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See How Easily You Can Get Cool Costumes in Poptropica

One of the best things about Poptropica is the Costumizer feature, which allows you to immediately copy just about any costume you see a Poptropican wearing while you adventure around the islands on your quests. Although most of the outfits that Poptropicans are wearing are kind of ordinary, there are some really great costumes that you can find on some of the starter islands. All of them are pretty easy to get and don’t require too much effort. A little later, I’ll highlight some extremely cool costumes to find in some of the more advanced islands like Astro-Knights and Counterfeit Island, but for now let’s stick with the easy ones!

Note: If you’re not already familiar with the Costumizer feature, be sure to take a look at this Poptropica Costumizer Tutorial to learn the basics on how to copy costumes in the game.

Shark Boy

Poptropica Shark Boy Costume

Who doesn’t love Shark Boy? This is a great costume to get and it even comes complete with a dorsal fin. Plus, Shark Boy is ridiculously easy to find. Just go to Shark Tooth Island and walk over to the Shark Museum on the right. Go inside and you’ll find Shark Boy looking mighty depressed at the bottom of the museum. One quick click on the Costumizer and this shark outfit is all yours. Fish not included.

Poptropica Shark Museum

You'll find Shark Boy inside the Museum on Shark Tooth Island.

Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci Poptropica

This one is probably the easiest to get. In Early Poptropica Island, there’s a Pop Art museum just to the left. Walk inside and you’ll get to meet Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent Van Gogh. You can costumize any of them, but unfortunately you’ll learn something very important about the costumizer: you can’t costumize facial hair. Although the Leonardo look is a little incomplete without the cool beard, the outfit is kind of nice. It looks best with the jet pack you get up in the clouds near the giant. Leonardo would have loved to fly this way.

Leonardo da Vinci JetPack in Poptropica

I'm not sure Leonardo da Vinci had this in mind when inventing his flying machine.

Viking Armor

Poptropica Viking Armor

This one’s a little more challenging than the others, but still pretty easy to get. Head to Time Tangled Island and start your quest. There are a few steps you need to do before you can get this one. They are:

  1. Using your compass, go to the Statue of Liberty in 1882 A.D.
  2. Climb up to the very top platform of the wooden stilts. Jump to your left. You will land on a ledge. You’ll find a notebook is on the ledge below that.
  3. Use your compass to travel to da Vinci’s workshop in 1516 A.D.
  4. Go inside the workshop and find da Vinci (the guy with the beard) and give him the notebook. He’ll give you a glider as a reward.
  5. Use your compass to travel to the Viking times in 831 A.D.
  6. Jump up the tall mountain to the right of the beach. Put on the glider. Stand as close to the edge as you can and leap to the right. If you’re wearing the glider, you’ll float to another ledge and the armor will be waiting for you there.

Now you’re ready to lead your viking army into battle!

Poptropica Viking Ship

Ah, the Viking life.

Mountain Climber Gear

Poptropica Mountain Climber Outfit

This costume is also in Time Tangled Island, and it’s a little easier to get than the Viking Armor. For this one, just head to 1953 A.D. and then start climbing up the mountain. You’ll need to navigate over some ledges and chasms. Once you get near the top, you’ll also want to watch out for falling icicles, but overall it’s not too difficult to get there. You’ll arrive on top of the world and find two mountain climbers at the peak. One of them is Sir Edmund Hillary and the other is his sherpa, Tenzing Norgay. This costume is actually a combination of the two. For some reason, you can’t costumize Sir Edmund’s goggles, only Tenzing’s can be worn. And I liked the blue backpack better than the brown one.

Poptropica Mount Everest

Wow, it's really cold up here on Mount Everest!

Well, there you have it. Some great and easy costumes to get in Poptropica. Stay tuned for more cool costumes from some of the later island quests in the game. In the meantime, what do you think? Share some of your favorite costumes here in the Comments section!

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  1. who’s always on their computer all night playing poptropica? if you are you’r just like me up all night

  2. how do u do the flying chaet??

  3. EASY!
    The Flying cheat is easy.
    Finish time tangled island then go to the viking times
    put the glider on go to the longest ledge and jump.
    Collect your outft and put it on!

  4. i was wondering why is there a hidden costom in early poptropica but not in the othere?

  5. I just got the viking armor and now I get an axe, too!

  6. I got a good idea.
    Has anyone read the series “the hunger games”? Well the main character is Katniss, and this is how you make your poptropican look like her.
    1. First copy the criptyd Captor, except find a black jacket instead of the vest.( this is the tricky part.)
    2. Then get the wavy hair.
    3. Then get black hair from 24 carrot.
    Note: this is based on description and a drawing of her on one type of cover for the first book.

  7. how do u take of your costume on poptropica

  8. where do i find the cryptid captor on cryptids???

  9. to molly: you just costumize clothes from someone else or put on a different costume.

  10. there is a really cool outfit that dudes can look good wearing:
    1. Beat mythology and put on Hades crown.
    2. Beat haunted house and get the Grimm reaper’s suit with belt.
    3. Go to early poptropica and us the balloons to change your skin color to black.
    4. Get the half-metal face (copy from chat room).
    5. Get the sunglasses after beating reality show island from host.
    6. Buy and activate torch.
    7. And finally buy and activate electrify blue.

  11. You should wear a toga, (found in mythology island on main street) and then the tied hair (found on mythology island as well on the women wearing a blue toga) then the crescent plate stuck on your hair (found in the hercules restraunt in mythology island). Or preferably, you can wear the dress you find on:
    -Go to steamworks island, then press the first lever.
    -Move on until you find an opened door. Go in it.
    -Ask sputnik (the robot) to show you the mayor. costumise in her dress and then put on a robin hood bow.

  12. is the island poptropolis games based off of the Hunger Games?

  13. Really No Way! Stealers Poptropica Workers Are Silly! Im Makeing Them WANTED!!!!!!

  14. i cant get the shark boy costume 🙁

  15. I f you want the most rarest poptropica costume got o early poptropica and you will find the hyponotist costume. Go to the large tower place and click on all of the windows that have a flower pot.

  16. all the best ones are on mythology. just sayin’ :#3 there’s a goat one you get near the first temple in the grove of temples which is cool with the ears, pants and tail.

  17. This is Link … It’s not so simple to find, you need Robin Hood from the store… here’s the link: http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bMlFCY1BhUXk1VWIyMD0%3D

  18. Here are some pretty cool outfits:

  19. How to get the metal faces in dummy i cant get it