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Where in Poptropica is Dr. Hare?

During the Summer of 2011, Dr. Hare began visiting different parts of the world and the Poptropica Creators started posting photos of him on the official Creator’s blog and asked readers to try and guess where he was. He turned up in a bunch of places, including London, Utah, and even Australia. Here at PoptropicaSecrets.com, we thought it would be fun to play the same game, but with Dr. Hare staying in Poptropica. Check out the pictures below and see if you can guess where Dr. Hare is. Scroll down to read the answers.


Dr. Hare’s not being too sneaky in these shots and most players who are familiar with Poptropica should be able to figure out where he is. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Dr. Hare has picked some better hiding places in this collection of screenshots. Can you guess where he is?


It will take a little more guesswork to figure out where Dr. Hare is hiding in these slightly more obscure parts of Cryptids Island.

Extremely Difficult

Thought the difficult ones above were still too easy? Here we step up our game with screenshots that have been obscured and altered to make guessing Dr. Hare’s hiding spots a little harder to pinpoint. Take a look and see how good you really are.

Yeah, Um, Good Luck with These Ones

Coming soon.


Think you got them all? Here are the answers.

  • 01 – Early Poptropica in the clouds above Poptropica Towers
  • 02 – Wild West Island inside the casino in Dos Cactos
  • 03 – Dr. Hare’s Secret Lab
  • 04 – Cryptids Island outside Harold Mews’ mansion
  • 05 – Time Tangled Island, 1387 A.D. outside the Timbuktu Inn
  • 06 – Skulldugger Island, in front of the sail on the Phoenix Warbird
  • 07 – Reality TV Island, inside TV World store
  • 08 – Cryptids Island inside the restroom in New Jersey
  • 09 – Nabooti Island in Kaya Forest
  • 10 – Red Dragon Island in Jack and Annie’s backyard
  • 11 – Super Power Island on top of the bank dome in the Downtown area
  • 12 – Shark Tooth Island on top of the Ancient Temple
  • 13 – Nabooti Island inside the pyramid in Giza
  • 14 – Super Power Island on top of the crane arm in the Junkyard
  • 15 – Steamworks Island inside Sully’s Garage
  • 16 – Shrink Ray Island near roof of the Sweet Dreams Candy Shop
  • 17 – 24 Carrot Island in the bathroom of the farmhouse
  • 18 – Mythology Island on statue of Poseidon at Poseidon’s Beach
  • 19 – Counterfeit Island inside the art museum’s forgery detection lab
  • 20 – Cryptids Island inside Bert’s Bed and Breakfast (multiplayer room)
  • 21 – Astro-Knights Island inside the Planetarium up on top of the telescope
  • 22 – Spy Island outside the main door to the B.A.D. Control Center
  • 23 – Great Pumpkin Island on the bookshelf in Linus Van Pelt’s bedroom
  • 24 – Astro-Knights Island down in the Secret Sanctum
  • 25 – Wild West Island on the porch of El Mustachio Grande’s hideout
  • 26 – 24 Carrot Island inside the Carrot King Diner
  • 27 – Nabooti Island near the top of the waterfall in the Mountain of the Moons area
  • 28 – Steamworks Island on the top platform of the Hibernation Center


  1. Poptropica is the best game ever. OK, maybe not ever, but…

  2. Strange Owl or auntyalice5525

    It IS a fun game.

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