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Devil Baby Attack

OK, so this doesn’t really have much to do with Poptropica, but I laughed really hard when I saw it. These guys made a robot baby inside a remote controlled baby carriage and set it loose on the streets of New York. Then they made a video for it. I think it’s a promotional stunt for an upcoming movie called Devil’s Due, but that doesn’t really matter because it’s just a really, really funny video on YouTube. Check out all the reactions from the people who are walking by and hear a baby crying inside the baby carriage. Wow! Scary!

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  1. Also, did you finally listen to us and open up the comments???????? 😮

  2. LOL. oh, first comment, yay! Add me on poptropica: gwenduncanluv. XD

  3. oh, did u see the dogs? they freaked out as well!

  4. That is one creepy looking baby. o_o

  5. this is so funny me and my mom r cracking up lol

  6. woah, that is one really scary baby, i dont blame people for screaming, i would have screamed too. and the coments are open, and fierce moon is finally posting again, i missed poptropica secrets. hope she posts some more. she never finished the harry potter costume thing.