernames

  170. if u type in whats on the video (monstercarnival2012) then u get this guy with a lion mask on

  171. eva the 8 year old kid

    xismycat (me)

  172. eva the 8 year old kid

    visit me on early poptropica


  174. Hey Magic Eye. You’re right about Binary Bard. There is also an account with the name binarybardcreator, though. Makes sense that the creators might have lots of different accounts.

  175. eva the 8 year old kid

    fierce moon i love your posts! i love to do fashion on poptropica!

  176. eva the 8 year old kid

    i am friiends with you

  177. HElloooo guysss

  178. Yay!!!! Restart botton working!!!!!!!!!!!!! *happy dances*

  179. wow…..lots of new commenters! Yeah i friended u too, eva!
    Hi everdeen!
    Oh, and thanks for the usernames, Brave Star πŸ˜€

  180. You’re welcome! 100 friends!
    tanplasma198 (Random superhero)
    blackbronze198 (a gamer)
    chartreuse198 (a lion)
    yellowred198 (a ghost/zombie hunter)
    Mario198257 (Mario)
    Orangeplasma198 (Gambit from X-Men)
    Yellowyellow198 (I just made this guy for his name)
    Redred1982 (A random guy)
    Blueplasma198 (Beast from X-Men)
    Cyclops198 (Cyclops from X-Men-as you can see, I’m into X-men)

  181. hi everyone

  182. πŸ˜†
    Found this qoute:
    When life gives you lemons suck out all of the vitamin C and yell β€œEAT THAT, LIFE!

  183. hi brave star

  184. Thats so cool! I lOVE it πŸ˜†

  185. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  186. Monster Carnival just beat an island! Could this be a countdown for when it comes? I hope it is!

  187. BTW, Tough Lizard, Red Wing, and Roosta, you all look AWESOME on Poptropica!

  188. 130 FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  189. Put in random numbers and letters (but not too random) to make more friends, like I did.

  190. im not cool on poptropica brave star

    Storm7840 (Storm, X-Men)
    Jubilee198 (Jubilee, X-Men)
    Rogue198 (Rogue, X-Men)
    Havok198 (Havok, X-Men)
    Grey plasma198 (Jean Grey, X-Men)
    Redorange198 (Golden Poptropica)

  192. And that’s all.
    Ayman, what’s your username again?

  193. ayman351

  194. I think you look AWESOME! WOW, 211 FRIENDS?!
    Nice job, katniss!

  195. i have 212

  196. friend

  197. Popular Singer

    coolsafa123 friend me:)

  198. NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. The restart button is working!

  200. im gonna tell you guys fashions so fierce moon will recognize me here is the first katniss costume that my poptropican is wearing
    1.robinhood bow&arrow and shirt
    2.pants,jacket and belt from vamire girl1
    4.lips from surfer girl

  201. My user name is LilyWhat123; friend me!

  202. Yeah, I know! I’m re-beating ALL the islands!

  203. i got 13 photos on poptropica

  204. Popular Singer

    200 FRIENDS!!! :0

  205. Popular Singer

    200 FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!! :-O

  206. I’ve got 14 photos!

  207. 200 FRIENDS?! I need to add more! I only have 133!

  208. Nice costume, katniss!

  209. got 222 friends

  210. Nice, ayman!
    Katniss, what’s your username? I’m not sure I friended you.

  211. got 13 but im getting five more whitch equals 18 photos

  212. GREAT JOB!

  213. How many people think it would be cool to have a Poptropica TV show? They could hold a contest and let players come up with characters to be in the show!

  214. just here to help!

    hey i was reading through the part about the pop charectars creators names and actually some of the creators have their real names in their accounts. its true i found a binary bard whos poptropican name really is binary bard and the others like clean cheese are fakes. sorry to point out this flaw but alot of people who make their username like “binarybardcreator” are fakes altho some are real. here are all the REAL creators names i know. sorry but i donno the ned one so that one might be real. anyways, heres the real ones: thee real dr hare which really has the name dr hare account username is jordanleary which is one of poptropicas staff.hazmat hermit username justinlacy sharkboy is sharkboycreator director d is directordcreator1 black widow is still blackwidowcreator hades is hadescreator1 binary bard is just binarybard triton is tritoncreator and you already know captain crawfish. anyways, i have proved these names work on my own account. please try them on yours. :3

  215. just here to help!

    o and ps if you want to add me as ur friend my usernames rachel9041 and no my real name isnt rachel i just know someone with that name. anyways add me if u like cats cuz i have a full cat costume in the costume closet with tail whiskers ears furry body and mouth altho u cant costumize tail cuz its store item. :3

  216. how old are you brave star

  217. Cheerful Singer

    Good Afternoon, I am quite bored. Shall I report some fashion in Poptropica Secrets?

  218. Cheerful Singer

    New in Poptropica News: Restart Button Available again!!!

  219. Yeah, we know.

  220. I reported it first. πŸ™‚

  221. Cheerful Singer

    I am happy. Sort of.

  222. Cheerful Singer

    Not really much in fashion. Dark colo(u)rs and bright tees with a necklace are great for females now. I see that a lot. For guys, mostly it’s dark colo(u)rs and sunglasses. Some people don’t care for sunglasses. I don’t really.

  223. Hellooooo Cheerful Singer πŸ™‚
    how’s life?

  224. Cheerful Singer

    It’s alright. Just spicy and sweet. Like the sauce I make. How’s yours?

  225. Oish you make sauce? I make pancakes C:<
    pancakes are awesome,~
    so are waffles~
    OH My life is fine thanksss
    Don't you just love waffles,
    and whales, and turtles, and sheep?
    And Peeta from the Hunger Games? (eeh…sorry)
    and evil bananas?
    Can I give you a nickname? Cheery? Singful? Cheerer? Waffle? spicy-and-sweet sauce? I'll let you decide πŸ™‚

  226. hi cheerful singer do you admire me

  227. Cheerful Singer

    Yes, I have heard of you. And yes, I do.

    I WANT a blog. Don’t have a blog. I’m gonna get one. Maybe a Twitter too.

  228. Hi. I’m Shiny Tomato’s sister and I LOVE Poptropica friends!

  229. Cheerful Singer

    I am on here for two reasons.

    1: To share my insane style
    2: To admire my PS idols

  230. awww…..Brave Star! Thats soooo nice!
    And i love YOUR users too ( the costumes) !
    in fact, if i have your permission, can i make an album of them on the forum, and create a thread to share them? (I will TOTALLY give you credit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, you’re name will be ALL over it!)

  231. Cheerful Singer

    I am probably going to leave.

    I am ignored.

  232. Cheerful Singer

    I shall stay here.

  233. Cheerful Singer

    Waiting as time passes, Poptropica users log on and off. The time has escaped. This second will never be the same. Something exciting is going on in each area of the world this minute.

    I am now not the Cheerful girl I was. I am now planning to be a goth girl.

  234. @Redwing: J’ai faim. As-tu? Je veux manger une gaufre.
    Aussi, je suis bien, parce que aujourd’hui c’est vendredi! πŸ™‚
    (sorry for the lack of accents, I was too lazy to copy and paste them from google)

    Cheerful Singer: Ah, I acknowledged your existence, though! D: We even had a conversation about spicy-sweet sauce and waffles! Don’t feel like you’re being ignored πŸ™‚

  235. If your going to stay here and sit around all day waiting all the excitements will be gone.

  236. Cheerful Singer

    Thank you very much.

    Interesting you speak French. How many languages do you speak? I speak Mandarin, French and English. A bit of Spanish also.

  237. Cheerful Singer

    I have no comment on your post.

  238. Little Cheetah

    I’m new here and I think everyone on here is amazing! By the way my username is bluecheetared24.I really meant to spell cheetah without an h at the end there. And I have already added the people who posted there usernames as friends.

    Cheerful Singer don’t be goth you are already awesome.

  239. Little Cheetah

    Oops that was a little late sorry.

  240. Cheerful Singer

    I love my sauce! Making a bit. Won’t be on for a while.

  241. Thanks Red Wing! πŸ™‚ Go ahead!
    Cheerful Singer, please stay just as you are! I think you are PERFECT for this site! πŸ™‚

  242. I can speak all the languages, I just wont know what I’m saying.

  243. Yeah, same for me! πŸ˜†
    Happy Star Wars Day!
    May the 4th be with you!

  244. Cheerful Singer

    =D Awesome sauce!!!

    No, really, I tried my sauce and it’s awesome.

  245. Cheerful Singer

    You guys want to meet up some place in Poptropica? I’ll show you how I look. I’ll create a multiverse. Okay, here’s the code: DNU77

    And thanks, I feel so welcomed! If I am ever rude or anything, I apologize in the future.

  246. I would LOVE to try it, but since probably mles away.. πŸ™

  247. Cheerful Singer

    Yes, that is correct.

  248. I meant to put “you’re”.

  249. Cheerful Singer

    Or you are. =D

  250. Cheerful Singer

    I am currently eating Chicken Balls and Beef Lo Mein. TASTY CHINESE FOOD!

  251. I iz the waffle c:

  252. Shoot, I forgot my last 2 costumes:
    Labrats24- Chase, from Lab Rats
    Willywonka198- Willy Wonka

  253. Cheerful Singer

    Let me ask you some questions:

    Dream job?
    If you could do anything without dying, what would you do?
    Who are your favourite YouTubers?
    What is your favourite colo(u)r?
    Dogs or cats?
    Favourite drink?
    Favourite food?
    If you could wear anything without being criticized, what would you wear?
    Favourite website…of all time?

  254. Oh no! Favorite questions! I don’t pick favorites, so I can’t answer any of those!

  255. Cheerful Singer

    Scene From MyMusic (costume):

    Rock Star 2 Eye Make-up: 250 credits
    Any cute extension: Free
    Any smile: Free
    Devil Shirt: 250 credits
    Black Jacket: Free
    Black Skirt: Free
    Gamer Girl hair: 250 credits
    Any cute belt: Free

    Doesn’t really look like Scene but, I want someone to please help adjust it.

  256. Cheerful Singer

    My answers:

    Go Skydiving
    Tobuscus, TheFineBros, MyMusicShow, RayWilliamJohnson, Smosh, nigahiga
    Neon Green
    Lemon Live (Lemonade and Five Alive)
    Chicken with my sauce on it
    Goth outfit!
    I don’t really know…

  257. what did people say about me cheerful singer

  258. Cheerful Singer

    I do not understand that question.

  259. did they talk about me bad or good

  260. Cheerful Singer

    Quite good.

  261. what did they say cheerful singer

  262. Cheerful Singer

    I actually do not get the question.

    Some people talked well about you. You never really did come up in a conversation.

  263. what did the say

  264. Cheerful Singer

    I swear, you did not come up in a conversation.

  265. Cheerful Singer

    I am going to look like Scene from MyMusic.

  266. ok cheerful singer

  267. cheerful singer why do admire me

  268. Cheerful Singer

    Interesting question.

  269. how

  270. Ayman….don’t mean to be nosy or unnecessarily inquisitive, but why are you so interested in what people say about you and why Cheerful Singer admires you? Sorry, don’t answer it if you don’t want to. I’m just curious.

  271. wow…..it seems like the moment i leave, there are suddent outbursts on the comments page.
    @cheerful singer- i’m sorry if u felt ignored, i understand how that feels but not only did i not see your comment, i alsoo didnt have much to say about it. But youre cool! Be cheerful. Oh an yeah, je parle le fancais aussi.! (i speak french too!)
    @Brave star– OMGOMGOM thanks sooooo much! I cant wait *happy dance* thank you thank you thank you! Ill have it by the end of the weekend!
    @Everdeen- No, IIIII iz de waffal! LOOOOOL
    (its okay, i dont have accents either!)
    *fakest “french” accent ever*
    Oui, becaucoup! J’ai faim! Je voudrais une pizza! Delicieux!
    Oui, vendredi est mon prefere! Tellement amusant!

  272. @ayman, she likes you, period. πŸ™‚

  273. I can’t wait can’t wait to see it! πŸ™‚

  274. Cheerful Singer

    Not meant directly at you.

  275. Cheerful Singer

    How old are you guys?

  276. 12 YEARS

  277. Cheerful Singer

    Wrong website.

  278. Cheerful Singer

    What are some songs that you LOVE right now?

  279. I DONT LIKE ANY american i live in morocco

  280. sorry for the caps this is an old computer it switches from normal to caps

  281. if you want to friend me on poptropica cheerful singer my username is ayman351

  282. Cheerful Singer

    Top 10 songs on the radio right now.

    1:Somebody That I Used To Know-Gotye (feat Kimbra)
    2:We Are Young-fun. (feat Janelle Monae)
    3:Payphone-Maroon 5 (feat Wiz Khalifa)
    4:Glad You Came-The Wanted
    5:Call Me Maybe-Carly Rae Jespen
    6:Wild Ones-Flo Rida (feat Sia)
    7:Boyfriend-Justin Beiber
    8:Starships-Nicki Minaj
    9:What Makes You Beautiful-One Direction
    10:Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)-Kelly Clarkson

  283. Cheerful Singer

    Oh! That must be a nice place to live.

  284. Cheerful Singer

    janim ikcin si gnitteg taeb…tros fo…

  285. im listining to starships right now and before i just listened to somebody that i used to know

  286. Cheerful Singer

    Nicki Minaj’s album isn’t that bad…

  287. top girl outfit is white dress black belt and biker jacket i know this because ive seen like 100 poptropican girls wearing this outfit

  288. go to room in multiveres AMU38

  289. Cheerful Singer

    Morning guys.

  290. Cheerful Singer

    Do I look like Scene from My Music?

    Check out My Music on YouTube.

  291. Cheerful Singer

    Good morning. Here is the fashion report in the morning.


    And I decided to do fashion and news, along with my fan blog (gonna get it soon)

  292. Cheerful Singer

    Name someone famous and I’ll do a costume for them.

  293. binarybardcreator is wrong, to add him put binarybard, dr hare i think is too, but i dont have found him

  294. where do you type in the usernames?

  295. selena gomez

  296. hi everyone and good mourning to all

  297. i got 35 photos in poptropica check my poptropica name young hippo

  298. GOOD MORN’
    I’m gonna go make some pancakes πŸ™‚

  299. ok everdeen good luck

  300. Magic Starfish

    If anyone wants to friend me click + and type Sydney19276

  301. I am.

  302. πŸ˜† Guess what? I suppose I’ll be news reporter now, because I have a post from Director D on the Creator’s Blog:
    Whoa! We hoped that everyone would like Poptropica Friends, but even we didn’t expect it to be this popular. The demand for all the new Friends features has been so great that it’s overloaded our servers! As a result, we’ve temporarily had to turn off some of the features to address the load.

    Be assured, we’re working hard behind the scenes to bring everything back up to speed. We’ll post any updates right here.

    Thank you for your enthusiasm!

  303. Cheerful Singer

    It is afternoon, on a Saturday, one of the most popular times for Poptropicans to log on. So far, I have hardly found any fashions to report. I will be fashion reporter, I guess. Also along with doing my blog and doing costumes.

    I will also do “Something About PS” covering what I know about Poptropica Secrets. It seems like an area of segments.

    I had my sauce on chicken with ackee and salt fish this morning. It was delicious.

  304. It’s too bad Friends crashed…

  305. Cheerful Singer

    Your friends crashed? OMG, I feel so bad…
    Did they get in a car accident or did they slam TV’s together and the TV’s crashed with them?

  306. hey people πŸ˜€

  307. Cheerful Singer

    Fashion Reports will be everyday, Costumes on Wendsday and Something About PS will be on Fridays. Same day as MyMusic’s “The Mosh” is.

  308. Cheerful Singer

    Why am I so obsessed over My Music?

  309. Cheerful Singer

    Fashion Report:

    Over at Early Poptropica:

    Females: White skirts and striped tops (sweaters, et cetera)
    Males: Black tops, black bottoms and any thing of sort to go with it

    Over at 24 Carrot:

    Females: Blue tops and blue (or pink) tights. Also, the pink (lined with black fur) top from Wild West island.
    Males: Striped tops and black bottoms. Basically, you can find them anywhere.

    Thanks for reading my Fashion Report!

  310. Cheerful Singer

    Okay, I’m officially a loser.

  311. no you arent i know tour a winner dont regret yourself cheerful singer

  312. hi everybody

  313. Cheerful Singer

    No, I’m a loser. I lost a game on Poptropica.

  314. I wish friends hadn’t crashed!
    1 of my peeps (real life) I think i friended and she looks like Dr. Hare, I think she got a new toy but I can’t tell if it’s her!

  315. Oh yeah, I am ECO-bob FRIEND ME!!!!!! PLZ! THX in advance.
    BTW; I <3 poptropica / fierce moon!

  316. just here to help!

    ADD ME! i have put together alot of fashions including cat costume in y closet add me my names rachel9041 :3

  317. im also a fashion reporter and i have an idea it is cheerful singer and me can team up to be the fashion reporters so fierce moon can recognize us cheerful singer tell me if
    you agree

  318. wait……poptropica friends didnt crash…..why dont u guys think its working?
    Cheerful singer, take it easy on yourself. one post ur saying ur a fashion reporter and the next ur saying ur a loser. i think ur great. keep up the good work!

  319. Cheerful Singer

    kk sounds good

  320. Cheerful Singer

    I’m doing another segment called: TheSodaPop, where I explain myself and also the awesome things on Poptropica. Also, I do costumes, awesome outfits and the oddest things about Poptropica. Also, a fact about soda. That’s on weekends. Saturday AND Sunday.

  321. Cool Cheerful Singer! my username is goodtool. Please friend me! And fierce moon, I am friends with you and all the people who you said to be friends with! Cheerful Singer and katniss!!!! can you tell me how to look like taylor swift on poptropica? Thanks!

  322. anybody on? ok i seriously am bored someone talk toooooooooo meeeeeee!

  323. cheerful singer im doing a segment called guess the dress i will say the designs of a dress and you have to guess it

  324. im back from a moroccan reastraunt

  325. i got 40 photos in poptropica but i cant prove it because the profil is nt working

  326. is anyone online

  327. hi everyone here

  328. my profile isn’t working either

  329. hi everyone on here

  330. ok kantaiss!!!

  331. hi katniss

  332. Hey. Hey guys. Hey. Hey. Guys.

  333. im only no one wants to talk to me

  334. correction ayman, no one is ONLINE. but now i am. srry ’bout that.
    Hey hey hey EV. hey hey Ev. hey Ev!

  335. Brave Star, and Everdeen, please JOIN THE FORUM

  336. Sorry I was gone.
    Cheerful Singer, you’re NOT a loser, and my friends din’t crash,Poptropica Friends crashed.

  337. Anyone on?

  338. Oh, I probably won’t be able to join the forum for a while, since I’ll need parent permission, but later! πŸ™‚

  339. do you guys know the song starstrukk

  340. I think…

  341. What are you guys doing on Poptropica right now? I’m doing a project where I complete every island 5 times! Needless to say, it’s taking awhile. πŸ˜›

  342. wait….katniss, the one by Lady Gaga?

  343. Oh and Polychrome….wow! Thats hard!

  344. Cheerful Singer

    Hello, people of earth. I am Cheerful Singer and these are my segments:
    -Fashion Update
    -(renamed it) PSecrets

  345. Wow, nice projects, both of you!

  346. Cheerful Singer

    TheSodaPop is happening tomorrow.

  347. Just beat Skullduggery. Took me a couple of hours but i finally got it done

  348. There are a couple islands I won’t replay, such as Whimpy (can’t get past Twisted Wizard) and Mythology (I don’t like the idea of MEETING false gods.) But I’m almost done with completeing Nabooti, and next is Big Nate. It seems that Astro Knights will be the easiest because I’ve already completed it 4 times! It’s my favorite island. πŸ˜›

  349. Cheerful Singer

    The beautiful stars light the sky,
    The full moon glows white,
    The clouds look smokey around it,
    The sky is beautiful in it’s own way.

  350. Cool poem, Cheerful Singer! πŸ™‚

  351. Yeah, Skullduggery took me a while, too. Polychrome, I didn’t like the idea either, but the island isn’t that bad.

  352. Cheerful Singer


  353. I’m commenting at all the wrong times. AWESOME poem!

  354. Cheerful Singer

    Is anyone on Poptropica?

  355. Mythology itself is fun to play, but I get this feeling in my stomach that makes me sick. πŸ™ So, I only completed it once because it was pure tourture.

  356. Just completed Nabooti for the 5th time! πŸ™‚ Moving on to Big Nate! πŸ˜€

  357. I’m on Poptropica!

  358. Cheerful Singer

    Congrats! πŸ™‚

  359. Well, I gotta get to bed. Goodnight, everybody! TTYL!

  360. Cheerful Singer

    Have a nice time asleep. May God bless your dear soul as you rest and close your eyes, building up energy for the next day.

  361. Cheerful Singer

    TheSodaPop is tomorrow. Doing it bright & early!

  362. 26 friends!!! πŸ˜€

  363. Wow, Cheerful Singer, you must be a poet! *talks in british accent* Goodnight, one and all, until the next morn! Parting is such sweet sorrow! πŸ˜›

  364. no the one bye katy perry and30h3

  365. hi cheerful singer dose anyone want to talk to me

  366. i will and my 3 fave movies are harry potter twilight and the hunger games but my real fave is harry potter

  367. ayman are you still on

  368. yes

  369. my profile suddenly isnt working

  370. hi katniss
    I wish there was a harry potter island

    add me

  371. Good morning, everyone! Anyone on?

  372. Cheerful Singer

    Good morning. I am on.

  373. Cheerful Singer

    I am going to do TheSodaPop soon.

  374. Oooh, can’t wait!

  375. Oh come on man Poptropica Friends just came out and now the profile isn’t working.

    P.S. I finally added everyone on this website.

    P.S.S. Hey someone said when typing in the username 8 it would get a guy named Grumpy Icicle but instead it got me a person named Zany Icicle

  376. HARRY POTTER IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  377. Bonsoir, ayman, polychrome, cheerful singer, katie, katniss, and Brave Star! Ca Va? Moi, bof. Je n’adore pas les devoirs! Everdeen, can i be your friend on Poptropica?
    Oh and to Cheerful singer, two things.
    1) whats ur poptropican username? Ima be yo FWEND!!!
    2) If you really want to do things like the “soda pop” and “psecrets” and stuff, you should either make your OWN blog, join the ps forum, or DO BOTH. Im just saying that the comments page is not a good place to post stuff like this because you cant make cool fonts, post pics, or anything cool, which u can on a blog AND the forum. So the comments page for the PS BLOG is basically commenting on the given post. You can always post a LINK here every day to your blog so more people will see your posts. i know it’ll be a BIG HIT! πŸ˜€

  378. Drake, I might have been mistaken, and I also mentioned that the Creators posted that Poptropica Friends has been overloaded.
    Red Wing, how’s the album coming along? πŸ™‚

  379. hey hey hey hey hey hey

  380. Brave Star, im actually doing it right now! *beam* its coming out great! Hope you can see it!

  381. YAY!!!!!

  382. Could you give me a link for it when you’re done? Thanks! πŸ™‚

  383. Or actually, just right now! πŸ™‚

  384. im back

  385. ok







  386. Hi Brave Star! BIG NEWS! *drumroll*
    I finally got the album with ALL your costumes in it! However, i have good news and bad news.
    good news: I also created a thread on the forum (you can go on for free, check out this link, — http://poptropicasecrets.com/forum/poptropica-fashion/650-brave-stars-fashion.html
    and see what people think of your album. Dont be surprised if they post HERE, too!)
    Bad news: Im trying hard to let non-forum-members view my album. For the time being, you cant view my album until you are a forum member. But im still working on it!

    P.s. the album looks great! Your costumes are amazing!

  387. hi red wing and bonjour

  388. Oh! Bonjour ayman! ca va? Moi terrible. J’ai un cold. But oh well πŸ˜€
    yeah, ur probably thinking i am french, but believe or not, i actually am NOT french!

  389. im doing fine how about you

  390. πŸ™‚

  391. hello ayman arif,redwing and brave star

  392. hi everybody i’m back after a while of not posting

  393. Salut!

  394. hi jorego and welcome back

  395. Good afternoon! My username is matscrat07. If you want to be my friend, you can add me πŸ™‚

  396. Sorry I wasn’t here. Can’t wait to se it, and sounds awesome! πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  397. Cheerful Singer

    Hello, fellow people! I am feeling great…except I’m stuck dog-sitting my grandparents’ dog, Buddy, the Jack Russell.

  398. This is what I look like on Poptropica.

  399. By the way, click my name and you’ll see my avatar.

  400. I’m outside, playing ball with my Grandmother’s Jack Russell. He’s a tough dog. There’s these things called Kong for large dogs and they’re like really hard. He chewed through one of those in an hour.

  401. I think I’ll be able to join the forum soon! But not today. πŸ™ Hope I see it soon! I can’t wait! πŸ˜€

  402. jojojellybean12

    Hi everybody! I am new here to poptropica. Any suggestions on which island to do first?

  403. jojojellybean12

    by the way I think your outfit is way cool cheerful singer!

  404. hey guys i thought of another segment it is called poptropica love i go to all of the islands common rooms and see which 2 poptropican boy and girl talk to each other for several minutes and then i will tell you if they love or do not love each other

  405. think its a good idea

  406. Hey, cool idea! πŸ™‚

  407. FRIENDS IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!! Onto my quest to get all photos! πŸ˜€

  408. What? NO!!! Not all the way back. πŸ™

  409. Hey everyone!!!! WHATS UP??? I haven’t been on in awhile!!!! Sooo Helloooooo!!!! Oh guess what!?!?!?! I have heart failure πŸ™ ….I found out because I had to go to the hospital because I kept passing out, Anyway….I miss you guys!!! And night!!! You haven’t been on the forum in awhile…I haven’t been on to often because of school…But anyway again heeeeey everyone LOL

  410. Hi.

  411. hey king im sorry to hear that

  412. i hope your ok redwng

  413. hey πŸ™‚ Thanks katniss, and Ayman what happened to redwing?

  414. i meant you

  415. Gah! Commenting at the wrong times again! I missed you too, Roosta and I’m so glad you’re back! πŸ™‚
    Guess what? I went to the sneak peeks and found what was the beginning of Poptropica Friends, and they said that someone got AN INVISIBLITY CLOAK! Even for people who don’t like Harry Potter, it’s cool to be able to turn invisble on more than one island and have it affect others. (The first island you could become invisible on was Wild West) I thought it would be cool if you be invisible on Twisted Thicket (Like the Nocken, or however you spell it), but maybe it will be a secret item on Skullduggery! (That’s where it said they got it)

  416. Red Wing’s been busy with some albums, Roosta! She told me she was making one of all my extra characters! πŸ™‚ To friend them, go back a comment page or two.

  417. its not real they were just experimenting with poptropica friends

  418. πŸ˜† Read the Big Nate comics… and, once again, I comment too much and end up talking to myself.

  419. Oh, yeah, now I’m not alone! I know they were experimenting, but it could be a clue, like with Monster Carnival!

  420. ok bs

  421. But if it IS a clue, they’ll tell us about it later.

  422. ok brave star

  423. Oh ok, Thanks ayman πŸ™‚

  424. cmon my picture is uploaded and it keeps say awaiting moderation

  425. ok everybody

  426. Wow, over 450 comments. That’s the most I’ve seen, how about you guys?

  427. Hey King Roosta, nice to hear from you, so sorry for your health, i hope you get better! How’s school going? And brave star is right, if you go on my PS profile, you can check out the album i made for him! cool, right?
    @Brave Star, its okay, you’re not in a rush. after all, im not deleting the album πŸ˜€
    @ayman- haha i think im fine πŸ˜€
    @katniss- thats a cool idea, but for all of you people doing stuff like that, either join the forum, create a blog at http://www.blogger.com , or do both.
    @Cheerful singer- youre character looks……snazzy. I like it!

  428. i have seen 1000 comments

  429. Oh an Brave Star, ive seen over 2000 before. Yes ive been follwing this blog for a VERY LONG TIME.

  430. Hey. Hey RedWing. Hey. Hey hey. RedWing.

  431. Wow.

  432. ‘wow’ what? o:

  433. the ‘2000 comment’ thing?

  434. LOL EVERDEEN! If your online now, go to the code AAM33. come i need to friend u.
    sorry bout the comments. Cheerful singer LOVES commenting πŸ˜€

  435. So… Anyone want to chat?

  436. PLEASE

  437. Nice outfit, Red Wing!



  440. LOL, Everdeen!

  441. lol c:

  442. The post that has the most comments:

    The comments count: 12161 so, no, that is not the most comments I have ever seen. The post is: Mythology v.s. Counterfeit.

  443. Wow about alot of comments.

  444. ikr

  445. app99 for multiverse 0n poptropica if you want to play and see me

  446. Yay! Made a blog!
    Fierce Moon, could this be like a branch of your site? Thanks!

  447. I posted on your blog Brave Star. πŸ™‚

  448. Thanks! Hey, Fierce Moon, how do you get it to get that colored comment box if you’re the blogger?

  449. Hey man, thats SOOOO COOL! Love the blog, except you spelled “mysteries” wrong. and i think u automatically get it, have u ever tried commenting on one of ur posts?

  450. jojojellybean12

    Hi guys! I am new to poptropica and I thought this site would help. Can someone please give me a suggestion on which island to start with, which clothes I wear, and who I should make friends with other than the people fierce moon said? I really need the tips. Thanks!

  451. Oops! Oh well, it will be easy to identify! πŸ˜€ I’ll try commenting now!

  452. Think I fixed it all!

  453. I am quite bored. And good afternoon/evening, whatever.

  454. This week we are going to have STAR testing

  455. What’s STAR testing ❓

  456. Hey, Cheerful Singer, come to my blog!

  457. Is anyone here? I’ve got five posts, and I’d like to know everyone’s opinion on them… hello?

  458. Oh u dont know it because i live in California

  459. Thanks.

  460. I’d like people to comment on the page, though.

  461. i was just on poptropica minding my own bussniss and then i decided to go on potropica friends and i went to look at my profile and it said “sorry,profiles are not avalible right now please check back later.”really it is brand new and it doesnt work

  462. Yeah, the creators posted that Friends is down because everyone liked it so much.

  463. Hey, katniss, come to my new blog:
    I’m hoping that Fierce Moon will let it be part of her site, so we don’t become rivals or anything.

  464. Friends sucks. πŸ™ Poptropica should’a went with the other version.

  465. Is the party still going on?

  466. ok can i be in your blog

  467. ok can i be in your blog brave star

  468. can i be in you blog

  469. Okay, but I don’t know how…

  470. can you post something about me

  471. on your blog brave star

  472. Um, okay, what do you want me to say?

  473. brave star,on your next post you can add are names

  474. you can say we are you sidekicks

  475. Katniss, what’s your picture?

  476. Alright, thanks!

  477. brave star why dont you make walkthroughs for poptropica islands

  478. Hey, if anyone else want’s to be in my blog, just let me know!
    Fierce Moon, I would REALLY appreciate it if you let my site be a part of yours, and give me a few pointers on it. Since I want it to be a partnership, except with you having more authority, you can edit my site if you want (just not completely), but you don’t need to (and probably shouldn’t) give me any any authority to your site. Thanks!

  479. I won’t make any walkthroughs because I want to be Fierce Moon’s partner or employee, not her rival. Especially given that about 75% of the islands I beat were done with her help! πŸ˜€

  480. ok thats fine brave star

  481. just here to help!

    hey peoples i have a multiverse it will be open from 6:40 pm mountain standard time until 7:00 mountain standard time on may 06 2012 which is today. i will be postin a time again tomorrow if ya missed it. the code is: BVW15 Im tiny stomper and im dressed like katniss add me if u come! :3

  482. friend me just here to help! username ayman351

  483. just here to help!

    ok ayman i added u :3

  484. I JOINED THE FORUM!!!!!!!

  485. just here to help!

    coolio! join my multiverse!

  486. just here to help!

    ok i have to close the multiverse now bye! ill probly open anther tommorow to add more peeps!

  487. Hey Brave Star can I join your blog. I think it would be cool to do a Poptropica blog and I know almost everything there is to know about Poptropica. I’ve beaten every island in three days before too. PLEASE. : /

  488. Alright, Shiny Tomato, but I’m not sure how to add you on, so I’ll have to make a post for you like I did with Katniss and Ayman.

  489. If anyone wants to add me as a friend my username is galaxy673

  490. I also want to be part of brave stars blog

  491. I live in Hawaii so it is actually 6: 21

  492. Redwing i got 60 friends

  493. Cheerful Singer

    Good Morning. Many fresh, new faces. Thus, I am going to introduce myself again. I am Cheerful Singer. I live in Jamacia. I make awesome sauce!

    I do many segments on here including: TheSodaPop, BreakingPoptropica (for news) and costume ideas also following up on what people are wearing right now in Poptropica. Which reminds me, I forgot to do TheSodaPop yesterday.

    I do hope I do not upset anyone. I am also Christian.

    These are things that upset me:
    -Joseph Kony

    I hope to chat with people in comments soon.

    Peace Love And AWESOME SAUCE,
    Cheerful Singer

  494. Cheerful Singer

    Hey, I just made a new account.

    Username: cheerfulsingersotheraccount

  495. eva the 9 year old kid

    Typing on my new tablet I got for my birthday!

  496. eva the 8 year old kid

    I turned nine yesterday

  497. Slippery Dolphin

    I have a question, I completed Twisted Thicket and the bonus quest, but I don`t know how to get back on Main Street! How do you get back to Main Street?

  498. Slippery Dolphin

    Btw if anyone wants to add me my username is Beautiful1794 (I have membership and I completed all the islands and bonus quests)!

  499. Yay, just finished Big Nate for the 5th time! Going to Astro Knights! πŸ˜€

  500. Cheerful Singer, I thought you’re from Jamaica but live in Canada?

  501. Cheerful Singer

    Yes, yes I do. Didn’t I say that?

  502. Cheerful Singer

    OMG, I just looked at the past comments on Mythology v.s. Counterfiet…

    EXPLICT! Or however you spell it…

    I hate Explict things…

  503. Cheerful Singer

    I will do TheSodaPop today. At 4 or 5.

  504. Cheerful Singer

    Hey Brave Star,

    I wish to be a part of your blog. If that’s alright. I hope I can be on board. I can advertise on the internet all around.

  505. jojojellybean12

    Hi guys! I am new to poptropica can someone help me?

  506. Hi jojojellybean12! I saw your other comment too. I think you should start with shark tooth

  507. jojojellybean12

    already started

  508. I will be friends with you. whats your username?

  509. jojojellybean12

    says it right in the name!

  510. Cheerful Singer

    Today, I am officially bored.

    Well, first TheSodaPop segment is of course things that have some appeal to me As in, what’s been going on with Friends.

    Well, Friends is starting to get a bit…how do I say it…annoying. First, it said it wasn’t availible. Then, it crashed. For me at least. And, now it’s back up. What is wrong with it, I don’t know. But, for sure, I wish they would’ve gone with the original version.

  511. Wuts your user name? I want to be your friend.

  512. Again if anyone wants to be my friend my username is galaxy673

  513. jojojellybean12 i think you should start with early poptropica

  514. Brave Star can I please be part of your blog? Please?

  515. jojojellybean12

    Ray, I already started on shark tooth and I almost finished but right after I will do early poptropica I promise.

  516. jojojellybean12

    Ray I just added you as a friend. I think it is cool you have finished 24 islands. Another one of my friends, Sleepy Ghost has completed 23. If you want to add her as a friend, her username is, umm…. nevermind I forgot.

  517. goodtool. that’s my username. and thank you jojojellybean12.

  518. this is weird…..CS, if u dont put ur soda pop and fashion comments somewhere else, no one will read them.
    Click my name PLEASE

  519. Is drharecreator supposed to be a chocolate skinned girl in a black outfit and hat or did I put in the wrong username? (ps, why are we adding the guys we defeated and the guys who stole our thunder? [(Ned noodle head])

  520. Please add me, and also thanks Fierce Moon, because we have many friends now!

  521. jojojellybean12

    i am sooo quiting this thing. the poptropica thing is so weird.

  522. thats too bad jojojellybean12 i think poptropica is awesome. i guess i am deleting you.

  523. Will someone answer me?

  524. I wish I had something fun to do

  525. Out of curiosity, has any other user have this *glitch* of one of those advertisement limited time items that did not expire or go away? I’m asking because I still have the Smurf Transformation.

    Does anybody else have an uninspiring item?

  526. can i be your friend on poptropica?my username is Twilight3275

  527. I recently quit Poptropica, and I missed a lot of stuff lately. If anyone could fill me in on whats been going on it would be much appreciated. kbaithanx!

    Friend and stuff me πŸ˜€ add a 54 at the end of my name.

  528. Slippery Dolphin

    HELP!!!!!! How do I get back home? πŸ™

  529. Slippery Dolphin

    HELP!!!!!! How do I get back home? πŸ™

  530. Bashful Lizard

    Hey i am new to this and do not know what to start with please help and respond soon. My username is 32crandall please friend!!! πŸ™‚

  531. If any wants to add me I am Koko5013.

  532. hey, if anyone is on, my room code is bbt95

  533. I finished all the islands us have to do twisted thicket.

  534. Brave Grape/LovePullip

    cool! but my brother beat me at friends. -.- i have 31 and he has 58

  535. Little Monster

    Who is that second girl in you friend list?

  536. You forgot some creators!


  537. Added Fierce Moon. Found the chick who took her name xD

  538. Those aren’t Creators, they’re players!

  539. Fierce moon, what’s your name? It’s not on poptropica, I would like to know in real life.
    Fierce moon, where are you from?

  540. Hi Fierce Moon, I was adding some friends and I tried out the username “DirectorD.” (With the period), and it came up with someone named Comical Boot, who has only finished Spy Island. Kind of suspicious, huh? πŸ˜€

  541. And I added Vlad the Viking (vladthevikingcreator) and Comic Kid (comickid). Oh, yeah! πŸ˜€

  542. Actually Binary Bard is binarybard. .-. I added him…

  543. Apparently Comic Kid is the old Ned NoodleHead. The only difference between the two is that Comic Kid has smaller glasses and a cape.

  544. Just to let everybody know-the Binary Bard username is wrong. Just type in “binarybard” instead as the username and you’ll get him as a friend. And Zippy Star, I don’t think you’re going to get any personal information out of Fierce Moon.

  545. ……………wow………………..

  546. i like fierce moon and I want to know your personal information

  547. Does anyone remember me? Should i tell my username so you can add me?

  548. nope.. wats ur username? I want to add u. And my username is torulalu.plz add me as ur friend…

  549. brave star addme to your blog!

  550. What’s your e-mail?

  551. happy starfish

    hi fierce moon. I added you as my friend, and I hope you dont mind. I like your website very much and I always come to this one to see walktroughts. its the best!

  552. Happy ghost AKA Blitzwing

    bwahahahah ferce mon u have odd fashon sense

  553. Mighty Pelican

    There are more poptropica creators:

    I also have a message for comical brain: that is not the real vlad the viking. it is someone who is wearing time tangled’s viking suit.

  554. Happy Ghost, the picture is not her costume closet. Mighty Pelican, Fierce Moon probably just wanted to put those creators.

  555. Does anyone remeber me

  556. 100 FRIENDS!

  557. Mighty Pelican i love you my favorite villain this director d

  558. β™₯ Massive Singer β™₯

    I’m arthemis11,be sure to add me ;D

  559. I <3 Poptropica!

  560. i have over 400 friends and if you dont believe me then friend me my username is Skipaleeto!

  561. poptropica is advancing too fast seriously new customizer, new menu, lame new outfits, lame new islands i mean seriously it will soon end up like the lame, glitched out Club Penguin. You may not like this but its the cold hard truth.

  562. It’s Great! P.S. Fierce moon,someone on the blog said they were Fierce moon but said that they changed their name to fierce star

  563. Massive singer,how did you add a pic to ur comment? ps,add me katniss10067

  564. Blue Rock, that was actually Prickly Dolphin. To change your pic, go to Gravatar.com.

  565. I kinda think it’s boring!

  566. Comic Kid is not the real COMIC KID

  567. Hey Guys! If you want to add me my username is hipposrfat ( Dont Ask.) LOL. BTW: Brave Star is my role model. Brave Star, how do I create a blog?

  568. To create a blog, go to http://www.blogger.com. Thanks for choosingme as your role model! πŸ˜€

  569. add me plz im begging u i need friends badly my mom said if i dont get over 40 friends shes taking my cp away so plz

  570. What? Why is your mom doing that? This is going to seem really stupid, but what is cp? Also, to have friends show up, add a random number.

  571. I meant more friends

  572. Dear Fierce Moon,

    Dear Fierce Moon,

    I friended u on poptropica and it says ur name is funny hawk and u hav won only 8 medallions.
    What the heck?
    Please write back as soon as u can

    Love speedy. Crush
    Aka Greek Queen

  573. Everyone friend me PLEASE
    just like that NO CAPS

  574. Your computer must have a glitch.
    I have won 27 islands
    Fierce Moon

  575. Beefy Bear + Jumpy Ice

    Jumpy Ice is Blackflags4
    Beefy Bear Is vampfairy

  576. Beefy Bear + Jumpy Ice

    I Got Beefy Bear wrong
    (Correction) Beefy Bear is vampfairy2

  577. Beefy Bear + Jumpy Ice

    I have an new acount
    Smart Plug
    The username of Smart Plug is qwerty

  578. Beefy Bear + Jumpy Ice

    I meant qwerty28627

  579. Beefy Bear + Jumpy Ice

    CP is the shortened way of saying Club Penguin

    i am putting lots of acount usernames down so no-one loses CP

  580. Beefy Bear + Jumpy Ice

    I play Club Penguin and Poptropica

  581. guys hope you add me my username kashan41 please tell me your name so i can add you……?

  582. I am the Easter bunny πŸ˜€

  583. add me my user is silvercool101

  584. I know a poptropica costume cheat. I call it triple gun. (kinda doudle gun) First you buy the Outlaw, in the store (100 credits) If your in Nabooti Island click on the phone and call 911. You’ll have police hat and gun. Now custumize into the Outlaw or atleast the Outlaw gun. (Don’t remove the police gun) Then click the Outlaw gun. If your in Super Power Island find a police person, custumize, click their gun. Now custumize into the Outlaw or atleast the Outlaw gun. (Don’t remove the police gun) When your walking you see 2 guns but when you press the spacebar…. BOOM 3 guns! Sadly the police gun doesn’t shoot or doesn anything. (When I did this I was really popular in Common Rooms)

  585. Please come on Poptropica Multiverse! Room Code: DSU99

  586. hi im not new to poptropica but i cant beat astro nights i beat like 20 islands but help!!!!! Ps I play club penguin too

  587. spotted,lobster

    i want to be your friend.

  588. Hey ! The new movie ” Let It Shine ” just released and I watched it ,like 5 times!


    the map divided into 4 parts (for the blimp ) and you can see Wimpy Board walk on the and it says ” not open yet ” or something and the ad for ice age 4 is floating around , no J.O.B and Dancing With Sid has a glitch so don’t waste your time on it. and the 2nd game is off limits and you can play the 3rd game which is totally not off limits and is glitch free !! whew !! my fingers hurt and……

  589. SEND!!!!!!!

  590. fierce moon has now 10 friends ! I check on what she’s doing each day ! she’s popsecrets !

  591. Binarybardcreator is invalid it’s Actually binarybard dr hare is not drharecreator it’s jordanleary and hazmat hermit is Justinlacy

  592. I am uhh, I go on poptropica

    I am GoldenRunner131. Poptropica friends is the Bomb. Phew!!! Pew!!! BOOM!!! BANG!!!

  593. Thanks, Wild Monster! I knew the binarybard one before, though. Add me everybody I’m eselby3

  594. nednoodleheadcreator is also incorrect.Ned Noodlehead’s real username is comickid.