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Poptropica Friends and Twisted Thicket

It’s a big week in Poptropica. Poptropica Friends launched yesterday afternoon and Twisted Thicket Island just launched for everyone today.

Twisted Thicket Island is a fun adventure in the woods. Check out the complete walkthrough for tips, tricks and help.

Poptropica Friends has several different features. You can get to the main screen by clicking on your portrait in the toolbar in the upper right of the screen. You’ll get a new screen where you can add friends and track your own progress with badges, photos and more. You’ll need to know the username (not the display name) of your friends to add them. Here are a few to get started:

Poptropica Creators

  • captaincrawfishcreator
  • nednoodleheadcreator
  • sharkboycreator
  • blackwidowcreator
  • binarybardcreator
  • drharecreator

Fierce Moon

  • popsecrets

Once you add friends, they’ll appear at the top of the screen and you can click on them to see what they’ve accomplished in game including how many island medallions they’ve won, how many times they’ve completed each island, and how many photos they have. If you add some of the Poptropica Creators, you’ll see that they haven’t finished very many islands! Ahem. Ahem. You’ll also discover that the display names for the original creators are all “normal” Poptropica names (adjective + noun). For example, nednoodleheadcreator is Thirsty Flyer and the display name for Binary Bard is Clean Carrot. Cool names! The newer creators, like Black Widow and Captain Crawfish use their actual character names.

Photos are a new feature where you’ll get photos at certain points in each island. If you’ve already finished the island, you’ll need to replay it to get the photos. I’ll be writing a complete guide to all the photos once I have time to replay all the islands. It looks like they disabled the island restart feature for now, so it’s not clear how we’ll be able to do that! In the meantime, add sharkboycreator to your friends list to see some of the photos that are available to earn. Shark Boy has been busy on (of course) Shark Tooth Island.

The closet feature is for members only and you can use it to store lots of different outfits. It works a lot like the Costume Collector card, but you can store thirty outfits instead of just three! Click on the Save Look to Closet button when using the Costumizer to add the current outfit you’re wearing to your closet. You can browse your friends’ closets as well for new looks.

What do you think of Poptropica Friends and Twisted Thicket? Post in the comments below!

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


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