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Mystery Train Inspector Outfit

There’s a new outfit available in the Poptropica Store. It’s the Mystery Train Inspector costume and it’s available for members only. You cannot buy it with credits. You can only get it with an active Poptropica membership.

Poptropica Mystery Train Inspector Close-up

The new outfit is a classic 1800’s Sherlock Holmes style detective outfit, complete with a tween hat and jacket, black pants and a shirt and tie. The best part of the entire costume is the over-sized magnifying glass, which is transparent and magnifies the background wherever you go. The outfit has a special move: press spacebar to take a very close-up look with the magnifying glass. The outfit is perfect for getting ready to solve the caper once Mystery Train Island is released on September 9.

What do you think of the new outfit? It’s too bad that it’s members-only, but one nice thing is that even if your membership expires later, you’ll get to keep the outfit on your account. Cool!

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  1. but your right,and some great stuff is in

  2. happy fourth birthday,poptropica!

  3. its actually nothing special just the prepare for impact game and the Shrink shot game


  5. i am going to have a party on poptropica on friday for the fourth birthday.it is going to be in the party time tower at 5;00 to 7;45

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  7. Here’s an outfit I have abstracted from the very fabric of my mind: it’s called… Deadly Maiden. To accomplish this outfit, you need to go to Red Dragon island. Find the girl id the teal kimono on the Great Bridge. Customize her hair and add the curly bangs from the girl at Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island. Next, add the front bangs of the prom queen. Next, find the woman in the pink kimono in the Imperial Garden on Red Dragon Island. Either use hers, or the old woman’s kimono in the Bonsai Trees shop. Next, go to Astro Knights Island the first guy you see, customize his sword. Finally, and this is important, on Red Dragon, if you have completed your ninja training, go to the Fortress and use your ninja star. When you have it in your hand, leave the Fortress, and you will still have it in your hand.


  9. who thinks that club penguin is better than poptropica? i think that poptropica is way better and club penguin and CP is dumb. i mean really, penguins? and so what if you can talk about whatever besides cuss and have whatever name and have a pet and house, but the adventures and outfits in poptropica are way better

  10. I play cp i think its a good game but Poptropica can’t catch up to cp i have 5 reasons.

    1. In Poptropica you can’t talk.

    2. In Poptropica you only do islands and once you’re done with them what do you do? Only play games with other poptropican’s that’s pretty much it.

    3. In Club Penguin you get puffle’s but in Poptropica you get followers

    I’d put more reasons but i think they’d be dumb -.- anyways you’d probably like Cp but Disney bought Cp along time ago and ruined the whole game if you don’t like Cp that’s fine you don’t need to like it. I personally think Moshi Monsters is better than Cp but that my opinion. Poptropica and Cp are both great games but i think Cp is better. @Cae Cp has more people on Poptropica and ya they’r penguins if you have a problem go to the creators and tell them that.

  11. i like cp and i dont think its boring cuz ppl on there are funny

  12. Mystery Train Inspector Outfit Cool Job


  14. CP is awesome and so is Poptropica