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Halloween Costumes – Mummies

Poptropica Mummy

The classic bandaged mummy in Poptropica.

Every day this month we’re taking a closer look at all the Halloween costumes you can wear in Poptropica. Today, we’re featuring not one, but two different mummy costumes in the game. Both are easy to find: they’re in the Ghoul’s Gala at the end of the Haunted House mini-quest. You can costumize either the white mummy or the green glowing mummy. Both are pretty cool.

The mummy costumes themselves are simple, just as you’d expect. They’re exactly the same and consist of a head, body and pants section made up of lots of bandages that cover you from head to toe, leaving just your big bulging Poptropica eyes sticking out. The only major difference between them are the colors, but we have to give a slight preference to the glowing green one because it looks just a little cooler.

Poptropica Green Glow Mummy

Just like the white mummy, but with an eerie greenish glow.

So if you’re in the mood for a classic Halloween costume in Poptropica, head to the Ghoul’s Gala and check out the mummies!

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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. i like the greenish one because it looks more real and the white one looks like a person who broke a lot of their bones πŸ˜›

  2. hey, Fierce Moon, why is the picture for this a witch? shouldn’t it be a mummy ( in the halloween costumes sign) ?

  3. Yeah, the greenish one looks more cool.

  4. i know when mystery train is coming out- october 7!

  5. Mystery train already came out didn’t it?

  6. mystery train came out for members…

  7. Oooohhh. I havnt been on for alooooooooong time. I had to get caught up a little

  8. I like the green glowing one better. XD Maybe it’s also the eyes too… The white one has large, open eyes.

  9. Tick Tock Tick Out, Day of Fate at 5:00

    P.S: How should I run away, jump of the roof or break my door?

  10. I Love the Harry Potter Custome its cool so are the mummies

  11. hey bendy dragon did u see me

  12. meet me at the mythology k guys plz meet me there! πŸ™‚

  13. LOL asome mummy i think??????

  14. Firece Moon I have a question for you or other members to answer:You know the sparkle power in shrink ray shot I have it and when my membership expires will it disappear? πŸ˜€

  15. please join multiverse BJN79

  16. whatever members only item you have you can keep forever

  17. no it wont disappear i still have my sparkle power.

  18. Multiverse: DGL32 please come!!!

  19. Thx cae315 and silver moon! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  20. Hey people I was 1 of the 1st poptropicans!Isn’t it sooooooooooooooooooo cool !!!!!!!!! On Sept.8,2008 my mom showed me this site called Funbrain.com(cause she wanted to show me some educationl games) then when I saw this giant sign that said poptropica i clicked it and it was AWSOMELY GREAT AND FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D I have ….34 or more poptropicans(not sure and by the way this is the truth i promise and I never break them) I have a main girl(she is the only one with membership and the 1 i spend more time on)and a main boy 1! πŸ˜€ :D!!

  21. omg i am so happy to be on here i am soprting my mom mom

  22. i was one of the first ones 2! i learned it at http://www.funbrain.com 2. i still play on there and im 12!!!

  23. I found out about Poptropica from Funbrain.com too! How ironic. ;D However, I lost my main account and had to make another, then I forgot to go on for a while, and lost that one too. XDDD I must be a failure!

  24. i found out about poptropica last year, my friends found out, my friend that went to highschool found out poptropica first in my school! that was 2 o 3 years ago!

  25. i found out about poptropica last year, my friends found out, my friend that went to highschool found out poptropica first in my school! that was 2 oe 3 years ago!

  26. i started playing when there were only 2 islands: early poptropica and shark tooth.

    get the pink prom dress (75 credits)
    lipstick from the movie thingy (just finish the game and you can have it)
    aphrodites hair from Mythology Island the blonde hair with roses
    u can either have black, blonde, or pink hair
    the electrify special effect (250 credits) do the pink electrify
    the heart followers (250 credits i think)

  28. Actually Clean Club you can just customize FROM aphrodite if you’ve gotten that far in myth. island. And unless you have ALOT of credits I recomend you just customize from Aphrodite in Mythology and then do the extra stuff if you really wanna look like Aphrodite

    P.S. HEY APHRODITE I STILL SAY ATHENA IS MY FAVORITE GODDESS! Besides without her “Wisdom” I wouldn’t had thought to get cheaper ways heheheh

    PPS I was Athena for “Hallow’s Eve” Last year

  29. Also at the moment I’m finding out how to get a ‘Ghostbusters’ Costume in poptropica

  30. or you could just costumize aphrodite and add heart followers(optional).

  31. I know a good Halloween costume: The Medicine Man!

  32. LOL. I know a good costume too. Step by step guide. Besides, it’s all free:
    You have to do Mythology island until you get to Aphrodite’s realm (on Poseidon’s Beach. Do you
    have the touchscreen mirror? If you do just click on the Heart symbol there and you’ll be in front of Aphrodite. Get Aphrodite’s bangs with the makeup and hoop earrings. DO NOT GET HER HAIR. Get also her heart necklace. Go to the right of her and get the purple surfer girl hair. Do Ctrl + Shift + H and keep doing it until your hair goes dark brown or black. If it is dark brown or black, no need.
    Get to Thomas Edison’s time. I’m lazy so just go to Time Tangled walkthrough. Get the hat of one of the workers there, preferably color blue.
    No confusion! The thing you’ll have to buy here is free okay? Get the Graduate costume and get the dress thingy while it’s blue.
    Of course you have to be a girl to wear it! The pink lips will do. You can get it from one of the many Poptropicans who have it. Just no moles, okay?

  33. Oh if you want you can also use the goth girl in Ye Olde Rumour Mille in Astro-Knights island’s star necklace although it may clash a bit with the gold hoop earrings.

  34. πŸ˜† wish you had a ninja costume for halloween? its easy just do red dragon and when your training he’l give you a ninja costume and thats how… i think you knew but if didn’t and you haven’t finished the island then watch the videos of the most red dragon thingy “RED DRAGON” πŸ˜†

  35. :happy: any more costumes? πŸ™