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14 Days of Fortnite Extended

14 Days of Fortnite Extended

After an “epic” goof, the developers of Fortnite brought back the 14 Days of Fortnite event. The original version didn’t quite last the full 14 days, leading to some heavy complaints. Now it’s back for an additional 7 days, giving you a chance to complete all the different challenges.

All the original challenges and rewards are back, and you’ll have credit for any challenges you completed. Unfortunately, progress you made towards completing the original challenges has been erased. So for any you didn’t complete, you have to start over.

The Challenges

Here are the 14 different challenges for the event.

  • Start or join a Creative server
  • Visit giant candy canes
  • Play matches with a friend (3)
  • Hit a player with a snowball in different matches
  • Fly through golden rings in an X-4 Stormwing plane
  • Search waterside goose nests
  • Use Boogie Bombs or Presents!
  • Damage opponents with different weapons
  • Dance in front of Holiday Trees (9)
  • Land tricks in a vehicle at different named locations (10)
  • Thank the Bus Driver in different matches (11)
  • Destroy snowflake decorations (12)
  • Place Devices on a Creative Island
  • Search Chests

A lot of the challenges (like “Search Chests”) are pretty self-explanatory and easy to complete. Let’s walk through how to complete some of the more difficult ones:

Visit giant candy canes

There are several giant candy canes placed on the map. One is located just north of Wailing Woods and another can be found northwest of Frosty Flights.

Search waterside goose nests

You’ll find these nests alongside all the major bodies of water in Fortnite. They are small nests with three white eggs inside. This includes the main river that flows north/south through the island, Loot Lake, and the pond at Lazy Links. They’re also in locations like the frozen lake near Polar Peak.

The easiest way to find several goose nests is to run the length of the river.

One of the goose nests (without the eggs!) alongside the frozen lake near Polar Peak.

Dance in front of Holiday Trees

You’ll find festive decorated trees in most of the named areas in Fortnite — places where people lived (or once lived), like Pleasant Park, Tilted Towers, Paradise Palms, etc. The trees are hard to miss — they are very tall and covered in decorations. You’ll also find some presents scattered below in the form of weapons, ammo, and items. Just use any dance move in front of the tree to get credit towards the challenge.

The holiday tree in Tilted Towers is located on the basketball court. Be careful when dancing out in the open in Tilted Towers! It might be your last dance…

Hit a player with a snowball in different matches

Before you can complete this challenge, you need to complete the one right before it: Play matches with a friend. Once you complete that challenge, you’ll unlock the snowball emote. Then, just use it in several matches to hit different players.

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