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Get Ready for Some Football

The 46th Superbowl is almost here and Poptropica players can start celebrating with the American Football Player costume, which is now featured prominently in the Poptropica Store. There’s nothing new about the costume but the Poptropica Creators are highlighting it on the main Poptropica blog. The costume comes in four different colors: blue, red, green and purple. Blue is definitely the choice for this weekend, regardless of whether you’re a fan of the New York Giants or the New England Patriots. The Poptropica Creators appear to be fans of the Patriots, since the company is located in Boston and they made a comment about preferring silver helmets (the color that the Patriots wear). How about you? Who are you rooting for in this year’s Superbowl game?

Personally, I’m just looking forward to watching the commercials.

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  1. 1st!!! YAY!!!!!

  2. BTW the Giants are soo winning. Suck it up, Patriot fans. 😀

  3. I cant wait for the get ready for some football to come and monster island

  4. Is A Monster Island Coming?

  5. Come on Patriots!!! Avenge the Niners!!! I’m Tebowing for the Patriots!!

  6. 2nd to comment yay! But not soooo yay

  7. Go Patriots! 😀

  8. If the Giants win, we could all be in BIG trouble. One class’s teacher said that they wouldn’t get homework for a week/month/ year. So hopefully, they won’t get it, because my class has to do WORK WORK WORK.

  9. -Football player with red lips 😆

  10. i have no idea wat football or new york giants or new england patriots is cos i dont live in stinky america

  11. Hi i cant wait for haunted house to get there somebody tell me is this island

  12. yea patriots!

  13. Giants!!!! all the way
    NYC baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Same for me, Tiny Panda, I live in Australia! We call football “footy”. I hate footy.

  15. patriots ftw! :mrgreen:

  16. I’m rooting for the Giants!

  17. The giants won!!!! Suckers, Cd! Oh and, we have the argument going on there in Poptropica Secrets Forum. She used the f word because the patriots lost.

  18. Please, we still have raheat the God of rap still on here after 1 year. (Sighs)

  19. GIANTS WON!!

  20. OH WAT NOW!! I TOLD YA ALL THE GIANTS WUD WIN! 🙂 halfway through, I started giving up hope, but with that touchdown…:D the commercials weren’t that great, though. ive seen better D:

  21. the pats are fuckin awesome

  22. I love poptropica. bye the way giants win. i liked the article.

  23. Acually I thought it was the Greenbay Packers and the New Orlean Saints or is that last year i dunno I get confused and won more thing …………. GREENBAY PACKERS RULE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay bye !