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Happy National Cheese Pizza Day

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day

Hey everyone, guess what? Today, September 5, 2014, is National Cheese Pizza Day here in the United States. Yes, that’s a real thing. And it’s perfect timing, too, because I’m enjoying a nice, tasty slice of cheese pizza for lunch.

Is there really anything that we Americans love more than Pizza? I don’t think so. Here’s an amazing statistic I learned on the Internet today: Americans eat 350 slices of pizza per second. That works out to 1.2 million slices per hour. That, folks, is a lot of pizza.

If you’re looking to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day in Poptropica, there are two great places to start. The first is in Reality TV Island. If you remember, at the beginning you need to get into Bucky Lucas’s motel by delivering the pizza to him. You don’t have to costumize the pizza delivery person, but it’s a great opportunity to get a really cool costume to celebrate today.

If you’re a member, you can also find some great pizza in PoptropiCon. Just walk to the parking lot area and enjoy some delicious pizza from Pepe’s Pizza Puffs Food Truck.

Fierce Moon Pizza Delivery

Knock. Knock. Pizza’s here!


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