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Poptropica Fonts

One of the really cool things about Poptropica are all the fun and crazy fonts they use in the game. Have you ever wondered what those fonts are? Well, we’re going to show you! The best part is that some of the fonts are totally free, which means you can download them and use them for your own Poptropica fan pages and web sites.

Poptropica Logo

The main Poptropica logo is a special font called GhostKid AOE and it’s made by a type foundry (foundry is what font making companies call themselves) known as Astigmatic. The designer is named Brian J. Bonislawsky. The Poptropica designers changed the letters in the font a little when making the logo by squishing them together. But they also use this same font in several places in the game, and you’ll see it used often in the Official Poptropica Guide. This font costs $19.95 to purchase from MyFonts.com.

Poptropica Logo Font

The Poptropica logo font is called Ghost Kid AOE and is designed by Brian J. Bonislawsky from Astigmatic.

Dialogue Font

The font you’ll see the most on Poptropica is called CreativeBlock BB. This is used as the main dialogue font in all the speech balloons in the game and it’s found all over the place, usually wherever a lot of text appears. It’s also used on most of the buttons in the game and on the web site. An interesting thing about this font is that it has no lowercase letters. It’s always in ALL CAPS. This is a completely free font made by Blambot Fonts, which provides lots of really cool fonts for making your own comics. They have dialog fonts and even sound effects and special design fonts. They’re all hand-made by a font designer named Nate Peikos, Some of their fonts are for sale, but a lot are free!

Poptropica Dialogue Font

The main dialogue font in Poptropica is called CreativeBlock BB by Nate Peikos at BlamBot.

Store Cards Font

You’ll see a third font in a few different places in Poptropica, especially on the store item cards, where it’s used for the item names and descriptions. This font is called Billy Serif and it’s a pay font from a foundry called SparkyType, which is based in Wellington, New Zealand. This font costs $38 to buy. It’s kind of expensive, but pretty cool!

Poptropica Store Item Cards Font

You'll see this font a lot on the item cards from the Poptropica Store. It's called Billy Serif and was designed by David Buck of SparkyType.

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