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The Hombre

The sneak preview for Wild West Island is still running and there’s a new costume you can get starting today. It’s The Hombre. It includes a sombrero and a red, yellow and green scarf. Just like all the other sneak preview prizes, you win it by completing the Round ‘Em Up mini-game on Wild West Island. Head there on your map to give it a try.

There are only two more prizes in the sneak preview after this one and the next one will be available on Sunday.

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


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  27. Hello everyone. Today is Feb. 6th, 2011. We will have a news report with News Gatherer and Reporter, Kesha.
    Today’s Subject: Wild West Island
    #1: Hello Kesha.
    Kesha: Hi White Sword.
    #2: Can you tell us about the sudden rumor of Wild West Island?
    Kesha: Sure. Well, first of all, the rumor started when Poptropica Creator Jeff Kinney announced the upcome of Cryptids Island. In the video, on the upper-right corner there was a poster labeled β€œWild West Island”. Lots of people saw it and they blabbed and blabbered about it on Poptropica Secrets.
    #3: Very well. What is this island about?
    Kesha: The sad thing is, unlike other islands, this island doesn’t have an introduction or anything. It just popped up on the surface of Poptropica, our world. Although lots of people say that it’s about cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers, cattles and other ranch-related stuff.
    #4: Good. Where is this mysterious and sudden island?
    Kesha: On the Poptropica Map, it is in the very center of Nabooti, Shark Tooth, Cryptids, Astro-Knights and Reality TV.
    #5: That’s interesting, Kesha. Does this island have a Sneak Preview, like Cryptids?
    Kesha: Yes, it does. When you visit it, it doesn’t land you on land. It challenges you a quest to bring back three cattles every two days, to win a prize.
    #6: That’s a fun Sneak Preview! Are there anything in Daily Pop about it?
    Kesha: Of course. Since the interest of the arrival of Cryptids has faded away, it’s almost completely about Wild West! There are things such as the characters (the villains and other NPCs), places and of course, some ranch-related stuff.
    #7: That’s great. Do you think this island will be popular once it comes out for all?
    Kesha: According to the speech about it, I think that it will be as popular as Counterfeit, Time Tangled, and Spy.
    #8: Thank you for the info Kesha! Have a good day!
    Kesha: Your welcome. You too White Sword!

    OK so this concludes our news report.

  28. I’ve got an outfit!

    Quinn’s (From Glee) Prom gown:
    1. Turn your hair to a strawberry blond.
    2. Put on the Gamer Girl hair.
    3. In Mythology island, Near Apollo’s temple, is a girl wearing an orange toga put it on, without the sash.
    4. Get Aphrodite’s bangs

  29. Another Glee Prom outfit!

    Brittany’s Stylish, Pink gown
    1. Go to Mythology Island and where aphrodite is.
    2. Costumize Aphrodite’s skirt.
    3. Buy the Prom Queen outfit and put on the top
    4. Move to the far right of Aphrodite. To the girl in the purple swimsuit.
    5. Costumize her bangs.
    6. Buy the Vampire Girl 3 and wear the hairdo.

  30. by the way…room code: DFR99

  31. Another Glee Prom outfit! Wow. I’m getting a lot on here.

    Santana’s Devil Dress
    1. Buy the Little Demon outfit and put on the top.
    2. Put on a black skirt.
    3. Buy the Pop Star outfit and put on the bangs with blush.
    4. Buy the Vampire Girl 1 hair and put on the hairdo.
    5. put on red lips.

  32. Another Glee Prom outfit. I’m addicted πŸ˜›

    Tina’s dress
    1. Buy the rock star outfit.
    2. Put on the whole (green) outfit (including the bangs) except the hairdo.
    3. Buy the gamer girl outfit and put on that hairdo.

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  54. Hello everyone. Today is Feb. 13th, 2011. Welcome to the Weekly Surprise: News Report. Today we will have a report with News Reporter White Star!
    Today’s subject will be: El Mustachio Grande

    #1: Hello White Star.
    WS: Hello White Sword. What would you like to ask about Grande?
    #2: Well, I do have something to ask. First of all, who is El Mustachio Grande?
    WS: That’s an interesting question. Grande is the main villain of the suddenly-popped up Wild West Island. In the paragraph describing Wild West Island, it said that a dark shadow was lurking around on Wild West. That dark β€œshadow” is El Mustachio Grande.
    #3: That’s some nice informations, Star. Do you know what he looks like?
    WS: Well, the Poptropica Creators printed a very blurry picture of Grande, so nobody knows for sure what he’ll look like. The Weekly Surprise predict that he has a big mustache, and a some how β€œevil” pair of eyes.
    #4: Oh! Well, what do you think his proffesion is?
    WS: According to our prediction, Grande is most likely to be a cowboy or a rancher. Except, no matter what he is, we know for sure that he will be evil.
    #5: Well that’s some shuddering news. My last and most important question is, do you think Grande will become a popular villain, like, for example, the popular Dr. Hare on 24 Carrots Island, Black Widow on Counterfeit Island, Betty Jetty, or Zeus?
    WS: We must know this: it is only after an island comes out that we know for sure what it will be like. Therefore I am sorry to say that I don’t know the answer.
    #6: Thank you very much for the fantastic info, Star and have a good day. Happy Valentines Day!
    WS: Wish you a happy Valentine too!

    OK well this concludes our report with Star.

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