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Halloween Costumes – Green Witch

It’s October and that means Halloween Time in Poptropica. To get in the spirit, here at PoptropicaSecrets.com, we’re featuring a different costume every day for the month of October. We’ll take a look at all kinds of costumes, including ones you can get for free, some that are available in the store, and some that require you to assemble from different parts of Poptropica.

Poptropica Green Witch

The Green Witch is a classic Halloween costume for Poptropica.

The first costume is an easy one: the green witch from the Haunted House party, also known as the Ghoul’s Gala. This is the party that you attend after you solve the Haunted House mini-quest. The green witch features a green mask with long nose, a black dress and cape, a broomstick, and a tall black hat with a spider at the very top. And of course, green skin! It’s the perfect costume for getting into the Halloween mood quickly. Boo!

There are a lot of different costumes that you can find at the Ghoul’s Gala party, including Dracula, a green scrooge guy, a scarecrow with a pitchfork, a purple witch, a skeleton, two kinds of mummies, the grim reaper, and now a zombie! More of these costumes will be featured in the upcoming days. What do you think of the Green Witch outfit? Spooky enough?

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