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Nessie Hat and Hypnotic Outfit Return to Store

All this month, Poptropica has been celebrating its 4th Birthday by bringing back two old costumes to the store each week. This week, which is the last week of the event, delivers the Cryptids Nessie Hat and the Hypnotic costume. They’ll be available in the Store as a free item for paid members only along with all the other re-released items for the rest of the month. Then, they’re gone!

The Cryptids Nessie Hat was a special giveaway item that was only available to players who were able to spot Nessie during the sneak peek of Cryptids Island. It is basically a giant Loch Ness Monster on your head. Weird, but cool at the same time. Because Nessie only showed up once in a while, this was an incredibly difficult item to get. Even the Poptropica Creators mentioned that in their blog. So now they’re bringing it back for everyone who’s a member to get for free. Ummm, lame! This was once a badge of honor in the game, but now anyone can have it. Sigh.

The Hypnotic costume features a sprial red on yellow t-shirt, cool hypnotic sunglasses, and a crazy hairdo that kind of makes you look like the Heat Miser. It was a not-so-secret giveaway for a short time back in June of last year. It was hidden behind a window on one of the buildings in Early Poptropica and was available to everyone who knew about the secret, which turned out to be everyone once the Creators posted the exact location in a screenshot on the official blog. Now members will get a second chance at owning it by visiting the store this week.

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    I was NEVER able to find nessie

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  13. cool but cant you find the hypnotic outfit in early poptropica?

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  28. hey,i have the hipnotic costume(i’m not member),thats my favorite hair.

  29. I’m curios ghost in poptropica and username special ninja 1 and I get skullmask legendary swords.

  30. How do i get the darts at loch ness to stay on the board? Or find some new ones.