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More Details for Poptropolis Games

A day after announcing and posting the trailer for Poptropolis Games, the Poptropica creators have followed up with some more details about the new island. First, there’s now an official island info page for Poptropolis Games. And this is the description of the story behind the new island.

Once every 100 years, the ancient capital of Poptropica — Poptropolis — rises from the sea to host a tournament created to prove tribal supremacy. Each of the tribes of Poptropica sends a representative to compete across a series of grueling events for a chance to become the Champion of Poptropica. Do you have what it takes to vanquish the competition and win glory for your tribe?

They also gave some more details on the members-only bonus quest that will be available at launch. It seems that an ancient warrior will return to reclaim the championship for himself. This is presumably after you’ve won for you and your tribe and captured the island medallion. He’s the toughest competitor in the history of the games and you’ll need to beat him to finish the bonus quest.

The members-only items were also revealed. They will include:

  1. Wrestling Singlet Costume
  2. Plant-a-Statue Power
  3. Discus

The Wrestling Singlet Costume will only be available during the Early Access period.

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. First!

  2. its kinda like the hunger games….Once every 100 years, the ancient capital of Poptropica — Poptropolis — rises from the sea to host a tournament created to prove tribal supremacy. Each of the tribes of Poptropica sends a representative to compete across a series of grueling events for a chance to become the Champion of Poptropica. Do you have what it takes to vanquish the competition and win glory for your tribe?

  3. 5th person and this looks so cool!

  4. 6th….darn just a few minutes late….oh well but cool post 😀

  5. waffflez!

  6. hey do any of you go on chantango

  7. Friday!
    I love Fridays…C:
    I can just fall on my bed and not set mah alarm clock….that just makes me feel happy 😀

  8. Since this post was on the crashed page, here are my created costumes again.
    The first costume is from The Hunger Games, during the part when all the districts had their costumes:
    Black shirt, pants
    Torch ability
    Cape from the fire knight on Astro-Knights
    Not sure about the hair or hat
    I don’t have an example of this, sorry.
    The next one is Chase from Lab Rats:

  9. So, what do you think?

  10. awesome 🙂

  11. And here’s the other one:
    I know he has a regular name, but his eye is an exclusive item!

  12. the last one is definetly a sign that monster carnival is coming out

  13. Nah Monster Carnival will NEVER come out

  14. o:

    I guess we’ll soon see.

  15. im soooo nervous im taking the math state test on wednsday

  16. Really cause I took the test this week…….

  17. Bendy Dragon:
    Have you seen my reasons why it will come back? But if you don’t believe me, we’ll just wait and see who’s right.

  18. HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. And, Bendy Dragon, I don’t want to be mean, but you’ve been kind of negative to the new people that you haven’t seen before. You kind of seem to just be trying to contrdict us. Again, not trying to be mean, I’m just expressing my thoughts.

  20. Monster Carnival will come out

  21. Yea, Brave Star! You go ahead and express your thoughts! lol 😀

  22. i love the hunger games i mean its kinda inapropriot for my age but i just love it im gonna read the books:)

  23. Thanks,everdeen! 🙂

  24. Oh, katniss? you didn’t READ THE BOOKS YET?!?! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!

  25. How is that hurtful..?
    I just said you should read the books..XD

  26. one direction RULES!!!!!!

  27. friday friday gotta get down friday

  28. do you were glasses i do i look better in them everyone thinks so everyone that i know

  29. I know none of you care but I’m almost through with the 1st book (hunger games)

  30. Great, Roosta! 🙂
    I wear glasses, but not all the time.

  31. i were glasses to see far.

  32. i got an error for posting to fast

  33. Hey, everyone, my brother, Wild Club (I don’t think you’ve seen him around) has his birthday tommorow, and he’s having his party today!

  34. Im very sorry if I was mean to some of u

  35. I was also pretty mean during these weeks but now I’m startin to calm down

  36. I was also pretty mean with my friends during these weeks but now I’ll try to calm down

  37. Whoops sorry bout double comments

  38. Hey bendy, I know how it feels!!!! (don’t apologize some take it 2 the extreme on this site, well unless u realllllly got into it)

  39. Oh? Ur friends dissed u too?

  40. I guess

  41. Where are the forums

  42. It’s okay, Bendy. We’ve probably all been mean at some point, even if it’s not on this site. I’m sorry if I was mean to you.

  43. Hey Bendy, It’s been long since I met you.

  44. last met you of course.

  45. Well, at least your name fits 🙂 LOL.

  46. so poptropolis the new upcoming island.

  47. oh and Roosta, I know I already said thank you but thanks again for the account.

  48. Hey, just joking about your name, nice to have you on this site! 😀

  49. you think I’m new ❓ whatever, Nice to meet you 🙂

  50. so How long you been here???? ??? ???

  51. Hey guys! I am back! sorry. whats up?

  52. I’ve used this site for a while, but I’ve started commenting a bit more in the past month or two. Sorry that I was mistaken about you being new, I’ve made alot of mistakes about people’s identities recently!

  53. oops NOW i have the right name

  54. that’s okay I make mistakes all the time I been here for like 2 years I think.

  55. hey OFFTOPIC haven’t seen you in awhile….(or your brother)

  56. i have been looking on here A LOT

  57. oh bendy the forums are on the top, so scorll 2 the top of the site and hit forum 🙂

  58. i know but its too confusin

  59. i’m on the forum, its not confusing…LOL….at least come try it???

  60. MULTIVERSE: DQW82 PLZ GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Im a little older than katniss and Brave star 😀

    Everdeen, its almost CREEPy how much we have in common. J’adore le vendredi. Moi domir 🙂

    Brave Star, you are awesome. Oh and to you and katniss, good luck on the statewides! I know i took ela the week that just passed and math starts wednesday. We’ve never met, but i still think youll do great!

    Bendy Dragon, ……..um

    yay waffles.

    King Roosta, this game IS like the Hunger Games…almost an equivalent.

    Brave Star, i love the costumes!

    OFFTOPIC, how do you make the question mark in a circle? (?)

  62. that didnt work…

  63. Oh and Roosta, i think ill join the forum! soon. 😀

  64. Oh…and heres my costume. Im reposting it so……its to make effie trinket.
    This costume (for girls, only, sorry guys) is pretty cheap, you only need 75 credits to buy the SOUTHERN BELLE costume. Other than that, its just a lot of costumizing and running around.

    1. Costumize Hair from lady in 24 carrot (the one in the Charlies store who needs the cat). You can also use the hair from the person wearing the Earth Day T-Shirt on the prize you earn from completitng the Earth Day Quest.

    2. Costumize the Southern Belle costume’s dress, the lower and top half, and her peral necklace(optional, although effie DOES wear a lot of jewelry). You might want to use the reddish dress, but any will do.

    3. Costumize any earrings from someone you find in a common room, island, etc. I used the dangly gold ones with two pearls. Any will do.

    4. Costumize the side bang from anyone you see.

    5. Costumize any lips, prefferably ones that arent too big and smiley, ones that look elegant, and still, but are still smiley ones. Some examples include the Pop Star’s lip, the fairy princess’s lip, etc. But really, i used ones that made her look like Effie!

    6. Go to the 24 Carrot Diner, and make a drink that is light pink in color, so you can color your character’s hair light pink.

    And thats about it!!! Once again, hope you like it!
    Heres the link for the character i used to make Effie Trinket.


  65. Ok, so Redwing, someone asked my French teacher how to say seal, like the animal, in French. Apparently it’s ‘phoque’, but pronounced as f**k. I WAS LIKE LOL, HEY SIS, YOU’RE SUCH A PHOUQUE!! But she’s a frenchie, so she knew what I meant. XD

  66. Red Wing
    Thanks, those were my first costumes!

  67. Oh, yeah, interesting smily to go with that story:

  68. Red Wing
    Um, if you mean the tests like the Benchmark, I live in AR, and we did those 2 weeks ago. I still had an extra test for my math class, and then a MAPs. But thanks for the compliment anyways! 🙂

  69. awesome redwing!!!! 🙂


  71. Umm ❓

  72. Lol I just guessed

    that is what i call “genius”
    Thanks Roosta, and brave Star.
    Brave star, how do you do that???

  74. :interesting:

  75. Here’s the smily with some spaces:
    : lol :

  76. My brother, Wild Club, has his birthday tommorow, and we’re having his party today!

  77. eva the 8 year old kid

    i am excited about this island


    1.Buy Mythology Surfer Costume , choose blue and costumize the hair.

    2.Buy Robin Hood Costume , choose red and costumize shirt , bow and arrows.

    3.Buy Torch Power and use it.

    4.Change your hair black with the Costumizer Card or the drinks at 24 Carrot Diner

    5.(Optional)Make your skin olive (which is a slight tan) with the Costumizer Card (or the baloons in Early Poptropica, but they probably won’t have the right colour).

    6.Find some black pants somewhere(most boys have them).

    7.Lips dont really matter. Just choose something smily.

    8.If you want, use the Yellow Electrify Power.


  79. put ponypal11901 in the avatar studio to see it.

  80. WOW! Great, Tiny Panda!

  81. I agree with Brave Star C:
    LOL RedWing XD

  82. LOL!!! Lots of people telling differents versions of katniss on pop!!! 🙂

  83. ❓ ❗ ❓ Katniss?

  84. hunger games-main character…katniss everdeen (you should read/watch them books/movie)


  86. heres the story…”They found a trail of blood on his carpet, towards the window, they figured he jumped out the window and died because blood was all over the grass, they thought he might of died their and someone took his dead body and buried him. But the cops still had hope, they were looking for him 24/7, and at 5:24 PM today they found him, in some creepers/rapist/pedophiles basement. He was on the ground starving and barley conscious, his in the hospital, but the doctors say he’s GOING to live.”

  87. I KNOW!!!! i thought 4 sure he was dead!!!! i just hope he’s not traumatized, and i hope they put that creep locked up 4 the rest of his life!!!!!!

  88. I’m so happy for you! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  89. CREEP?!? you mean he was KIDNAPPED!?! whoa……..

  90. at 1st they thought he killed himself

  91. and who’s they? parents?

  92. Roosta! I’m so happy for you!! 🙂
    That must have been a really painful experience for him to go through, though. 🙁

  93. Thanks EV, and I know…I just hope it didn’t effect him that bad….i mean he’s 14, hopefully I won’t haunt him forever…:(

  94. Oops I meant, it won’t haunt him forever and I hope they put that creep behind bars 4 good!!! He was in the mans basement for 10 days!!! 🙁

  95. Also he’s very lucky I mean must of the times it doesn’t turn out like like this.

  96. but this pedophile took your friend, but you said this pedo was a guy?
    You’re right, he is a creep… O.O
    Where and when did this happen?

  97. hi aang

  98. Hey ayman

  99. King roosta, did that really happened? That must have been terrible

  100. Thanks Everdeen.
    Panda, cool costume. I just suggest sth different on the lips.
    Brave Star– : lol :
    : ? : : ! :

    King Roosta–So happy. Yes, very dramatic but im happy hes alive. Oh well, not happy, but safe. 😀

  101. finally! ❓ ❗

  102. But Roosta, that is very sad. Im glad the creep is locked up (I think) and i wish a full recovery for your friend! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Just reminder (nothing to be offensive about!!!) If you ever feel distraught or depressed again, like how you did, the internet is no place to let loose. I understand that when people get angry, they dont care what comes out of their mouth. You should talk to someone about how you feel. Its a better alternative, and you wont hurt anyone. Take care. 😀

  103. ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗
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  104. okay okay that was too overboard.
    Everdeen, please refrain from crashing the comments page again–i was just bored so i did that. srry.

  105. new rrule: NO MORE SMILE ARMYS

  106. AWW man! you figure it out 👿 💡 :mrgreen: !!!!??? 8) ……. …….. ….. someone crash down the comments page that I gotta see… O_O

  107. Okay poptropfan. My sincerest apologies.
    OFFTOPIC you are crazy. ( in a good way)
    :devil: :lightbulb: 😎 :sunglasses: 8)

  108. *rolleyes*

    These are all test tries

  109. cram they only work on chatango

  110. :rolleyes:

  111. Yeah redwing whatever I’m just HAPPY MY FRIENDS ALIVE!!!! So if ur offended about me being happy could u just keep 2 ur self next time?

  112. huh? i told you not to get offended. im sorry if you took it the wrong way. im not happy your friend is alive, im OVERJOYED. no one deserves to feel that way.

  113. King roosta April 21, 2012 at 9:16 am
    Hey bendy, I know how it feels!!!! (don’t apologize some take it 2 the extreme on this site, well unless u realllllly got into it)

  114. :mrgreen: 👿 🙄 😳 🙂 🙁 8) 😮 😀 😆 ❗ ❓ 💡 😥 :p 😡 😉 I’m CRAZY!! ALRIGHT, ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗ ❗

  115. guys if your gonna start a fight please to let it be in here.

  116. don’t let it be here.

  117. Roosta glad that your friend is still alive.

  118. Im glad too, and i hope Roosta can forgive me for whatever nothingness i just said.
    Oh lord i give someone advice and suddenly they want to shoot me, what is going on????

    OFFTOPIC how do you do that?

  119. eva the 8 year old kid

    this is not for talking its for saying thanks for posting

  120. eva the 8 year old kid

    i do not belive you about your friend

  121. eva the 8 year old kid

    sorry but i do not

  122. eva the 8 year old kid

    go and chat on the post for tv island

  123. eva the 8 year old kid

    when is it comeing out?

  124. hey eva haven’t seen you for awhile.

  125. eva the 8 year old kid

    hi offtopic my b-days soon!

  126. well H 🙂 ppy E 8) rly Bday.

  127. eva the 8 year old kid

    its may 6th

  128. Happy Birthday Eva!

  129. eva the 8 year old kid

    i will help with islands if you tell me your pass and user

  130. eva the 8 year old kid


  131. eva i dont think thats a good idea

  132. eva the 8 year old kid

    i need a free account

  133. eva the 8 year old kid

    that has more than 50 credits

  134. uhh.. Eva I’m good but thanks.

  135. eva the 8 year old kid

    i need to find someone who is giveing away a free account

  136. happy early birthday eva

  137. eva the 8 year old kid

    thanks bendy!

  138. _¶¶¶¶_________________________¶¶
    _____¶¶¶¶______________¶¶¶¶ ¶¶__¶¶

  139. I give credit to the author of the Fsymbols blog– http://www.fsymbols.com

    Cool guitar



    ╔═══╗ ♪
    ║███║ ♫
    ║ (●) ♫

  140. sorry the first one got messed up….

  141. ┏┓┏┓┏┓╋╋┏┓
    ╋╋┗┛╋┗┛╋┗┻━━┻━━━┛ cool

  142. eva the 8 year old kid


  143. Omg RedWing! You’re epic 🙂
    And…heh…sorry for crashing the comments page that one time with my smiley army…:’D

    Hey, Aang, I reckon you’re an Avatar fan? Eh..sorry I like saying ‘reckon’ LOL
    .But, what did you think of the avatar(the last airbender) movie? Are you watching Legend of Korra? do you like that? It’s almost funny how much I have in common with people 🙂
    And I wish Ryuzaki was still here so I could tell him about how I’m finishing the death note anime today…but idont think ill be reading the manga because All my favorite characters died in the anime :'( THIS IS REALLY FRUSTRATING BECAUSE IM TYPING ON MAH IPAD AND STUPID AUTO CORRECT IS SCREWING THIS UP

  144. Well, bye! Off to play temple run 🙂

  145. ℋℯℓℓℴ ℯveryℴℕ₠ ☼ ☂℃₳Vℰ 円

  146. Oh, yeah, Everdeen, I LOVE avatar, and so do my brothers. One of my brothers, Wild Club has his birthday today! BTW, I surrender to your smily army. :omg:
    Just trying a smily.
    Happy birthday, Eva! 🙂 😉

  147. Me and My brother watch avatar. I seen death note also.

  148. Thanks for surrendering! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  149. Hey everyone, Happy Birthday Eva. And Everdeen have you finish watching death note? cool. yeah it was kinda sad seeing all the characters died.

  150. well good bye need to study.

  151. Wait, eva, soon you’ll have to change your name to eva the 9 year old kid! 🙂 😉 😆
    Wow, people who can do cool symbols like OFFTOPIC and Red Wing, don’t challenge me to a battle, I only know these:
    😥 🙂 🙁 😆 :p :mrgreen: 👿 :oops 🙄 8) 8( 😉 😡 💡 ❗ ❓

  152. Darn! Messed up on some!

  153. ……………………………………

  154. !! !! ”””””””””””’
    !! !! ‘
    !! !! ‘ !! ‘
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ‘
    !! !! ‘ !! ‘
    !! !! ”””””””””””” 😉

  155. Ḁ ḁ ἀ ἁ ἂ ἃ ἄ ἅ ἆ ἇ Ἀ Ἁ Ἂ Ἃ Ἄ Ἅ Ἆ Ἇ Ạ ạ Ả ả Ấ ấ Ầ ầ Ẩ ẩ Ẫ ẫ Ậ ậ Ắ ắ Ằ ằ Ẳ ẳ Ẵ ẵ Ặ ặ ẚ ᾰ ᾱ ᾲ ᾳ ᾴ ᾵ ᾶ

  156. Brave Star—wow, i didnt even notice that. Eva, gotta change ur name 😀 OMOMOMG how do u make da smileys?
    Everdeen-Thanks! I wish I had an ipad! But LOL anyway. My friend is like, addicted to Temple run!!!

    Death note….not rlly into anime/manga but thats cool 🙂

    Bye Night Longer

  157. ℋℯℓℓℴ ℯveryℴℕ₠ ☼ ☂℃₳Vℰ 円
    ℋℯℓℓℴ ℯveryℴℕ₠ ☼ ☂℃₳Vℰ 円
    ℋℯℓℓℴ ℯveryℴℕ₠ ☼ ☂℃₳Vℰ 円
    ℋℯℓℓℴ ℯveryℴℕ₠ ☼ ☂℃₳Vℰ 円


  158. Thanks Eva, (sarcastic) well why on earth would I do that an lie? I would be evil!!!! It’s a true story I promise u!!! And if u don’t believe me. U never were a friend!



  161. i believe you, Roosta. eva is probably too young to understand what you are going through.

  162. Ok, so redwing what’s ur name let me guess redwing lol I’m kogoy!!!

  163. LOL…..except i didnt get the email yet…ill tell u when i do!

  164. looks like no ones on

  165. I’m on..but everyone prob left…D’:

  166. Well, I’m still here, Ev!

  167. Now I’m the only one here!

  168. Everdeen, make a chatango, its real fun!

  169. u 2 brave star!

  170. proptropicalover

    The words in grey make the island sound like the hunger games. Especially how they say Capital and tribes. It like Capitol and tributes. They are obviously making this island some sort of hunger games things. But with less violence.

  171. Okay, I made 1! BraveStar608

  172. Hello?

  173. Nahh…If I haf to, I’ll just go as anon or some other random name…I think making an account is unessesary because I probably wont be visiting the chat box that often >.<

  174. Yeah, I still made one, but I probably won’t be on it that often.

  175. Okay, good, I think “Feirce” Moon is gone. (Not Fierce Moon, that person posing as her.)

  176. What’s chatago? And glad to see some1 else is saying EV TOO LOL!!!! :laugh:

  177. :devil: 😡 :happy: :bored: 🙁 👿 😎 :embarrassed:

  178. LOL some worked any tips???

  179. 🙁 :angry: :scared: :confused: :socked: :scary: :funny: :goofy: :0 😮 :O

  180. :sick: :shy: 👿 :nice: :loud: :LOL: ❓

  181. king what is ur name on the forum

  182. Kogoy…..kogoy the cat (my comic character and also character on poptropica)

  183. i made him up…because i draw comics…..

  184. cool didn’t know u were on the forum !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  185. you go to the forum too?

  186. @Brave Star–YAY!!! Awesome. Im 0RedWing) (because i used up RedWing as a guest so i wasnt allowed to use it anymore…)

    HI KOGOY!!!! And Night! 😀


    Listen, Everdeen, so i HAVE TO TELL U THIS!!!

    Today i decided to use that “phoque” joke u told me about on my French Teacher. LOL
    Heres how it rolled–(mrs.l is code name for my french teacher)
    Me: Um Mrs.L…..when will we be learning about animals in French? *tries to keep innocent face*
    Mrs.L: Um….probably next year.*continues lesson*

    I regain my “poker face” and try again.

    Me: Well…Mrs. L, i was wondering—-*deep breath* How do u say “seal” as in the animal, in French? *breaks out into giggles.*

    At this point, Mrs.L is looking at me with a funny face. Everyone else in wondering what im finding so funny.

    Mrs.L: well…(my name), i figure thats a rhetorical question, which means u know the answer to it, but ur asking anyway:)

    At this point im laughing so hard i cant see straight. The class is getting annoyed.

    Mrs. L: Class, seal in french is *writes on blackboard* PHOQUE. (pronounces word as f**k)

    Then my class is laughing so hard too 😀 They said i was a “bad girl” LOL

    SO FUNNY.. Mrs.L told me sometimes kids want to ask her that, but i was the first one with the guts, but she never expected me to say it!

  187. Oh gosh I hope its like thg cause i luurrvvee it

  188. I’m so tried I cut grass all day, played football and tag with my bro and painted chairs!!!

  189. Guys, how do u get a custom avatar on the forum?

  190. Sorry u can’t it’s only available 2 the 1st 500 members u have to choose one

  191. How old r u redwing I’m 13 (guy LOL)

  192. DARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I shouldve signed up when those posts about the charter members came! I remember i was only 11, but thats okay, because the forum is a little more complicated than i thought 😀
    Its says it in my “biography” LOL
    I think ill stick with the lion 🙂

  193. Wow, Red Wing, your story was hilarious! I SO want to do that when I take French!

  194. By the way, I changed my e-mail, and I get my old gravatar soon!

    And Roosta, lol, the 'guy' part. I remember when I asked you if you were a girl or guy, even though your name has 'king' in it. I can be so clueless sometimes XD

    should I make a forum account?
    If i do, dont be surprised if my name is not related in any way whatsoever to 'everdeen' because that name was probably long taken.

  196. Kinda random, but anyone like vocaloids?
    LOL, don’t worry, I kind of expect you to go google them and find out what they are before telling me if you like them or not.


  198. Also i don’t think everdeen is taken and if it is what about evergreen? LOL

  199. Yes Everdeen, i now see why everyone wanted me to make an account!
    I dont really like vocaloids…..but thanks 4 the compliment. 😀

  200. Bock, Bock i’m a chicken lol

  201. No ur a roosta! XD

  202. lool pun intended,

  203. LOL ha ha ha
    ha HA . HA
    HA . HA ha.
    ha HA
    HA HA
    HA ha
    HA LOL


  205. How dare my comment go over the board LOL it is a board right? page? LOL

  206. ⒷⓊⓃⓃⓎⓏ


    (=' :')

    ┊  ┊  ┊  ┊
    ┊  ┊  ┊  ★
    ┊  ┊  ☆
    ┊  ★


  207. I noticed…when ur a forum member, you comment less…Hm…one or the other. 🙁

  208. but that “phoque” story still got me SMILING 😀

  209. Look at the creators blog

  210. How ya doing, yall?! It’s Jeall! I’m back! And I see a bunch of morons took over still. Where are the cool people? Any one remember my? Awsomesauce person? I matured a little, so now I’m not annoying! Still awsome and rude though. Crap! It amazes me how much this place’s changed. Even we’re changed. I’m an awsome author. I’m awsome om Mweor. Where are you guys?!


  212. Jeall u are also saying that im a moron too

  213. Hey ”jeall” I don’t appreciate you calling us ”morons” LOL

  214. Ok sure i’ll tell her you called. Thanks bye. 🙂

  215. i see someones full of themselves (jeall)

  216. Since a lot of u guys have made hunger games costumes I made a Ghost Rider costume. Biker jacket,pants,shirt,Rock Star 2 belt,Lumberjerk chainsaw,Torch Power,and the Boy Singer hair. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/?utm_source=Avatar_Studio&utm_medium=RightNavButton&utm_campaign=POPBlog

  217. Instead of the chainsaw find a wip

  218. Jeall….I think I remember you from the time with Jade and Ryuzaki/Infernape/L?
    Were you there? I commented under a different name then o:

    lol im just -seal in french-ing with you.
    see what i did there RedWing? LOLOLOL XD

  219. feed me i’m bored LOL hey katniss & Everyone else!!! 🙂

  220. Hey Roosta, *gives waffle*

  221. Hey EV, *Bites Waffle* LOL

  222. i sure do everdeen!
    ur just “phoque”-ing with him!

    *gives banana to roosta*
    (roosta) bllaahhh roostas dont eat bananas!

  223. Are you serious? o_o

  224. Bendy please tell me ur joking

  225. Roostas eat anything LOL (cough, cough 🙁 )

  226. You seriously don’t know what the Hunger Games are Bendy Dragon?

  227. Yeah…What up with u bendy? (LOL) speaking Of HG im almost done reading the 1st book!!! yayayayayayayayayayya LOL

  228. oops (cough, cough 😀 )

  229. Jk i know what the hunger games is I kinda started

  230. Here bendy–read the whole frikin article if u must.
    no offense, but have u been paying any attention to civilization lately? heres a start. king roosta’s avatar (next to comment) has to do with HG

  231. I know what the hungergames is i was jk

  232. Ummm Redwing you didn’t want me saying ”crap” but you said….(?)

  233. uuuuhnnn
    I’m misrable right now…
    I have allergies and my eyes are all watery and I’m sneezing non-stop

  234. People i do know wat Hunger games is

  235. okokokokokokokokokokokok LOL

  236. Im reading the book but havent seen the movie

  237. I order ya’ll to bock like a chicken!!!!

  238. LOL!!!! Moooooooo………Quack……Woof……Ummmm….????

  239. @Roosta, frikin is not a cuss word.
    @Everdeen, i feel for you the kids in my class are suffering. not me, but a lot of my classmates. my science teacher recommeded that the MOMENT you get home from school, take a shower, and wash out your face–your nose, and splash water into your eyes. that way the pollen you get from walking outside doesnt stay with you when your at home lying down or anything, then it could get serious.

  240. rattle, rattel, I’m fricken bored…………………………

  241. Wow, talk here has gotten pretty… interesting. I have a question. What should I do about “Feirce” Moon and Nima, who claim to be Fierce Moon and are calling me stupid?

  242. Allergies huh? I don’t even know what I’m allergic to and I’m itching non stop!

  243. who’s Nima?? what r u talking about?? ❓

  244. ╦─╦╔╗╦─╔╗╔╗╔╦╗╔╗——–
    ║║║╠─║─║─║║║║║╠─:?: ❓ ❓

  245. ¡ǝboqɐ ‘ǝɯ d!lℲ

  246. • ˚ •˛•˚ * 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ • *
    • ˚Happy★* 。 • ˚ ˚ ˛ ˚ ˛ •
    •。★Happy!★ 。* • ˚。* O_O
    ° 。 ° ˛˚˛ * _Π_____*。*˚ —–
    ˚ ˛ •˛•˚ */______/~\。˚ ˚ ˛
    ˚ ˛ •˛• ˚ | 田田 |門| ˚

  247. It’s on th “No More Poptropica” page, and “Nima” is “Feirce” Moon (Someone pretending to be Fierce Moon) pretending to be someone else.

  248. Yeah, I know, I proved she wasn’t Fierce Moon, and now she’s out to get me. Thanks for talking to me. 🙂

  249. Thanks, Roosta! 🙂 Someone on the No More Poptropica page, known as Nima or “Feirce” Moon (They pretend to be Fierce Moon) called me stupid when I proved that they weren’t Fierce Moon.

  250. ok got her back LOL tell me if she trys that again. 🙂

  251. I’ll help u

  252. 😀

  253. Thanks, guys! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  254. Tanks RedWing C:
    I don’t even know whats going on; I was sneezing for half the day today, and the other half I was fine LOL
    lolol today my friends were like: you’re so ‘seal in french’ed up’
    I saw phoques at th zoo!
    I was like *facepalm* XD

  255. LOL, ev! Can’t wait to do that.. but I can’t take French yet. So, 😆 and 🙁

  256. i think poptropilous sounds like the Hunger Games.
    Anybody with me?

  257. It looks like The Hunger Games, right?

  258. Yeah, lots of people think it’s like the Hunger Games. Nive to have you on this site, Athena and Hungry Knuckle! 🙂 I think it’s like Hunger Games+ Olympics+ Reality TV Island+ Mythology Island.

  259. I meant “nice”.

  260. Hunger games is the first thing that came to my mind o.o wait…. What tribes? Is there like a tribe for each island or something..

  261. Yeah, that’s what I thought when I first saw it, too.
    i still wonder how they’re going to have us choose our tribes…

    Maybe with a quiz or something…?


    i agree with nessa

  263. Probably.

  264. Nessa has a cool idea. I want to know if we’ll be choosing our tribe, or if they’ll just randomly assign us one, or if it’s what Nessa said. But as soon as I read the island description, I instantly thought of The Hunger Games. I’ll bet they’re playing on the success of the books and the movie.

  265. Cant wait for the new island

  266. I agree with smart flame. but what i still can’t understand is how to get into a tribe. they should tell you that!

  267. I can’t wait to play it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  268. you should let people make their own costumes on Poptropolas for 25 credits, or anything under 100 credits

  269. Can you make a Hunger Games Island.

    I remembered what Spark 😀 said something about Hunger Games.

  270. hey didn’t you say poptropica was shutting down in the end of April?but thank god it didn’t i would of scream!

  271. That was an April Fools.

  272. no duh

  273. Doesn’t anyone else think that this IS the Hungar Games?

  274. It’s not, because we’re not killing anyone.

  275. not realy. more like the olympics neat tiger. though i wouldnt know because i have not read the hunger games. though my cuz tells me about it sometimes.

  276. the island after poptropolis is gonna be something about space

  277. if we can choose our own tribes id go with one with a cool name like the one called wildfire

  278. I think Nanobots. LOL. Hi Brave Star.

  279. i just played poptropolis demo and i picked ”pathfinders”

  280. I really think it’s like the hunger games.Even though i haven’t seen the movie or read the books.My mom saw it like 3 times and she told me that the hunger games has killing.also in poptropica the new friends thing add me my username is coolioreese!also i played the demo for poptropulis games and it’s kinda like the olimpics.oh and what was brave star talking about with the whole fake fierce moon thing ,cause i kinda get that whole fake fierce moon thing .also i’ll totally help with fake fierce moon.:)

  281. i dont get the fake fierce moon thing, even though i read the whole conversation.

  282. Well, right now, it’s over, but it involved me getting confused alot with some people’s identities, and someone posing as Fierce Moon.

  283. well, now im wondering whats the poser’s real identity

  284. if anyone wants to be my freind my username is:younger38

  285. Hello everyone I’m wild monster brave star’s buddy my username is vincent286 I wanna be everybody’s friend! 😀

  286. Ooo, path finders are the best! It doesn’t sound as cool as wildfire or flying squid but it sounds humble and like it’s a Indian tribe :3

  287. ❓ ok, anyway. M gonna hold the poptropolis games in real life. I don’t have diving, but I can replace it with… Someone ❗

  288. And I meant something

  289. Somebody Off Topic

    How do you make a smiling face?

  290. Cool Smarticle