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Secrets of the Rattlesnake Wrangler Outfit

One of the great hidden secrets in Wild West Island is the Rattlesnake Wrangler outfit. It’s not required to complete the quest and it’s not totally obvious how to find it. It even was mentioned in the Poptropica Creators blog, but they didn’t give very many clues. Here’s how you get it.

After you return to Rock Ridge from capturing and returning the baby calf, the guy who asked you to help him will give you an old saddle. But he’ll also ask you to help him again. He’s got 5 cows that have wandered off of his property and he wants you to capture them and return them all to the ranch. If you do this second job for him, he’ll reward you with the Rattlesnake Wrangler outfit.

Rattlesnake Wrangler Outfit Details

Poptropica Rattlesnake Wrangler

The best feature is the hat with a rattlesnake on it. It also has a green bandana and a shirt with vest. And the costume comes with a lasso rope that has a very interesting feature–a rattlesnake head at the very end. There’s no special move for this outfit, but it looks really cool!

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  1. i hate the hat in fact really i only like the lasso i mean seriously the hats sooooooo dumb and i mean DUMB

  2. oh ya and first to comment woohoo

  3. I quite like this outfit. I hope we can get it even after the Early Access period is over.

  4. hmm.. 3rd ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. i love it. but i wish if you pressed space bar with it on you would twirl the snake around you head like a lasso

  6. I also like the lasso. I agree with Infernape about the hat, but you can’t deny that it’s so poptropica… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. I have a question for everybody who has completed Wild West…
    What would you rate Wild West by it’s hardness? Easy, medium, or hard?

  8. IM AT ANIMAL KINGDOM IN FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :>

  9. i like the out fit but not the hat

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  13. Tops guys! Tops is a fancy way of saying hello, but i have no idiah were it came from.

  14. I’ve made up a costume besides all the costumes they have and made.

  15. I LOVE the outfit I wish u could use it to like get me 2 da end of the island! (^;

  16. I just like the Green bandana cuz Green is my fav color

  17. YAY!!!…….
    They changed the date 3 days closer for nonmembers its now the 11th of march!

    …i know ๐Ÿ˜ณ not much of a differnce, but 3 days = 72 hrs. and that;s a long time ๐Ÿ™‚
    peace, love, and happiness
    -Speedy Singer(SS)

  18. Yay! Not. To be honest, I’m not really excited whatsoever.

    -Lolita Circe, lazy cynic


  20. Um, Speedy Singer,
    wasn’t that the previous arrival date?
    I mean, WW came out on Feb. 11th for members, and poptropica said that WW would come out a month later for non-members… So basically, what I’m trying to say is that I think the arrival date for non-members is still the same.
    Sorry to pop your bubble of happiness. ๐Ÿ™

  21. Yeah, I agree with SNandy. (If that’s you Sandy, then I’m not surprised)
    I’m not like dying for the island to come out either. ๐Ÿ™
    Don’t get me wrong, though,
    I’ll definitely play it the day it comes out, ๐Ÿ™‚
    but for now, I’m focusing on how to be pleased with myself…
    (At least I don’t have any agony right now about the island…;))

  22. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Firework is way too optimistic, but it’s still my third favorite song.

  23. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

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  24. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    It’s worse than when “Twilight fans” misspell Edward.

  25. How can you misspell ‘Edward’? It’s not that hard to spell. I wish WW Island would come out even earlier, because I won’t be able to play for about two weeks. I’ve got exams! Well, I have a weekend to study for the last two exams on the same day, and they don’t even need any preparation so…. yeah.

  26. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Some misspell it as EDWAD.

  27. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Some spell it as Edweird. I find that humorous, though.

  28. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    My mother does not understand the concept of recess whatsoever.

  29. Um, WILD WEST ISLAND RULZ!!!! :mrgreen:

  30. By the way, I think the rattlesnake rangler costume should have an effect, like you press SPACEBAR and you can throw the snake-rope. Or the snake on your hat can slither around in circles. That would be cool.

  31. Red Heart AKA Friendly Dragon

    It would be cool if you activated the rattlesnake lasso and you use that as a lasso instead of the other one.

  32. I liked the idea someone gave, about using the lasso to whip the snake over your head at people…
    Too bad you can’t do that…

  33. I like the green bandanna… :heart:

  34. darn, that didn’t work… :love:
    <3 is my best option…

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  36. I still like the green lasso.
    Poptropica should really make more green outfits.
    Along with purple,
    and soft red.

    For girls, poptropica makes too much pink!
    That is NOT cool.
    (:lol: ok, so I’m not really THAT kind of person who judges things on “coolness”!)
    Lemme change that:
    That is NOT… uh, fun?
    Point is, new girl outfits should stop being pink All The TIME.
    Otherwise I did like the Saloon Lady outfit.
    But there should be more, like Annie Oakley.
    She seems awesome.

    (Hums to self quietly…)
    (EP is bored to death…)
    (She doesn’t know why she’s typing in 3rd person…)
    (Oh well,)
    (She’ll leave now, since no one is on…)
    (EP says bye.)

  37. (Under “That is NOT cool”, I meant to type ๐Ÿ˜† )

  38. EP meant to type “EP” in the spot of “I”

  39. EP is having an off day… ๐Ÿ™

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  42. Bad, bad outfit. Just like the Bigfoot Outfit. Seriously. Unfortunately, I got it the moment it came out, so I can’t send it back. I’m stuck with the outfit messing up my Poptropican wardrobe. Sigh. And have you guys seen Icy Comet’s Blog? It’s really awesome. icycomet.wordpress.com

  43. The outfit’s good except for stupid rattlesnake hat.

  44. Hello white sword.

  45. http://poptropicasecrets.com/poptropica/poptropica-island-smackdown-mythology-vs-counterfeit/comment-page-58/#comment-60036

    Click on it, and I’m tellin’ ya, that post has the most comments on POptropicaSecrests! (or at least i think it is)

  46. Yeah, it should be. I’ve never seen a post with over 1,000 comments! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  47. Is that a scull on the lasso???
    If so, then I like the lasso even more!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  48. I mean, it’s kinda like a bad dude thing… right?
    Shows my Toughness!!! ๐Ÿ˜†

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  50. its a skull alright ๐Ÿ˜›

  51. Nice!
    I’m gonna wear that outfit once I get to WW Island, except the hat.
    I’m sure poptropica wanted to do something,
    like make island outfits with one thing similar.
    Too bad no one really likes them…
    Oh well, at least the outfits are great… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. Hi everyone! I like the snake hat, and the lasso

  53. i dont the lasso and bandana are the only cool things

  54. Snake hat is for snake geeks.

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  73. Just to let everyone here know, I’m an expert on Poptropica. If you have any problems, contact me on nervousfly@126.com . I beat all of the islands. Feel free to ask anytime! :mrgreen:

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  79. I know what the next island is going to be! It’s going to be Wimpy Kid Island!

  80. Esoteric Phoenix

    Cool, but before I say, “That’s cool Trystan”, I have something else to say…

    ๐Ÿ˜† Haha! I just wanted to say that!
    Lol, I think it’s cool that thumbs and pinkies can get along, right??? ๐Ÿ˜†

    Anyways, That’s cool Trystan, but how do you know that? โ“

  81. I think it’s because in the creators blog they showed the outline of Greg Heffley, besides, the sneak-peaks in Daily Pop look a lot like the illustrations in the books.

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  88. Hey wats up. I have this really neat costume its called Cupid u need the love potion put on u, the pink electric aura, with the hair u can either get the blond ponytail, the aphrodite hair, or just any hair, u will need the robin hood costume for the bow and arrow if u want u can either get the arrow holder or the angel wings, next can get any type of pants for this but I recommend using the red and black frill skirt.
    optional: IF u dont wanna go on a big hunt for these items just grab the heart costume

  89. Prickly Monster

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  90. I’m in the Philippines and it’s 3/17/11 in our country

  91. the joker AKA the kid

    i wish they would make a bat-man island that wood be sweet

  92. the joker AKA the kid

    especially since you would probably fight the jokr and maybe my fav villain harley quinn.

  93. hey,wimpy kid island is OUTTTTTTTTTTT NOW on my computer.

  94. How do you get into the school on Wimpy Wonderland Island?
    I tried soooo friggin’ hard! I just can’t seem to do it.

  95. They should make a Rodrick Rulez Island. That would be righteous, right?

  96. yeah that would be awesome to have rodrick rulez island but im wondering when the cheats for wimpy wonderland is coming out because i cant get passed the kids throwing snowballs:(

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    HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!! EMOTES: ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜ก :O

  102. you guy are but who the best is icy claws

  103. Man: Obey the Shogun! Me: Not listening to you. “Boom!!!” * Uses Shrink Ray on him.* Man: Hey let Me Out!!!!!! >:(

  104. White sword what does this have to do with harry potter?