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Fortnite Avengers: Endgame LTM Guide

The most popular movie of the year meets the most popular game of the year in the new special Limited Time Mode featuring characters from Avengers: Endgame.

In this special LTM, Thanos and his Chitauri are invading the Fortnite: Battle Royale island in a frantic search for the six Infinity Stones. Two teams of 20 players each battle it out for supremacy. One team represents the Avengers heroes, and the other, Thanos and his Chitauri minions.

Each team has a basic objective. For the Thanos side, it’s collecting all six Infinity Stones as they appear on the map. For the heroes, they must stop the waves of Chitauri hordes, by killing 100 of them as they respawn. Each team gets free respawns until the other side completes their objective.

The Heroes

If you start the game on the side of the Heroes, you’ll drop into the game already equipped with a treasure map that will point you to a special chest containing one of the special weapons from the Avengers heroes. They are:

  • Thor’s Stormbreaker
  • Ironman’s Repulsors
  • Captain America’s Shield
  • Hawkeye’s Bow
Armed with Iron Man's Repulsors
Armed with Iron Man’s Repulsors and ready to eliminate some Chitauri Invaders.

You can also find additional weapons in normal chests found on the map. Note that in the Avengers: Endgame LTM, chest spawns are much lower, so you’ll need to travel around a lot more to find additional hero weapons.

Once you’ve got one of the above equipped, head to battle! Your main goal is to kill as many Chitauri as possible and prevent them from capturing the Infinity Stones.

If you are killed, you’ll respawn until the other side captures all six Infinity Stones. Then, respawns will stop and it’s a fight to survive.

If your team kills 100 Chitauri, then they will stop respawning, and you can finish them off for the win!

Thanos and the Chitauri

If you start the game on the side of Thanos and the Chitauri, you’ll appear as a Chitauri Invader. You’ll start the game equipped with a powerful laser rifle, an anti-structure grenade attack, and a jetpack that lets you leap high into the air.

Thanos in Fortnite.
Thanos stands ready to find the Infinity Stones in the new Fortnite Avengers: Endgame LTM.

The first Chitauri to recover an Infinity stone will be transformed into Thanos. Thanos has a powerful punch and a destructive beam attack. He also has the ability to jump high into the air and then smash anything in his way when he lands back on the ground.

The main objective of this team is to capture all six Infinity Stones. Each time a stone is captured, Thanos and the Chitauri become even more powerful. The six stones are:

  • Reality Stone (Red) = Heath & Shields doubled (from 1000 to 2000)
  • Soul Stone (Orange) = Siphon activated (grants Thanos shields only)
  • Mind Stone (Yellow) = Jump height doubled
  • Space Stone (Blue) = Ground Pound AOE size tripled, damage x6
  • Time Stone (Green) = Big knockback added to each hit, damage x3
  • Power Stone (Purple) = Laser damage x6

When all six stones are captured, the Avengers side no longer respawns, and the goal is to quickly wipe them out for the win.

If your side does not capture all six stones before 100 of your Chitauri Invaders are killed, your team will stop respawning, and then it’s a desperate fight for survival.

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