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New Poptropica Store Items

Late last week, the Poptropica Store was updated with a bunch of new items. There are two new costumes in the store for everyone: Poptropica Babies. There is a boy baby and a girl baby outfit, each complete with diaper, bonnet, t-shirt, pacifier and rattle. When you press space bar while wearing the outfit, you’ll shake the rattle.

Poptropica Members also have access to three new sneak peek items for the Poptropolis Games island. They are the Wrestling Gear outfit, the Plant-A-Statue power, and the Discus. The Wrestling Gear will only be available for a limited time. Once Poptropolis Games leaves early access, it’s gone.

Of course, we still don’t even know when Poptropolis Games will be launched, so there’s no need to hurry!

Poptropica Wrestling Gear

I'm ready to take on some Sumos now!

Growing a Statue Garden

You can plant your own statue garden in Poptropica.

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. drake redo the island and win the reality show

  2. Oh, okay, OFFTOPIC!
    Well, it looks like the fire tribe on the sneak peeks isn’t going to be here… 🙁

  3. it can come there is 2 more tribes to come

  4. monstercarnival,blackwidow and shark boys names are firstname last name

  5. Really? Still two more?! Fire tribe, I NEED you!

  6. I think thats for friends

  7. He ayman………………? That “omg you’re awesome” was for YOU. Yes, because you finished finding all of the photos. You’re welcome. i think i’ll write about you on my blog.

    Hey Night, i never see you on the forum…………. 🙁

  8. Please click my name!

  9. thanks red wing good night to you all my friends

  10. Heyy! That’s not at all fair!! No early access to Poptropolis Island for non-members!! sooooooo saddddd 🙁

  11. Hey ayman when is exactly is the part when u get the Winner photo?

  12. winner photo… Of which island?

  13. Hey brave star, your wish came true tribe:wildfire

  14. I mean new tribe: wildfire

  15. New and final tribe; Wildfire

  16. i am joining wildfire i knew ther was going to be a fire tribe

  17. Hey OFFTOPIC try remembering me!
    I am the guy who was thinking that the No More Poptropica thing was real.
    I went back to the post and saw people commenting on me. I wanted to tell them that I had realized that it was a joke but too late. :'( :'(:'(

  18. Cheerful Singer

    I am here. 🙁

  19. Hey, Cheerful Singer!

  20. Mine is probably Black Flags or Pathfinders

  21. FastFire I do know you And It was my brother who you were arguing with not me so apologize him instead cause I never remember having fights with you or whatever happen back there.

  22. FastFire I do know not you And It was my brother who you were arguing with not me so apologize him instead cause I never remember having fights with you or whatever happen back there. (READ THIS ONE)

  23. Happy ghost AKA Blitzwing

    heres funnie costume idea ferce mon. buy steam robot and hamburger suit. wer the hamburger suit and the robo head ull laugh

  24. Hey!Happy ghost AKA Blitzwing it seems so theres a lot of spelling mistakes/errors in ur comment…But never mind u can correct it. 🙂

  25. Hey guys! Watz up?! Y’all probably donno me and think I’m crazy for trying to get anybody to respond this late in2 the night. Hey Katniss!!! Love it! (the book series). ’bout u?

  26. Hey um guys that last one about katniss!!!!and the book series was foam my sister

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  28. I pick Nightcrawlers!

  29. Correcton celtics @ sixers

  30. Thanks for the information! btw, i nned MORE PHOTOS!!!!! i only have 10 or 20, so help me please, HELP ME!!!!!!!

  31. Beefy Bear + Jumpy Ice

    14th june is when wrestling gear goes away

  32. Hi. My name is Carla Reimel. I’d love to talk to someone.

  33. well,im going for the blackflags

  34. My tribe is the Nanobots. Does anyone else think they’re cool? 🙁

  35. I have the wrestling gear, BTW. It’s awesome! 😀