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Four Fashionable Outfits in Poptropica

Last week, I published a guide to cool costumes that were easy to get in Poptropica. A lot of you added comments of even more costumes that you can find, so here’s another guide of very fashionable costumes in Poptropica. These four are for girl characters. I’ll write a post tomorrow with dashing outfits for the guys. Special thanks to poptropicadude for some great suggestions.

And now, on to the Poptropica costumes…

Aphrodite from Mythology Island

She’s the Goddess of Love and she’s got classical fashion taste. Aphrodite features a tiara of roses, bold and beautiful lips, a heart-shaped necklace, and pink and red flowing robes. You can find her in Poseidon’s domain in Mythology Island. If you’ve already finished the island, just use the mirror she gave you to find her. Click on the heart on the mirror, and you’ll arrive right next to where she’s standing.

Queen from Astro-Knights Island

What’s more fashionable than royalty? You can costumize the queen inside the castle in Astro-Knights Island for a very regal look. If the queen’s robes aren’t your thing, there are also a lot of great princess outfits to choose from inside and around the castle.

B.A.D. Lady

If you want to look very fashionable, head to the B.A.D. Bistro in the Balding Avenue section of Spy Island. It’s just to the right of Main Street. Inside the B.A.D. Bistro, you’ll find three B.A.D. operatives enjoying dinner. The woman is wearing a very fancy black polka-dotted dress with a pearl necklace, earrings, and a headband.

Goth Girl in Ye Olde Rumor Mille

Here’s another outfit from Astro-Knights Island. If you go all the way to the right and enter Ye Olde Rumor Mille and then jump up to the platform on the right, you’ll find a Goth Girl. The outfit features a black dress and a skull belt along with a star necklace. I changed my skin to gray by visiting the skin color vendor in Early Poptropica and changed my hair to black inside the diner in 24-Carrot Island to complete the look.

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. That’s cool! My characters have a fashion sense too! 🙂

  2. My character has a very calm fashion.

  3. Do ya get fashion from the poptropica store mate ok bye bye PEACE!.

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  8. Well, make that 5th, but I like the Goth one alot. And I’m not goth, so don’t be scared!!!

  9. Jessa is an neat name magicbird

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  12. Jessa is cool.

  13. i am member of poptropica i buyed all

  14. Lazy Fang (POPTROPICA NAME)

    cant wait until skulldugery island comes out!
    i love the member trailer and the one on the poptropica creators blog!

  15. jessa sounds sweet and cool magic bid

  16. Comical Fire, I’m kinda not talking, I’m typing, so maybe you should change your words. 🙂

  17. How come it has the B.A.D Lady, and the Nabooti lady as 1 of the 4?

  18. How do u get the Binary Bard costume from Astro-Knights? Please make a walkthrough so that everyone that wants this costume can see how to get it.

  19. i like the gothic girl and aphrodite but the costume they should of put on is ATHENA! she ROCKS!

  20. Where is your guide for boys?

  21. i like athena a lot and if you wanna change your skin color press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S and if you wanna change skin color samething cept change S into H

  22. Skullduggery island is coming out for members May 20 and for everyone June 17

  23. I thought you were a dude Magic Bird.OPPPPSSssssss 😀

  24. the poptropica skulldugger

  25. oh! thanks
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  26. This chat fails in so many ways.

  27. I tend to look like the people on the island. For example, Skullduggery Island comes out June 17, I’ll be in a pirate outfit.

  28. It’s been one day and the guide for us boys hasn’t been out yet.

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  30. yeah, I want the Binary Bard costume 2.

  31. Jessa: rare, but cool.

  32. my chareter looks like goth girl

  33. but her lips are red and her skin color is different

  34. um, yeah sure Jessa is a cool name. right now i am depressed.

  35. what about it was four fashionable friends that have these names
    gothic girl:molly
    B.A.D LADY:kelly
    QUEEN:queen nuiqe
    and those are the four fashionable friends (:

  36. When Mythology island first came out, I went straight to Aphrodite. A lot of people have seen me costumized as her, and copying me. it is really annoying. 😉 But they have great taste.

  37. Ummmm…it shows a nabooti charater in the picture?

  38. i’m going to put my chareter in the B.A.D LADY costume

  39. OMG I am from australia

  40. I LOVE POPTROPICA!!!!!!!!!!!

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  43. princessshinegoldheart666

    what about the girl outfits in mythology island?

  44. I’m looking at some of these responses thinking ”
    Ya’ll are MEAN!!!” This post is to type what we think about the costumes, not to insult people. By doing that, you are no real poptropican. And THAT is an insult.

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  49. OMG!!!! i have tried all of them already and the best is……….. the queen!
    people think you are the “Queen” when you go into the arcade or stuff like that.
    second best is……….Aphrodite because she is pretty pretty then goes to Bad lady then goth girl. thx!

  50. B.A.D lady i mean


  52. Hey Guys :]
    I have a AWESOME outfit for a Girl!
    Hope you have 75 credits handy!
    Hair= French hairdo, with the black barette. Found in Counterfeit Island, Mimes.
    Blush= Found almost ANYWHERE. As in places where you can chat and battle against other people.
    Top= This is why you need 75 credits. You need to buy the “Prom Outfit”. Pick a the top, and color you choose.
    Extra= Go to Nabooti Island. Go to the Market, and take the neck piece from one of them.
    Bangs= Take from the Prom Outfit. NO EARRINGS!!.
    Pants= Black Pants :]

    Hope it Helped!

  53. so you CANT have these costumes if yer not a member?

  54. I guess that I find these pieces of clothing “Alright”. However, I prefer wearing different pieces of an outfit, from different outfits. But that’s just me, for that matter.

  55. I like all of those outfits in Mytholigy Island. I mean, not really the swimsuits….. I don’t really like wearing swimsuits on Poptropica in the Muliverse Rooms….. Well, I really LOVE the Aphrodite outfit. It’s so…. So….So PRETTY!!!!!!!!! I also like the outfits in the shops, too. They are all so pretty, and I like Mytholigy because all the girls are wearing dresses and the guys……Well, the guys…….Well, they look like they are wearing dresses, too…..Look, I know they’re robes, but they look like dresses!! Sorry I wrote so much, so…….Bye!! ~ 🙂 Trusty Singer 🙂

  56. Ok so heres an outfit that I really like:
    Head: (Make sure you have the pop star item and the biker item) Have you hair in a pony tail and wear the black biker hat. Also have the pop star bangs, blush, and lips.
    Shirt: Wear the blue pop star overcoat thing with the black polka dot shirt.
    Belt: Wear the blue pop star belt
    Pants: Where the black biker pants.
    And you will look tough but still cute.

  57. purpleprincess11

    heres one: go to mythology and find this girl with a blue roman toga and costumise the top,get a white skirt,get this black outside top and get Ahprodite’s bangs with any hairstyle

  58. If you put on Athena’s robe, and hold bow and arrows from the robin hood costume, you look like a hunter of Artemis!

  59. i really like aphrodite’s dress. she is my favorite greek goddess.

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  61. i do not know how to get those cute outfits i dont even know how they got them and i want to know how theyu get them.

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  64. these outfits r awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. cool!!!!!!!! =D

  66. Where is the Greek Aphrodite costume??!! I don’t know where it is!!! Plz help!!

  67. a free outfit is get any shirt get the black vest and pants faces just wear how you like

  68. Here’s what my signature look is:
    Poisedon’s hair(It looks really cute so try it)
    Curls withount blush(don’t know haw else to describe it)
    Bangs(u can find them anywhere)
    Purple swimsuit top from poisedon’s beach
    Black short skirt
    Dagger from the 1st guy you see on astro-knights
    purple dragon wings and tail(must have dragon costume)
    Blue skin
    Blabber mouth if u can find it in a chat room or simple smile

  69. If you don’t have dragon wings get purple bat wings(don’t know where to find them other than chat room)Blabber mouth keeps talking even when you’re just standing there and is SO COOL
    I reccomend my costume because many people steal it if you see blue scorpion u can copy it and please try poseidon’s hair cause it’s really cute and if u don’t like the crown get a pink or white newsboy cap on early poptropica.

  70. Anyone can get free costumes from the costumiser.

  71. At the buildings where you can interact with other people is also a really good place to use the costumiser, but you can’t get anything that they are holding or that you can get later in an island.

  72. another good outfit is bere mines black vest and black skirt ANY SHIRT aphrodites earings

  73. ☼☺smiles115☺☼

    Hey, what up with the Nabooti girl costume in the big pic but the goth girl in the description? Didn’t anyone else notice that? ❓ And here’s another good outfit(except the hair, it looks weird 😕 ) ➡ In Bouffant Bay, on the balcony of the yellow (i think its yellow) house, there’s a lady wearing a sea green dress. That dress looks good with Aphrodite’s bangs and the gold necklace from the purple lady in Golden Harbor.

  74. ☼☺smiles115☺☼

    I made a character with that exact outfit described above, the username is 1fancylady if u want to check out the outfit :mrgreen:

  75. I love the outfits on mythology island!Athena’s is awesome!

  76. Greek Myths Luver

    I totally agree wiff u about Athena, Greek Luver but my fave is Artimis
    she just ROX!!!!!

  77. b.a.d. lady is cutie but i dont like the name i call her prom princess

  78. i love the all the outfits

  79. poptropicafan123

    hey i hav a cool outfit for boys okay get the gangster hat (u cant find it any more so get it from me) next get the rok star 2 out fit and get the front
    hilights (any coler) next get the biker jaket and shirt and Pants then get the rock singer micro phone and get rok star 2 get the stuff under the eyes and u will look like a goth rapper ( u can find me at the billards on reality tv) my name is rough brain

  80. poptropicafan123

    any bodyonline

  81. I love the B.A.D. girl outfit!!! So fashionable!

  82. ok if u see me in the chat rooms ur so lucky!!!!!!!!!! im good liiking punk with attitude ballirina meets chick so awesome my names white tiger sry to all u losers with weird names

  83. What’s a good costume to buy?

    It needs:
    – Big pink or red lips
    – Nice shirt
    – Amazing hair with earrings
    – Outer jacket or necklace

  84. hi everyone

    here’s my outfit currantly:
    aphrodite’s toga and hair
    prom queen whole dress (make sure you get pink)
    prom queen bangs or aphrodite’s earings
    and swan ballerina’s pink lips 🙂 you look gorgeous

  85. my other good but simple costume is:
    blondie hair
    reality tv cashier persons top, headband, and apron
    biker pants if u don’t want anyone to copy you in multiplayer rooms (haha suckers 😉 )
    and popstar bangs and lips

    now you like a regular girl doin her job 😀

  86. Here is an outfit that is ToTaLLY cute(requires 225 credits)
    -Aphrodites top part of toga(or the girl with the fruit basket on her head wearing a blue toga)
    -Gamer Girls hair (requires 75 credits)
    -Rocker Girl #1 black jacket(requires 75 credits) or you could use a black vest
    -Black Skirt
    -Any kind of lips
    -Prom Queens bangs(requires 75 credits)

  87. Here is how to look like Queen of the Underworld (requires 150 credits)
    -Go to Astro-Knights island and get the goth girls outfit from Ye Old Rumour Mill (including hair, bangs, and lips)
    -Go to Mythology island and go to the throne room of Hades
    -Use the Mythology Surfer Hades amulet (requires 75 credits)
    -Use Hades Crown to grow in size
    -Change your hair back to the hair you had before using the Popstar outfit (requires 75 credits)

  88. i’ve got 2 accounts
    1- any blue up top from a girl in mythology island
    2-any black pants or that biker’s pants
    3-pink belt from the pop star outfit + lips and bangs
    4-any cool necklace
    5-pony tale hair

    main one

    pigtails from cheerleader (happy) pink popstar bangs and lips + blush
    barbie puppy glam thing outfit or prom outfit (aphrodite’s outfit is cool 2 u know)
    a cool tastic necklace

    Get dressed

  89. Looking for an outfit for your new unlocked Crypdids Island? This is for you!

    1. Go to Crypdids island.
    2. On Main Street, go to the right of Kitty’s Kites. There should be a girl there. costumize her hair.
    3. Go to Cliff mansions. At the 2nd mansion’s gate there should be a woman with her dog. costumize her dress.
    4.make your hair black and skin tanned using the colorizer
    5.Buy the Cowgirl costume. Put on the lips or for a free idea.. chew gum.

  90. Schools almost over for Christmas Break (yay!) but you might miss those cute uniforms if your not in public school…. These outfits are for you!

    Teacher’s Pet:
    1. On Crypdids Island (sorrry not for you free goers) copy the girl on the left of Kitty’s Kites’ hair (not hat) and shirt.
    2. On the left of Betti’s Bed and Breakfast there is a girl copy her bangs with blush and freckles
    3.Buy the Cowgirl outfit *75 credits* and put on the lips.
    4.Go to Counterfeit island.
    5. Go to the Jazz house and copy the girl’s red plaid skirt.
    6. Go to Early Poptropica and try to find a white tie and a backpack.

    1.Go to Counterfeit island.
    2. Go to the Jazz cafe and copy the girl’s shirt with vest.
    3. buy the Devil costume *75 credits* and put on the lips.
    4. Go to Crypdids island and go to the girl left of Kitty’s Kites and put on her leggings + skirt.
    5. Buy the Pop Star *75 credits* and put on the bangs.
    6. Buy the biker *75 credits* and put on the jacket.
    7. Go to the right of Kitty’s Kites in Crypdids and costumize the girl’s hair.

  91. hey seekers fan have you beaten mythology island if you have then use the mirror you won prees the heart and teloport there

  92. my outfit is this:
    get the horns, mouth and body from furry monster 4
    get a tail (preferably a werewolf tail)
    get some wavy hair (found at chat rooms)
    If you want the complete outfit, change your hair purple and your body brown

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  96. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

    It’s freezing here in Canada. We are having a gigantic windstorm!
    It’s surprising the computer actually works!

    What’s the weather where you live guys? (Green Grape and Mighty Drummer)

    Oh by the way, Check out my latest outfit! Tell me if you like it!…Username : Soupy70

    Okay, then! I have no idea what to write so I’ll update on what I’ve been doing on Poptropica!

    I went into early poptropica and found these long gold earring that I haven’t seen before.They’re in my current outfit.I’ve also been trying to work on an outfit that combines the Prom Queen and the Surfer Girl.

    Can you think of anything?

  97. Okay,I have to get off!The wind is kind of really loud up here (there’s a storm outside) and it’s getting a bit scary up here all alone!……………….. 🙂

  98. hello mommy? why am i seeing bright lights?

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  100. Time change : Now to 4:30 and 4:30 to 5:00.

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    I’m sad…

  102. the goth girl is wierd

  103. hi can i come to the dance too? only… i dont have a date so im open to any CUTE guy! 🙂 just ask me some questions here and tell me ur name… i mean poptropica name so i can know who you are. thx

  104. oh people guess what? im actually smart lighting AND cool kid. i hav 2 acounts…. but the thing is i dont use “smart lighting” any more. so. yeah 😉 i know im weird.
    btw, does any1 like my outfit i posted like a bazillion comments ago? it wuz like a cashier girl and an aphrodite girl?

  105. my user name is “ssoexygirl” it was supposed to b sosexygirl but i miss typed

  106. if your a hawt guy who likes making out, say i

  107. jk

  108. sorry i leave WAAAAYYY too many comments… im just obssessed with this 😀

  109. SmartPelican10

    Enchated forest party
    Dancing on top floor, music on middle, and games on 1st wear prom queen to dance(bring a guest),cool outfit to sing/play music, and Hunter of Artemis for games(Get there ASAP,i’m getting lonely)

  110. SmartPelican10

    Fairy Queen’s wings
    Adathroite top
    Biker Braid
    Blue Pants

  111. SmartPelican10

    and lighting special effect

  112. I just look in the chatrooms for stuff- I have an obscure red patterned shirt and the black pants you see everywhere. Oh, and a black belt. 😛
    I also go to Skullduggery a lot for clothes- I found a red bandana from the guy in Bouffant Bay and swirly bangs from the wife of the worker you first see. 😛

  113. party at my poptropica room! room code:DZD45
    -Creepy Fang

  114. Cute Daisy, I live in Canada too!
    I live in BC
    What part of canada do you live in ?

  115. check out my two poptropicans: ilikeratz and ilikeratz11
    PLEASE DO NOT COPY MY OUTFITS!! at least not entirely, you can copy my hair,
    but not all of my clothes.

  116. i will post a party tommorrow on 4:15 to 6:15 the thing vfagg

  117. i got a cool outfit go to avatar studio and my username is mpier2

  118. I’m hosting a zombie party! Come if your can I’ll tell you the code asap.

  119. Hey guys do think my outfit is cute?……my usa name is evangeline6210 add me ☺

  120. I’m like WEARING the Aphrodite outfit right now… except i changed my hair to black and skin to white

  121. Hi guys what do you think of my outfit? Yeah you’ll automatically assume that I love pink when you see it but I prefer lime green. My username is eselby3.

  122. Wait. Sorry about that. I actually love pink. It’s my second favorite color, that’s all.

  123. Please add me on poptropica I’m new my username is MyPaddlesKeenAndBright

  124. add me as a friend username:purplelightning158 no spaces ,i have some really cute outfits in my photos.

  125. sorry messed up, actually my username is, purplelightning158, plus i have some really cute outfits.