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Costume of the Week – Hunter of Artemis

There was a lot of response to the Costume of the Week post last week and many of you replied in the comments section with all kinds of great costume ideas in Poptropica. There were so many good ones it was hard to pick just one to highlight this week. But congratulations go to Super Thunder who put together a whole bunch of great costume ideas. One of the most creative ones was the Hunter of Artemis outfit, inspired by the characters from the Percy Jackson books. Here is how you can put it together.

Unfortunately, this is an expensive outfit because it pulls together both costume pieces and special powers from a variety of different items in the Poptropica store. Therefore, this costume is probably best for members in the game, who get access to all of the store items. Otherwise, you’ll need up to 875 credits for this one.

Poptropica Hunter of Artemis Costume

This costume is assembled from a lot of different outfits from the Poptropica Store.

  • You can have any hair and skin can color for this outfit.
  • Use the Angel costume and customize the robes and the sash.
  • Use Robin Hood’s Bow and Arrow and his backpack of arrows.
  • Now use Pirate Captain and customize the knife hung on the chest.
  • Now you can use the Mythology Surfer hair (the braid).
  • Use Vampire Girl Three’s bangs.
  • Use any pink lips.
  • Now get the Phantom Effect and make it light, only enough to see a silvery glow.
  • Use the Follower Hummingbird.

There you have it, a very cool looking Hunter of Artemis costume in Poptropica. Check back next week for another featured costume. And if you have more ideas, please post and share them in the comments section!

About Fierce Moon

Fierce Moon is the chief blogger here at PoptropicaSecrets.com and loves to play Poptropica along with a bunch of other online games.


  1. how do you get the follower hummingbird??


  3. ummmm……
    how about a costume for a mad scientist? Or ronald mcdonald? Or an old person?

  4. I’m going to get you Super Thunder! I’m going to beat you! Mwah ha ha!
    *Sorry. I’m competitive*

  5. I’m going to get you Super Thunder! I’m going to beat you! Mwah ha ha!
    *Sorry. I’m competitive*

  6. 1800’s Soldier Costume (For Both Males and Females):
    Go to Skullduggery Island. Run to the right until you see a soldier holding a gun. Costumize everything on him. Go up to the telescope and costumize the green hat guy’s belt. (If you had finish the island, go find that guy wearing a green hat. He’s the Cook.) If you have any cards from the store that has anything similar to a gun, put it on your Poptropican. If you want to make your Poptropica soldier look old, go to 24 Carrot island. Go inside the Carrot King Diner and go to the far left. Click on those things under ice-cold drinks. Mix black and white to your choice, then press drink. Now you are a soldier! (Salutes to you.)
    If you are a girl, you don’t need to costumize the hat.

  7. Hi Khmer Girl!

  8. I have….a lot of outfits. Here are all 23. PLEASE pick one! I love them all and hope that you do to!!
    1. The first one is very simple, and costs only 225 credits. I call it: Wannabe
    You need the Pop Star outfit, and Vampire Girl 2’s hair. From the Pop Star outfit, (you can use either Blue or Pink, as you’ll need a blue or pink leather vest to complete it.) Take the hat, microphone, mouth (if you want),and the belt. The last credit item you need is the Prom Queen; this is used for the bangs that go over your eye. Go to Spy Island and inside the optometrist (glasses dude) click on any of the stands and copy the white shirt. The last piece is a white skirt you can take from any Poptropican wearing it.

    2. Goth Girl (kind of): For this, you only need 75 credits for the Pop Star outfit, and you just need the whole hair. Then, you’ll need these random pieces of clothing from any Poptropican wearing them: The grey and white striped shirt with a skull on it, the black leather vest, the plaid skirt, and the black belt with the gold buckle on it. Sunglasses are optional.

    3. Teenager: This one is completely free! No credits required, unless you want a fancy hair. Outfit: You’ll need the black and white shirt (kind of like a blazer), a solid pink skirt, pink tie, pink newsboy hat, and polka dot belt.

    4. Barbie Girl (with a twist): This one requires no credits (unless you want different hair, but I suggest you keep consistent, because it looks weird with out Barbie’s headband.) Outfit: Barbie’s dress (you’ll need to copy her ponytail, but complete the mini-quest and get the bangs), white newsboy hat (if you want) and a pink tie.

    5. Rebel-Ready Punk: Requires 75 credits. Buy the Rock Star 2, and use the black hair and the shirt. Then, copy these items from any Poptropican (NPC or PC) plaid skirt, black leather vest, and black belt, and VOILA! Rebel-Ready Punk.

    6. Sassy Spy: This outfit uses only 150 credits for the Pop Star Outfit and the Royal Ball. Use the top, jacket, and hair pieces from the Pop Star, and the lips from Royal Ball. Then, go to Spy Island and find someone wearing the glasses with the microphone attached. Wear these. Then find any Poptropican wearing a black skirt WITH black tights (so that weird leg over skirt doesn’t happen.) and Voila! You’ve got one sassy spy, and people copying you left and right in the multi-player areas! Have fun with this.
    P.S. I used the Barbie Ponytail and matching blonde pop star bangs. It looks great either way!

    7. Hot Nerd: This is free. You need the pink headband hair, the magenta-ish wrap shirt, a pair of jeans (spy island mannequins) Pink glasses, and purple backpack.

    8. Back-To-School: No credits needed. Find the pink headband hair, and some simple bangs. Find the purple backpack, the pink glasses, the pink sequin vest thing, and the pink/white/gray tie. Also, go to spy island and use the jeans on the mannequins in the eyewear store. And you are ready for school!!!

    9. Casual: 150 credits. Buy Gamer Girl and Prom Queen. Use the shirt and pants from Gamer Girl, and the bangs pieces from Prom Queen. Find any poptropican wearing the black vest. If you want to spend another 75 credits on Southern Belle for the lips, be my guest, it looks fabulous.

    10. The Scene scene: No credits, unless you want cool hair (must be black, though. Rock star 2 black looks great.) Go to reality TV island and copy that emo looking dudes sweater. Find any poptropican wearing a white tie and take it. Use the generic mannequin jean, and find some sunglasses you like. Voila, you are fit for the Scene scene. (Upper case scene: dress emo, but you aren’t emo)

    11. The Ulti-Punk: This is pretty much the same as my Rebel-Ready avatar, but with the Queen of the Underworld twist.
    You use the Hades Crown effect, and put the Rock Star 2 back hair on again.

    12. Evil Tinkerbell: Don’t know if it needs credits, but here; You need that weird red leaf-like dress and black vest. Add a black belt, or the polka dot one, which seems to overpower the more classy choice. Add also the white newsboy hat. Looks weird, but it’s popular.

    13. My Version: Go to Reality TV and play until you get Sarah Snooty, I believe. Copy her dress; add a white newsboy hat, and boom, simple, and cute! Who woulda thunk it?

    14: Asian Barbie: Copy Barbie’s dress outside the Ad Building, and go to Reality TV and keep trying until you get Merry Muse, copy her waist bow. Do whatever else you want… Yeah.

    15: Something Old, Something New: Go to Mythology Island, and use the mirror to get to Aphrodite’s realm. Copy her mouth. Then, go to the restaurant place outside, copy the blue girl’s shirt ONLY. Then, buy the biker outfit and use the jacket, OR with your a cheaper, you can find someone wearing the black vest. You can use the infamous mannequin jean, or the plain black skirt. Finally, use Rock Star 2′s black hair. It’s simple, but pretty.

    16: The Real Deal: This is my 100% true Reality TV Islander outfit! No credits, just a lot of patience! You’ll need: The girl in the blue and pink jacket/dress combo’s hair (she’s on the roof if you’ve already won, on the ground if you haven’t; Sarah Snooty’s dress; and Black Widow’s mouth!

    17: The Classic: 75 credits for the Pop Star shirt! Not jacket, SHIRT. You need the bangs from the girl in the blue and pink dress thing from Reality TV. You can use any kind of back hair (I use Gamer Girl or Vampire 2) any mouth you want (I used Black Widow’s) the pilot scarf, and finally a simple black skirt (no tights or black tights), and to tie it all together, a white newsboy hat!

    18: The Girl from Under: No credits, unless you want a different back hair. Go to Early Poptropican and go into the sewer. Copy that girl’s bangs and outfit. Get the biker jacket, and you are good to go! Easy, and if you are cheap, free!

    19: The True Angel: 75 credits for the Angel Costume. Wear the white ruffled dress you can find on girls in the multi-player areas. Then, use the angel outfit for lips, hair, etc. Simple, cheap, and actually pretty! 🙂

    20: The Magic 20th Outfit: You’ll need: The red shirt (lined with dots on it and white under, no clue where it’s from), mannequin jean, tan shoulder purse, bubble gum mouth, Gamer Girl hair, pop star bangs, prom queen side bang. Looks fabu! Great for my 20th outfit!

    21. The NPC: Free, duh, unless you want cool hair. Just find a pink skirt, no tights, a plain white shirt (long) and black vest. Add a white newsboy cap, and you’re good to go!

    22. The Rosalie Hale: For this Twilight inspired costume, all it takes is 5 easy steps! First, go to Mythology Island and find the girl in green (I believe she’s in the restaurant, Herc’s Hero Hut) and copy ONLY her tank top/shirt. Next, get vampire hair (Any of them look good, but Vampire 1’s is the most realistic, don’t forget to dye it light-blonde!) Then, copy the bangs and hat from Pop Star (GREEN!!!!!!!) Use the mannequin jean from Spy Island, or a white skirt you can find on a RP (Random Poptropican). The last step is to top it off with a black vest you can find on an RP! And voila, you’ll be just as hot as Rosalie!

  9. how about boy costumes….

  10. thank you to khmer girl and strange mon

  11. moon*
    P.S moon plz find more boy costumes 😀

  12. HARRY POTTER ROCKS!!!!!!!!


  13. HARRY POTTER ROCKS!!!!!!!!


  14. I have a boy costume, all found on RP’s (Random Poptropicans)
    -A red and grey sweater thing (OR the emo dudes sweater from Reality Tv)
    -A white tie
    -Mannequin Jean
    -Any hair
    It’s simple, but actually like, laid back cool.

  15. Wow, Strange Moon. That is incredible! Thank you for sharing all of those costume ideas with everyone.

  16. yo wasup for an old person get albart einstine or after u beat tme tangled use the tim machine (not the watch)and copy your older version and just color ure hair whine and for ronald mcdonald get the clown and soccer player copy the colwn and take the yellow shirt and pants

  17. *time (not tim) *white (not whine) *clown (ont colwn)

  18. poptropica secrets how do u set up a little picture like that

  19. for a mad scientist use a big smile get the hypnotic eyes (or those green goggles from spyisland) and hypnotic hair then get th pigments guy shirt (the starred one) then go to spy island and get the eye doctors lab coat and this is free
    P.S. if u want this account is is USER: wafflesol PASS: 00000 (those are zeros)
    P.P.S. here is a picture of him just click on my name

  20. tell me if u like it

  21. Thanks SO much to Poptropica Secrets for the praise!

  22. thnx again moon 😀

  23. @Raheat98: No problem at all! Boy costumes are actually easier, as they’re more… versatile? I don’t know the quite right words.
    @Everyone Else: 2 new costumes! They’re labeled under the same catagory, but are entirely different! Here:
    The Newbs:
    There are 2 of these. Just because newbs are, well, newbs, doesn’t mean that they have worse fashion sense! We’re going back to the basics here!
    1. I call it: The Bouquet! Just find the hair that has the purple headband. You can add bangs if you wish. The outfit itself consists of: The white shirt with the purple daisy, and a solid purple skirt.
    2. I call this one: Sporty Chic: You need the pink headband-equipped hair, the white and pink shirt with the pink ‘8’ on it, and solid pink skirt. Again, you may add bangs if you so desire.

  24. I just tried my hand at “Spot Nessie” on the sneak peek for Cryptids Island, and failed miserably. But, lo! I got a new costume for you out of it! Go to the Sneak Peek for Cryptids Island and, after you try the “Spot Nessie” activity, find the lady standing on the shore. Customize her for her “I <3 Nessie” shirt. Use the green glasses from the Rock Star outfit, to hide the bags under your eyes from waiting for Nessie to surface. Use the Biker Jacket, as it gets pretty chilly on Loch Ness. Use either the Mannequin Jean, or Gamer Girl/Guy pants. And, poof, you are ready to camp on the beach and wait…and wait….and wait… *GASP* Is that Nessie? *Pulls out binoculars* Nope. Just a mossy log. Darn.

  25. lol strange moon

  26. The Chic Chick
    1. Copy off gamer girls hair (75 credits)
    2.copy barbies dress in tht barbie dog game thing
    3. copy off sarah snootys vest in reality tv
    4. slap on a pink newsboy cap
    *for some more glam, put on tht polka dot belt tht u see on RPs

  27. gossip girl
    1.get the fairy queen hair except bangs
    2.get prom queen bangs
    3.get the anchor shirt from the find nessie thing
    4.get pop gum mouth
    5.get a blue skirt
    6.get shades(optional)

  28. Click my name for…FBI Girl…
    This outfit is one of my best…
    Details on how to get it below…
    Free Outfit…

    1) Keep Randomizing (Ctrl-Shift-R) until you get a handheld cell phone
    2) Get your skin and hair colours how you want them
    3) Go to Skullduggery Island and Costumise the lips from the lady trader…
    4) Go to RTV Island and Costumise the clothes and shades from the guy outside the helicopter
    5) Get the hairstyle, the jacket and the hair twirly bangs from any NPCs or try multiplayer rooms…

    TIPS: Go for a slightly Asian skin colour for the best effect along with a dusty dark chocolate brown hair colour…

  29. This looks awesome on all islands…

  30. Greek Goddess (optionaly 300 credits)
    1.get the prom queen and use the dress, white looks best
    2. on mythology island, copy off the hair and white thing off tht girl by hercs hero hut
    3. get the eye covering bangs from tht one goth dude on realaity tv (or the prom queen bangs)
    4.put on some lips (the karate masters lips work best)
    5. put on the phantom effect till u get it into a light glow

  31. hope u like my costumes 🙂

  32. Cute Criminal
    1.go to super power island and copy off copy cat’s hair
    2.copy off any of the criminal’s outfits
    3. get a black vest from a RP
    4.get lips or a cute smile
    * add a cute star or peace sign necklace and/ or some pretty bangs for a glam effect.

  33. Nessie’s Biggest Fan
    1. copy off the shirt and hair from tht girl in the cryptids ad
    2. copy off some cool bangs from a RP
    3. put on sun shades and a skirt
    Very simple costume, u can put on other hair and bangs as long as u have the nessie shirt ur ok

  34. Glam Rocker (150 credits)
    1.buy the rock star 2 costume and use the hair, the star makeup, ant the top
    2. buy the popstar costume and use the vest
    3. copy off a plaid skirt and a girly belt from an RP
    4. put on either the mic from the pop star, or a guitar from the rock star
    5. put on the pop star lips

  35. DJ Princess
    1. get the hair and bangs from the prom queen costume
    2 go to Astro Nights ad copy off the necklace the belt the top and the ear things from tht girl standing next to the castle where the king is.
    3. get the werewolf girl’s skirt
    Now ur reasy to ROCK THIS PART-AY!!!

  36. Midevile Princess/ Maiden
    1. get the hair from the prom queen for a princess or the pop star for a maiden
    2. go to the Ye OLd Rumor Mill and copy off the girl in the pink’s dress or the goth girl’s dress, whatever your mood is.
    3. add any other accessories if u wish

  37. Fortune teller/ Gypsy (idk wht to call it)
    1.go to tht one girl in astro nights by the rumor mill and copy her hair
    2. go to tht girl in astro nights by where the king is and copy her dress ONLY
    3. go to mythology and find the lady with the fruit on her head. copy her earings and blue thing
    Now, the crystal ball tells me tht this costume is ADORABLE!!!

  38. OMG!!!
    I have Poptropica Secrets’ Facebook!!!
    Her facebook name is Felicia Moon.

  39. Chilled out guy (i dont mean literally :D)
    heres a cool outfit for guys. Use either Percy’s hair (in my pic) or using rock singer hair. look around poptropica for white or black top (over shirt). get rock singer hair. then use rock singer shades or go to spy island HQ (right next to blimp) and get shades from receptionist guy. Get black pants from that guy (not necessary but you can do it) and thats about it… If you want an idea of how it looks click on my name.
    P.S It doesnt have to be red

  40. oh yeah you dont need the belt also but you can get it.
    Its at super power island. Police have it.

  41. Poptropica Secrets, can you please have one for boys? I don’t know if someone did one in the comments, so please, if you see one, post it.

  42. I made this up, and It’s mostly for girls. ^^’ (Sorry boys!)
    The Black and White Demon
    For this, you need black hair and white skin.
    1. Buy furry monster 2 and customize the horns only.
    2. Get any type of hair you want and customize it.
    3. Get biker girl and customize the hat, the vest, the pants, and the belt.
    4. Get Rockstar Girl 2 and customize the black and white broken heart shirt.
    5. (Optional) Get phantom, torch, and/or skull follower.
    6. That’s the black and white demon!

  43. I have an outfit, im not not sure if its good or not, do u like it, go to the avatar studio and type in supergreek1 and tell me

  44. Headless Horseman Outfit (for boys):

    For pumpkin head, do Ctrl+Shift+P
    Go to Skullduggery Island. There is a variety of 1800’s clothing, so choose one. You’re finish! Muah-Ha-Ha!!!!!!!! 🙂

  45. So. I cannot take credit for this one, I found it already on someone in a multi-player room. But it looks cool, so I’m going to tell you all how it’s done:
    Go to Astro-Nights island and find the Goth Girl either at the secret meeting or at the Ye Olde Rumor Mill and copy her belt. Then find an RP with the black skirt/tights combo. Then, and I don’t know where this is, find either an RP or a certain character wearing a purple top with intersecting lines and white top. Then, go to early poptropica and in the sewer, copy that girl’s bangs. Use vampire 2’s hair, and find the spiky choker. Then, go to Spy Island and find someone wearing the completely dark sunglasses. Copy those, and you’re done! Link: http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=beTBET3FRYzJsc2RtVnljR1ZzZERjPQ%3D%3D

  46. Thank you, PoptropicaSecrets, for choosing mine. I’m sorry that my outfit was so expensive. Ever since I got membership, I find it hard not to use all the costumes. I am working on a boy one, so please be patient everybody, as I don’t have a boy account with membership.

  47. bravo super thunder! 😀

  48. Read ur blog. It’s cool!

  49. ikr? congratulations super thunder! 😉

  50. Thanks (again) Asia Love and Khmer Girl! 😉

  51. I liked all of yours as well, Super Thunder! They were all great, but I especially like Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt!!! 🙂 Great job! But, I’ll beat you this week!

  52. soo….wat r u planning 4 ur next costume?
    i’m making a headless horseman costume.

  53. Jail Bird:
    Find an RP or other player wearing the regular striped black and white shirt. Girls, add a black skirt. Boys, add black jeans. DO whatever else, and you are in prison for being too ahead of style!

  54. Just playing Lin! I’m not doing a headless horseman costume! I’m doing a soldier from the 1800s.

  55. Huh. I’M doing the headless horseman one. But, cool topic Viv.

  56. Multiverse Party! Room code: AWH22

  57. Good job, Strange Moon! I bet you will beat me, though. It’s just so tough! All the costumes are amazing!

  58. may the best costume win.

  59. Things r sooooooooo going to heat up soon.

  60. well night guys. this is Linda (Lin) Chang, signing off! 😉

  61. bye everyone. 晚安!

  62. I’m related to Asia Love, so i’m kinda Chinese.

  63. LOL. This is Bella (Isabella) Amaya signing off.

  64. all my outfits
    1.get bangs
    2.get pigtail braids
    3.get aphrodite’s top
    4.get rockstar 1’s vest
    5.get poseidon’s belt
    6. get the counterfeit guide’s skirt
    7 chew popgum
    1.get rockstar 2’s hair except bangs
    2.get popstar bangs
    3. get the counterfeit sailor’s coat
    4.get the 24 carrot dinner server’s shirt
    5.get a white skirt with blue leggings
    6.get rockstar lips
    7.get a white newsboy cap
    1.get popstar bangs
    2.get the fairy queen’s bun
    3. get the pop star shirt
    4.get a black vest from a random poptropican
    5. get a polkadot belt
    6.pink shirt
    1.get a braid with a headband from reality tv
    2..bucky lucas’s shirt
    3.get black jeans
    4.black vest from random poptropican
    5.green shades from rockstar 1
    1. get wavy hair
    2.get purple shades
    3.chew popgum
    4. red dress with black pants
    1. get a backpack
    2.peace shirt
    4.nerdy glasses and gum or a bid smile
    1.get gamer girl hair with side bangs from multiplayer rooms
    2.ruffled white dress
    3.biker vest
    4. blue or yellow or pink electricity effect
    1get green newsboy cap
    2.popstar hair
    3.pearl necklace
    4.red dress
    1. pony tail with side bangs or wavy hair
    2.swirly rainbow shirt
    3.peace necklace
    4. light pink skirt
    1.birthday balloon
    2.fairy queen’s hair and top(purple)
    3.royal ball costume skirt(purple)
    4.fairy queen’s lips green
    1.yellow electricity effect
    2.gamer girl’s lips
    3.queen of egypt’s necklace and eyeliner
    4.white shirt
    5.red or blue skirt
    6. poseidon’s belt
    7.black widow’s hair
    8. ghost follower
    1.ruffled white dress
    2.blonde wavy hair with side bangs from multiplayer rooms
    3.peace necklace
    1.go to super power and go the the meteor guy and get the metal thingy on his back
    2.biker vest
    3.striped skull shirt
    4. black skirt
    5.spy shades
    6. side bangs and pony tail
    1. anchor shirt from the find nessie thing
    2.black biker vest
    3.dark blue skirt
    4.gamer girl hair and prom queen bangs

  65. Yet another costume:
    Use the same shirt from my last costume, you’ll need the two rock star outfits. Use the black hair from Rock Star 2, the belt from Rock Star 1, and the tactical agent sash thing (Spy Island)

  66. Magician (boy):
    Go to Early Poptropica and copy the balloon man’s shirt and top hat. Find the grey-ish opened over-shirt, and a pair of jeans. If you want, you can really just add the magic wand from the actual magician costume
    Magician’s Assistant (girl):
    Go to Spy Island and copy the girl in the Bistro’s entire outfit, aside from her mouth cause it looks funny… anyways, add the polka-dotted belt. 🙂 You can add any other embellishments you want, like I used the star necklace one Goth Girl from Astro-Nights instead of the pearl.

  67. Thanks Super Thunder! That means a lot coming from the winner! PoptropicaSecrets asked me if I wanted to be a Fashion Reporter!!!! 🙂

  68. does any one like my outfits?
    i really want to win next week cause i want to be a fashion designer when i grow up:)

  69. Silver Moon, your outfits are great! I’m jealous I didn’t think of them first!!! 🙂 Great job.

  70. The Teenager (2): Randomize your avatar (ctrl-shift-r) until you get the cell phone. Change your skin and hair to whatever it was before, or what you want it to be. Then, make my Casual outfit:
    Gamer Girl shirt, pants
    Biker jacket

  71. Tinker Bel
    1.get the fairy queen hair and wings
    2.red dress
    3.get the electricity effect and make it yellow or get atom power
    4. get the shrink thing from gulliver’s travels
    5. get prom queen bangs

  72. thanks Strange Moon, yours are so good and there are so many of them!!!!:)
    but you know we have similar names in poptropica
    P.S. how do you make a smiley face?

  73. here are steps to my outfit: (about 300 credits total)

    1 go to mythology island and get aphrodite’s bangs and necklace only
    2 put robin hood’s bow and the pack of arrows on
    3 put on pink or green (bottom only) of the prom queen outfit (pink works best)
    4 go to astro knight island and at the castle in the princesses room get the lady in blue’s top and belt only
    5 use pop star’s lips
    6 get vampire girl 2’s hair
    7 go to carrot island and get hair purple, pale yellow, black or brown (brown works best)
    8 go to early poptropica and get ur skin pale colored
    9 your done! have fun

  74. my username is supergreek1 in case u wanna look at it

  75. here’s a cool glitch, it looks awesome with a bow too! on reality tv island go on top of the helicopter, on the metal bump above where u click t2 start the show, you start spinning and ur character starts whining, and when u shoot, you shoot 2 ways and it make u look cool

  76. : ) or : D

  77. don’t put space between : and D or : and )

  78. here`s a free costumie but u have to go to to spy island and copy the eye store maniqunie white tank top and jeans. Then go to rtl and go till u get black widow`s hair. then u have crazyed mom

  79. Chillin’ out (not literally) it will cost 75 credits
    heres a cool outfit for boys. Use either Percy’s hair (in my pic) or using rock singer hair. look around poptropica for white or black top (over shirt). get rock singer hair. then use rock singer shades or go to spy island HQ (right next to blimp) and get shades from receptionist guy. Get black pants from that guy (not necessary but you can do it) and thats about it… If you want an idea of how it looks click on my name.

  80. oops forgot to add 😀 in parenthesis…. oh well….

  81. dont click name now actually because i randomized by mistake. my bad 🙁

  82. there is some weird glitch like while costumizing nerd on the new island my character walked from spot t that persons spot. WEIRD😀

  83. actually for my first costume (Boys) it cost nothing as you get hair from bucky lucas, and the tie actually can be found on a NPC. The mouth can be found on that dude next to viewfinder at new island. and then the glasses and black pants from spy island secretary.

    click on name to see what it looks like.

  84. I have a perfect outfit for Reality TV, sorry, girls only! 😐
    Copy Bucky Lucas’ pants
    Use Rocks Star 2 for shirt and hair
    Find the black belt on an RP
    Biker Jacket
    Any mouth you want

  85. Thank you Strange Moon! That also means a lot coming from a person who has come up with so mane outfits. You too, silver moon!

  86. Green Girl Costume:
    On Time Tangled, go to the time period with those Boys with red mohawks and customize somebody with the green leaves headband.

    On Shark Tooth, Put on the Grass Skirt.

    From Astro-Knights Island, customize the Green Knight’s armor.

    Get Green pants from the nerd on Super Power Island.

    From the Poptropica Store, Customize the Pop Star’s hair and color it green.

    From the Poptropica Store, Customize the Fairy Queen’s lipstick.

  87. Queen of Hearts:
    Prom Queen hair (EVERYTHING)
    The red leaf-ish dress
    White/Black vest
    Polka Dot Belt
    (: Hope You Like It 🙂

  88. wow strange moon…. how many costumes did you umm…… create/suggest or something like that?? 😀 🙂

  89. here’s and outfit i made [girls only]
    first off you have to buy rock star 1 & 2
    ok now on rock star 2 set the color to white and copy the entire hair
    now on rock star 1 copy the jacket and the belt
    now go to mythology and see the girl with the fruit on her head? copy her lips
    now go to any multiplayer and copy a white wavy dress and blush that doesn’t come with bangs
    now add anything else you want…ENJOY!

    go here to see how it looks….

  90. I’m up to 28.

  91. Mulit-player party!!! 😮 DJX74

  92. 70s rocker

    150 credits
    1. Buy the Vampire Girl two.( Please get blond green hair if you are caucasian. If you are any other race get black hair ) Customize the hair the necklace and the glasses.
    2. but the Rocker Girl two and customize the lips, the shirt the pants and the guitar of the rocker.
    3. Bah bam you got a 70s rocker!

  93. Okay.
    I shall call her
    Indian Mystery
    I was inspired by Bride and Prejudice
    A’ight. It goes like this.
    You need 75 credits or 150 credits for this one.
    1. Go to Golden Harbor on Skullduggery island.
    2. Go to the top building and customize the girl wearing pink. customize her shirt, her mask thing and the necklace
    3. Next buy the prom queen. Customize her earrings, her hair, her bottom part of her dress, her lips.
    4. You can OR can’t buy the fan from the royal ball.

  94. i wish i had a membrship but my mom and dad don’t want people takin muney frum them:(

  95. oh and hi silver moon.

  96. Congratulations Super Thunder for winning.

  97. Okay. I’ll call this sassy warrior.
    It costs 150 credits.
    Okay. Let’s do this.
    Sassy Snake Warrior
    1. Buy the Egyptian Queen
    2. Customize the braids, necklace thing, shirt.
    3. Now buy the dark night and customize the sword and pants.
    4. Bah Bam! You got a Sassy Snake Warrior.

  98. Poptropica Secrets; It would be really helpful if you chose two each week.

  99. Tht dude is rite bout tht^^^^^^

  100. I’m a…………..never mind.
    I forgot to mention to buy the lips and eyeliner from the Queen of Egypt costume. ALTHOUGH you could go without it and add any pink lips to the mix instead.

  101. .::Wonderful Waitress::.
    This is super simple, and free, if you so wish:
    Copy the girl in the blue-and pink dress on Reality TV for her dress and braid. Go to 24 carrot Island and copy the waitress’ apron. DONE! Simple, and actually kind of cute!!!

  102. i always liked free outfits.
    I’m going to try some. But……………it seems that a certain STRANGE MOON stole any idea I could’ve come up with.

  103. Although……………..i do remember doing a Wonder woman style. but i need to remember how to do it.

  104. Casual 2 (or, Magic 30th outfit):
    The yellow shirt with multi-colored stripes. White vest, and the black skirt with black tights. Glasses that are about 1/2 down your face. Gamer girl hair and pop star bangs complete the look! It’s casual, and perfect for my 30th outfit!!!! Thanks for everyone’s support.

  105. 🙂 And I do so sincerly apologize Nicholas! I just see inspiration and use it! But I won’t even attempt to “steal” your wonder woman style! I’ll be nice. This time. 😉

  106. Another Boy Costume!:
    The Lumberjack:
    Red shirt w/suspenders, and the jeans with the black belt attached. Use Bucky Lucas’ hair, and all the mightiest forests tremble in your presence! All trees shall that stand in your way will fall, or be felled by you! We worship you, O Mighty Lumberer!

  107. Credit for this goest Bendy Gamer, whom I saw in the Billiards Hall at Reality TV Island.
    Emo dude’s sweater, a black skirt, and polka-dot belt. Add a white tie and it’s done! Cool, laid back, but still classy. 😀 Or, ya know, emo-ish.

  108. I got a simple costume called the Ninja spy
    Spy pants & shirt from Spy island
    Midnight Ninja Mask & Nunchucks from the poptropica store

  109. flying warrior
    soldier helmet from delphi from time tangled island
    neck, pants belt from xenon trooper
    shirt from fire fighter
    staff from karate master
    wings from sky hawk warrior

  110. popular girl
    1.get a blue vest and shirt
    2.purple skirt
    3.queen of egypt’s eyeliner and mouth
    4.prom queen bangs and any other hair style

  111. girly adventurer
    1.get a white tie and news boy cap
    2.adventure shirt(it has a lot of pockets and it is tan)
    3.get a black skirt

  112. Cool girl
    1.get a blue shirt with a music note on it
    2.get light blue skin the same color as the shirt
    3.get black pants with a bark blue belt
    4.get a pop gum mouth

  113. oh..yeah get your hair red

  114. disco outfit
    1.the hair of the 24 carrot diner server
    2.the musical note shirt
    3.purple skirt
    4.white vest
    5.turn your hair black

  115. Green Girl Costume. You need 150 credits to do this.

    When on Time Tangled Island, go to the Sort of Egypt time period with those guys with the Red mohawk armor and go right and customize one of those people with leaf Head bands and customize the leaf head bands.

    Go to Shark Tooth Island and put on your grass skirt.

    On Astro-Knights island go to the green planet and cusomize the Green Knight’s chest armor.

    Then Go to Super Power and customize the nerds pants.

    Purchase the Pop Star costume from the Poptropica Store and color it green, of course.

    Now Buy the Fairy Queen costume and customize the green lipstick smile.

    Click my name to see the Costume!

  116. I am Quick Boa’s twin brother and we have been thinking about this combo for a long time! It is called the Scottish Spy! You will need 75 credits.
    1. Go to Cryptids Island and customize the hat from the Scottish dude by the viewfinder.
    2. Go to spy island and copy the suit & pants off of the spy at the desk.
    3. Buy the Space Sentry and use his gun.

  117. Costume based on isabella (from Phineas and Ferb)-
    Wear the dress Barbie is wearing outside that ad that is going on now (Denim dress with pink thread and white shirt)
    Wear pink headband hair, or long straight hair with a pink newsboy cap.
    Put on a side smile.
    Dye your hair black
    Voila, a costume which makes you look cute. You can put on freckles if you want to.

  118. The Explorer!
    1.Go to Nabooti island and copy the pilot’s hat.
    2. Go to Cryptids island and copy the old woman’s camera.
    3.Go to Time Tangled island and see Lewis and Clark. Copy their shirt and pants! Time: 1805 AD
    Click on my name to see it!

  119. This one is called the Vampirate king:
    YOU NEED: 75 credits, to have beaten mythology island, and to have bought and beaten the haunted house.
    1.Buy the pirate captain costume and customise every thing exept the hair and mouth
    2.Change your skin color to a very white color
    3.Costumize the cape and mouth of the vampire
    4.Put on Hades’ crown

    Here’s the link to my avatar:

  120. hmm i wonder whether i should now use poptropica name or not???? hmmm… ok next comment of mine will have poptropican name 😀

  121. Hi I Raheat98 😀

  122. Strange Moon: thnx for another boy costume

  123. @Tough Boa: No problem at all. Hideous as the RP’s may be, they carry a lot of inspiration!

    NOTICE: If you ever see me in a multiplayer area, and I look kinda…. funny, it’s because I’m most likely in the middle of a creation! You’ve had the privilege of seeing a sneak peek! 😮

  124. this costume costs 325 creidts but it is cool go to the store and buy the torch and the ice cream cone costumie and coustumize the top and bottom of the ice cream cone then put on the torch and then u have the hot cone

  125. I was kidding Strange moon about the stealing thing. It’s okay! Everyone has inspirations!

  126. Edgy Persephone
    (Persephone was Hades Wife.)
    This only cost 75 credits.
    1. Wear Hades Crown. You can or can’t press spacebar.
    2. Customize Aphrodite’s earrings.
    3. Customize any pink lips
    4. Buy the Pop Star and customize it in green. Customize the jacket, the necklace, the skirt, the belt, the tights, the shirt and NOT the microphone.
    5. Bah bam! You got an edgy young Persephone! (You might want to make your hair black!)

  127. Or if you want Edgy Girl. You can follow all those steps except get the Hades Hair and put the green hat over it.

  128. I made a comment ona costume on Cryptids Island Sneak Peek. The rebel costume.

  129. If the link doesn’t work type noah_sizzles in the avatar studio
    Costs 150 credits.
    Cool yet bad girl.
    Or Bad Girl.
    1. Dye your hair black
    2. Buy the gamer girl and biker girls outfits and the classic popgum
    3. Customize the hair, glasses and t-shirt of the Gamer Girl. (I don’t like the shirt of the biker girl.)
    4. Then customize the pants, belt and jacket from the biker girl.
    5. Chew the popgum and boo bam! You got a bad girl. Or REBEL.

  130. The costume above works 4 guys too. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

  131. Sassy Creepy Girl.
    Cost 150 credits.
    1. Buy the Little Demon Girl
    2. Customize the lips, shirt and skirt.
    3. Buy the Vampire Girl 3. Customize the hair and the bangs
    4. Boom Bang! there you go!

  132. California Gyrl
    Cost 150 credits or 75
    1. (Note: This is optional.) You can go to the Old mill on Astro-Knights Island and copy the girl in pink’s hair. Or you can go to the poptropica store. Buy the Vampire Girl 1 and copy her hair.
    2. buy the Mythology Girl. Customize the hair, the glasses, the lips, the top and bottom, plus the necklace. Do this is in the Poseidon style.
    3. Bah bam!
    (Note: This is optional. You can buy the original popgum for free. And chew. )

  133. wickedheart07 (aka -jEllo-)
  134. wickedheart07 (aka -jEllo-)

    ok, you can have red hair and red skin, or whatever you want. 😛
    1.You need to buy Furry Monster 1, 2, 3, and 4.
    2. Customize the mouth from monster 2.
    3. Customize the wings from monster 1.
    4. Customize the horns from monster 4.
    5. Customize the U shaped hair from monster 3.
    6. Go to mythology island and customize the fur from the minotaur.
    7. Color hair and skin red or anything color you want. 😛

  135. Hey everyone! I am PoptropicaSecrets newest member, and I am “Strange Moon: Ace Fashion Reporter!” Okay, not really, I made up the title, but I am, in fact, a Fashion Reporter for this awesometacular website! I’ll be posting soon, and it’ll be things I see in multi-player areas, some things I like, and some things that terrify me, and I can’t Un-see. Also it will be my total of about 30 costumes!

  136. Are you serious Strange Moon?

  137. if what you said was true
    ,congratulations Strange Moon!!!! i hope you have fun!:D

  138. Serious as a heart attack!! Or whatever floats your boat. Either way, answer be yes! 🙂 I hope you’ll all read it!

  139. Thanks you, Silver Moon! I have the email from Admin to prove it! 😀

  140. *dies of a heart attack*
    WHY? OH WHY!
    Congratualtions Strange Moon though.
    *clears throat*

  141. Okay. I will work 10x harder!

  142. But in what!?
    Ugh! Poptropica Secrets can I at least do something!
    I can no longer work on my blog!
    I can’t stand these people on here!
    I always wanted to be a writer!
    Please just please! Give me a chance!
    And I’m barely getting anything for Christmas!
    Please! Please!

  143. :-/ My email just said that because I had suggested so many great outfits, if I wanted the position. I love ALL of your costumes, Nicholas, and I’m so sorry for the abuse you’re getting on here. You don’t deserve it. I’d love to work with you!!! But unfortunately, that isn’t up to me. I hope you get on the team really soon!

  144. girly girl
    1.prom queen hair
    2.pink and white shirt
    3.pink skirt
    4. pearl nacklace

  145. sorry necklace not nacklace
    and make your hair blonde

  146. my twentieth outfit(pretty girl)
    1.vampire girl 3’shair
    2.turn your hair brown
    3.get the side smile with teeth showing
    4.pink heart shirt
    5.blue vest
    white skirt with blue tights or leggings

  147. wait…for the shirt is the pink heart shirt

  148. the formal
    1.get the whole outfit of the girl in the bad bistro except the pearl necklace
    2.get the prom queen bangs and lips
    3.get a white vest

  149. casual2
    1.get braids
    2.prom queen bangs and blue top
    3.rockstar jacket

  150. casual3
    1.black and white shirt
    2.pink vest
    3.prom queen bangs and a pony tail

  151. oh yeah and gray pants

  152. bee
    1.striped yellow shirt
    2.tour guide skirt
    3.black vest
    4.rockstar 2 black hair

  153. and rockstar 2 lips
    shrink effect
    bee follower

  154. i hope i win costume of the week or get to be on poptropica secrets

  155. girl scout
    1.helena hiker’s scarf and top
    2.tour guide skirt
    3.big smile
    4.get betty brownie’s hair

  156. emo girl
    1.queen of egypt eyeliner
    2.emo dude’s bangs and shirt
    3.black skirt

  157. and rockstar back hair

  158. diner server
    1.get the gas man shirt from 24 carrot
    2.get the diner server’s skirt
    3.the emo bangs and fairy queen hair
    get the apron from the girl in the store

  159. god of the sky
    1.white thunderbolt shirt
    2.athena’s belt and skirt
    3.yellow electricity effect
    4.prom queen hair and lips

  160. and mythology surfer necklace

  161. and turn your hair blonde

  162. uh, silver moon, i think there is no costume of the week anymore……
    btw, Congrats Strange Moon!!!

  163. but just in case, im gonna make 1 last costume….

  164. Sports star
    1. press Ctrl+Shift+R untill u get a basket ball
    2. find a pink and white shirt with a number 8 on it
    3. put on the gamer girl jeans
    4.go to the B.A.D bistro and copy off tht one lady’s hair
    5. complete an island so u can get a medallion
    6.put on the medallion

  165. Teensy little mistake: quiver of arrows, not back pack. Sorry, I CANNOT stand things like that.

  166. what seriously!!!!!!
    but to win of like get it was my goal:(

  167. go to superpower and fly to gulliver’s travels and go on top of it and move to the left and your standing on air

  168. Piper Mclean (beatified)-
    1. Go to 24 carrot island and change your hair color to black.
    2. Buy the Gamer girl outfit *75 credits* and put on the hairdo
    3. Buy the Surfer Girl outfit *75 credits* and put on the lips.
    4. Go to Mythology Island.
    5. Go to Aphrodite’s Realm.
    6. Put on Aphrodite’s bangs, sash, skirt, cape, and shirt
    7. Have fun in your brand new Piper Mclean (from the Lost Hero) costume!

  169. Summer Fairy
    Any skin and hair color is fine
    You will need 75 credits to buy the Mythology surfer or you can go to Aphrodite’s realm and costumize the two swimmers outfits.
    Then you need to go to Astro Knights and into the fountain and costumize the star necklace.
    You will need to find the wavy long hair and the bangs with the tips curled, with hoop earrings and blush.
    Then Find the transparent butterfly wings.
    When you complete that you can either go to the Gulliver’s Travels and shrink or you can buy the minimizer and use that.

  170. i know a great costume of the weak. i can give you it if you want. i’ll post it next weak on how to get the costume.

  171. marcia overstand(wizard from septimus heap)
    1.biker freckles and lips
    2.purple fairy queen dress, necklace and wand
    3.purple cape
    4.purple electricity effect
    5.brown wavy hair with emo dude’s bangs

  172. my thirtieth outfit! (queen)
    1.get the gold thing and crown thing from the purple girl in the restaurant in mythology
    2.get the green girls shirt
    3.get the fairy queen skirt
    4.wavy hair and prom queen bangs the one that does not make the crown disappear
    5.dark pink lips or red lips

  173. oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!;) i made thirty outfits comment on them please:)
    i hope you liked them!

  174. omg silver moon your things really worked

  175. here is my outfit

  176. how do you get an avatar????????

  177. cute girl
    1.go to astro nights and get the yellow shirt on the girl
    2.biker belt and vest and lips
    3.get gamer girl pants or any jeans
    4.gamer girl hair and vampire3 bangs

  178. it would be great with blonde hair!!!!:)

  179. explorer
    1.get the purple shirt from the nabooti seller person
    2.get a neckthing and rope from the nabooti guy near the museum
    3.get the dagger from the guy in astro nights near the sign
    4.get braids
    and prom queen bangs

  180. my thirty 1st is my favorite,i hope it gets featured!!!!!!!!!:)

  181. another sailor outfit
    1.go to skulldery and go to bouffant bay and get the guy near the sign’s hair and vampire3’s hair
    2.white pants
    3.guy near ink works’s shirt

  182. damsel in distress
    1.go to skulldery,bouffant bay and get the shirt of the girl on the roof
    2.get the prom queen skirt and bangs
    3.get the hair and necklace of vampire2
    4.pink lips

  183. hey! where can i find microphone glasses

  184. Well, here’s a casual teenager costume:
    Get Mythology Surfer’s braid and lips
    Get freckles (the kind with pink around them)
    Get Vampire 3’s bangs
    Get the guy in Counterfeit Island near the coffee shop’s jacket
    Get the blue shirt just on your left as you enter Mythology Island
    Get black pants
    optional: gulliverize

  185. Now for a costume which I called Christmas Fire:
    Either get the Tangled Lights costume or red Holiday Ball
    Put on the Torch
    No bangs, and put the Mythology Surfer’s lips
    Get freckles with pink around them
    optional: lilliputianizer

  186. How to be a bee and a Poptropican:
    Get black pants
    Get Vampire 1’s shirt, not jacket
    Get Wings and Stinger from Buzz Costume
    Get Mythology Surfer’s braid (from the Zeus one) and lips
    Get Vampire 3’s bangs
    optional: lilliputianizer

  187. How to be a Fire Spirit Surfer:
    Wear all the Zeus Mythology Surfer costume
    Take off the glasses and wear Vampire 3’s bangs
    Put on the torch and you are a Fire Spirit Surfer!

  188. For my bee one, you are training to be a bee so that’s why you exclude a striped shirt.

  189. And, for the Fire Spirit Surfer, you can gulliverize.

  190. Candy Blood Sucker costume:
    Put on the torch
    Get the candy cane
    Copy all the Vampire 1 costume
    Put Vampire 3’s bangs and you get a Poptropican vampire that sucks candy!

  191. PS (for the vampire): you may gulliverize.

  192. The Power of Two Surfer (now this is a surfer girl than can beat Zeus in surfing, as you beat Zeus with Hades’ crown and Poseidon’s trident):
    Get Vampire 3 bangs
    Copy the whole Poseidon Mythology Surfer
    From the Hades Mythology Surfer, copy the bikini top and bottom and the skull necklace
    Ta-da! You get The Power of Two Surfer ready to vanquish the waves!

  193. Here’s a newer costume: Plain Officer:
    Get the Zeus Mythology Surfer’s braid and lips
    Get Vampire 1’s pants, shirt and jacket
    Get Vampire 3’s bangs and you have a casual-looking officer as a Poptropican!

  194. Now this costume is what I call the Frankenchristmas Ballmonster:
    Put on the GREEN Holiday Ball
    Thank GOD if you’ve completed Great Pumpkin Island! Wear the mask that you find there
    Finally, you’re a Frankenchristmas Ballmonster!

  195. A costume that I will now show you how to assemble is called the Underworld Spirit Surfer:
    Copy ALL the Hades Mythology Surfer costume
    Put on the Torch
    If you’ve completed Great Pumpkin Island, put on the mask (if you didn’t, dye your skin lime green or blue-purple)
    Voila! You have a scary Underworld Spirit Surfer!

  196. How do you make Hades’ wife? I’ll show you how to put together an outfit:
    Copy all of Vampire 1, including the white face thingy
    From the Hades Mythology Surfer, only put the braid
    Put on Vampire 3’s bangs
    Put on the torch and you get a scary immortal!

  197. Here’s another casual costume which is sort of cheap, called Candy Girl:
    Buy any Popgum (classic is the best choice for this costume)
    From Vampire 1, get the jacket, pants and shirt
    From Vampire 3, get the bangs
    From any Mythology Surfer, copy the braid (I prefer Hades’)
    Now you have an unhealthy Poptropican (to make it evem MORE unhealthy, add the soda costume!)

  198. PS: You can gulliverize the Candy Girl.

  199. For Hades’ wife, you HAVE to gulliverize your Poptropican.

  200. Now, I will show you my new costume called Amish Villager:
    Copy Vampire 3’s shirt and pants (remove ANY bangs)
    From the Zeus Mythology Surfer, copy the braid and the lips
    From the Graduation Girl costume, put on that rope thingy around the neck
    Use the lilliputianizer to shrink and you have a tiny Amish Villager!

  201. Super Villan Costume:

    1. Gamer Girl hair and shades
    2. Rock Star vest, belt, and lips (purple)
    3. Purple superhero shirt and tights (or skirt)
    4. Purple or black cape

  202. Blue Bikini:

    1. Swimsuit bottom piece from the guy with a glo stick in Early Poptropica
    2. Top from girl at Blue Nile falls (Nabooti)
    3. star necklace (Astro Knights)
    4. Belt from navigator girl on skullduggery
    5.Vampire girl 3 bangs
    6.Mythology surfer hair (the hades setting has a matching blue ponytail)
    The belt and necklace make the fact that the top and bottom are two different shades of blue less apparent.

  203. You don’t know WHAT? If you’re a boy, these are costumes for girls.

  204. Basketball Player:
    From the Gulliver’s Travels costume, wear the shirt
    Put on the mouth from the Graduate
    Put on the braid from the Zeus Mythology Surfer
    Use Vampire 1’s pants
    Use Vampire 3’s bangs
    Ta-da! You have a basketball player!

  205. Here’s a costume called Bandit Girl:
    Copy all of Vampire 1 except the jacket and belt (but also use the white face thingy)
    Put on the turban from Nabooti Island and you have a CHEAP Bandit Girl (you only need 75 credits!)!

  206. Now for the Electro Surfer:
    From the Zeus Mythology Surfer, put on the necklace and belt
    From the Poseidon Mythology Surfer, copy the bikini top and bottom, lips and braid
    From Vampire 3, add the bangs
    Put on the torch and you’ll be an Electro Surfer!

  207. Rusty Girl Electrician:
    From Nabooti Island, put on the hard hat
    Copy all the Vampire 1 costume (including the white face thingy) except the jacket and hair
    From any Mythology Surfer, copy the lips and you have this rusty girl electrician ready to fix Bucky Lucas’ lightbulb!

  208. Here’s a costume called South African White:
    Make your skin light and hair dark brown/blonde
    From the lady in Internet Cafe in Nabooti Island, copy the shirt and the blue neck thingy
    From Vampire 1, copy the pants and hair
    From any Mythology Surfer, copy the lips and you have a South African White. What do YOU think of Nelson Mandela?

  209. African Dancer:
    From the lady next to the Nabooti Statue, copy the dress and necklace
    Copy Vampire 3’s hair and bangs
    Copy any Mythology Surfer’s lips
    You can have light/dark skin but dark brown hair (or black if the skin is dark) and you have a pretty African dancer!

  210. Famous Prima Ballerina:
    From the Poseidon Mythology Surfer, put on the glasses
    From Vampire 1, put on the hair
    From the BLUE Swan Ballerina, copy the leotard and tights
    From the PINK Swan Ballerina, put the lips and you get one cool famous ballerina!

  211. PS: For the ballerina, dye the hair blonde.

  212. I don’t know if you guys remember me, but I am magicwind. :-). I came up with the cute girl and queen of the underworld. Strange Moon probably remembers me.

  213. magicwind, did u try my costumes? please say yes!

  214. love this outfit!!!!!!!!(: found it and got it right away!(: congrats Super Thunder!(:
    and lovin the outfits your coming up with Strange Moon(: keep up the good work(:

  215. angel- revised


    1. any skirt or shorts
    2. white dress (i saw someone wearing it and i have no clue where it’s from)
    3. biker or popstar lips
    4. curly bangs on RP’s
    5. any hair that you think looks cute (i like gamer girl+wavy hair the most)

    thanks everybody!!!!

  216. p.s. die your hair red-ish purple-ish it looks super cute!

  217. Incredible Tornado

    Another version of the Hunter of Artemis:
    You need the robin hood costume
    1. Get only the bow+arrows from the costume.
    2. Go to mythology island and in the restaurant, copy the outfit except for the cape
    *if you want, die your hair brown

  218. Incredible Tornado

    me-4 now
    ok if you want a goth look, and you’re a member(or wait), try this:
    go to cryptids and get the top and the bottom from the goth girl
    get the lady with the dogs mouth
    buy the angel costume and the rock star #2
    get the angel wings and the guitar
    get a choker from steamworks

  219. Incredible Tornado

    Con. from me
    Get the black hair and the eyeliner.

  220. Here’s a special costume with the colors; Pink ;Blue (For Girls)
    Things to buy: Mythology Surfer (click on the button with the triton picture); Graduation; Soccer Player.

    Clothes to Copy:
    1. Necklace, sunglasses and surfboard from Mythology Surfer
    2.Hair from Soccer Player
    3.Gown from Graduation Girl (Blue)

    There you go! The pink and blue matches perfectly! I hope you like it!!! Enjoy!!! xxx

  221. Less Expensive Hunter of Artemis Costume:

    1. White tank top
    2. Athena’s skirt
    3. Belt thing from the purple girl in Herc’s Hero Hut
    4. Bow and arrows from Robin Hood costume
    5. Any hair you want
    Please tell me if you like it!

  222. Bigfoot Baby Girl Costume:
    Copy the Bigfoot Fantic’s shirt, pants and Bigfoot hat
    Get any Mythology Surfer’s lips
    Copy Vampire 1′ jacket and you’re a Bigfoot Baby Girl!
    PS: Gulliverize.

  223. Please join my multi-verse room!

    My room code is AQM71

    I have loads of fashion ideas loaded up and I hate to see them wasted. Please tell me your room code so that I can join in and you can see what I mean for yourself!

    (I’ll dress up in my BESTEST of BESTEST outfit if only you will tell me your room code!)

    Sincerely, Cheerful Beetle

  225. Cheerful Beetle, what exactly IS your ‘BESTEST of BESTEST outfit ‘?

  226. i’ve got a costume! you costumize richie rebel’s leather jacket and sickly skull’s spiky neklace and her tattered skirt. there! you are indiana jones only you’re wearing a skirt.

  227. Pop Star: Black and white winter edition

    1. Pop star bangs/earrings combo, shirt, and microphone
    2. Rock star Jacket and belt
    3. Prom Queen bangs (the one without blush) and white skirt.

    Personally, I think that wavy hair and the lips from the blue-clad girl with the fruit bowl on mythology go best, but you can do whatever you what.

  228. Thinking Pink

    1. Pink and white v-neck sparkle shirt (Found on RPs, you may have seen a gray type of this)
    2. Pink Fairy Queen hair, minus the bangs
    3. Vampire girl 3 bangs
    4.Pop star skirt and belt
    5. Any small, pink lips

  229. RADIOACTIVITY: Rock star goes green

    1. Rock star green hair and belt
    2. Rock star 2 green bangs
    3.Pop star shirt, skirt, and jacket
    4. Any small green lips


  230. Purple and white: Winter edition

    1. Counterfiet Curator’s shirt
    2. Nabooti pilot’s scarf
    3. White prom queen skirt
    4. Pop star earrings
    5. Any long hair and small purple lips

  231. Purple and white: Summer edition

    1. Purple girl’s outfit from Aphrodite’s realm on mythology island (Hair and shades R optional)
    2. Belt from fisherman at dragon cove on skullduggery island.
    3. Pearl necklace
    4. Small purple lips
    I normally put this with gamer girl hair and vampire girl 3 bangs, but that’s not required.

  232. I like wearing the ‘Pop Star: Black and white winter edition’ when throwing little concerts in the hair club. 🙂

  233. Going Green: Fall edition

    1. Gamer girl hair
    2. Prom Queen Bangs and green dress
    3. Counterfiet island tour guide’s green hat

  234. Super Hero Costume:

    1. Shirt, skirt, necklace, and braid from Zeus Mythology Surfer
    2. Vampire Girl 3 bangs
    3. Belt from pink costume in the masks and capes store on super power island
    4. Fire cape from red knight on astro-knights island

  235. Casual Blue Costume:

    1. Pop star blue skirt and belt
    2. Blue music note shirt (found on RPs)
    3. Gamer girl hair
    4. Prom queen bangs and blush
    5. White or blue pearl necklace

  236. Wait, that link I just posted is showing what I’m currently wearing but not the outfit I want it to show. 🙁

  237. Aphrodite’s dryad
    in herc’s hut on mythology get the girl in green’s hair, chest accsesory and cape.
    Get the girl next to her’s lips.
    go to aphrodite, get her bangs, dress and necklace.
    It’s really cool.

  238. For the outfit I posted called “RADIOACTIVITY: Rock star goes green”, it looks cool if you have the electrify feature from the store to electrify your poptropican green. That way, it really does look radioactive!


  239. Awwwww the people on the blog wont moderate my comments. By the time you read this, if you read this, they will have. Go Artemis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  240. I have one. Princess fighter.
    On astro knights, get the hair of the girl next to the man who gives you manure
    Get the princesses maid’s skirt.
    Get the man outside the crop circle inn’s top and knife.
    Use any mouth.
    Buy an astro knight and use the sword.
    You dont have to use the man’s knife, you can use the pirate captain knife or the man in the castles.

  241. Oh and you can also use any diferent colour hair, though black works best.
    You can also use a diferent colour of skirt, and/or top.

  242. i know a cool boys costume!!
    you use the colorizer gold card and do (if you can) slightly green skin and hair,
    do the green electrifer thing,
    the khaki pants with the belt,
    the wind guy’s hair from mythology island,
    and the black suit top,
    the open frowny mouth, and phantom a little past the middle.

  243. how do you get a picture by your name

  244. Costume for girls! angel robe TOP AND BOTTOM of dress and the white hat and the hairdo that comes with it from the girl on astro knights on main street . try not to have blush or bangs and natural lips look best.


  246. If you want to save credits, use the knife-belt thing from the Robin Hood outfit. 🙂

  247. Super Thunder is my boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To go to her blog click this link itsapoptropicablog.wordpress.com

  248. AWSOME I AM INVISABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it dosnt last…

  249. Hello!What’s your name?Aahhhh!!!!!!!I have a new version of the vampires.And it’s for kids now.Here’s what you have to do(The outfit costs 150 credits):
    1.Go to Early Poptropica and go down the first hole you will see.
    2.Customize the girl’s headband,shirt, and skirt.
    3.Use a 2 braids hair.
    4.Buy Vampire 1 outfit and get ONLY the lips.
    5.Buy Pirate Captain and get the dagger sword and the belt thing.
    I’m gonna try these for boys.It’s name is Vampire Kid.

  250. I’ll handle it!I’m gonna kill all vampires!You will need to use up 150 credits(2 outfits).I used 300 credits(4 outfits):
    1.You can use any hair,blouse and tights.I used the Pop Star blouse and Biker Girl hair.
    2.Buy Robin Hood and Pirate Captain.
    3.Get the bow and arrow from the Robin Hood outfit.
    4.Get the blush,dagger sword,lips and the belt thing from the Pirate Captain outfit.
    Practice targeting a vampire cardboard and all vampires will be gone on Planet Poptropica!The Vampire Killer.Here’s the photo of it: http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bYTVncFhaY25WMmFXVnU%3D

  251. This is my favorite outfit!But I can’t afford this outfit,Strange Moon.So I made something my self!Here’s what you have to do:
    1.Go to Astro-Knights where you will find the whole outfit.You will find a man in the sign of Arturus.
    2.Customize his hat and the dagger sword.
    3.Run right and there’s a girl standing in front of the Planetarium.
    4.Copy her blouse ONLY.
    5.Get the brown pants from the owner of Ye Old Poptropica Store.
    6.Buy Robin Hood outfit and get the bows and arrow.
    I present to you,The Hunter Of Arturus!Ta Da!!!

  252. Please don’t click that!Just buy Avatar Studio and type ynna_ruvien! 😉

  253. Cheap Costume at 75-150 Credits! Unfortunately, it’s girls only.

    1. Customize the girl at Bobo Clown Store’s vest, shirt, and skirt. You could also customize a white skirt, or a blue vest.

    2. Customize Pop Star’s bangs and microphone.

    3. Customize Vampire Girl 2’s hair, or the knock-off available at Cryptids Island on Main Street.

    Ta-da!It also works with pink cap, skirt and/or vest, but takes longer, if you wanted to know. I call it “Pretty in Pop”. It might not be clear, but the outfit’s supposed to make you look like a pop star. Is that clear? It is to me. Just activate Avatar Studio and search LemonFlavoredLollipop. Yes, exactly like that.

  254. EDIT: It’s supposed to make you look like a pop star without customizing the full Pop Star Outfit.

    PKMNTrainerAbyss(aka Young Lizard and Thirsty Cloud) signing out. Peace, everybody!

  255. Hey guys remember me, magicwind? I created the cute girl and queen of the underworld.

  256. Artemis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Where have you vanished to!?

  257. Hey, magicwind, do you want to join our (Me, Mighty Drummer, Cute Daisy) designer club? Mighty Drummer’s our boss!

  258. hi can i join i can think of som nice outfits

  259. here a outfit i call pritting in pink you it is all free ok so you need a light pink skirt you can easyly find one in erly poptropica and a medium lenth hair with head pink head band then do to mytholgy and go to aphrodity and take her top and her bangs and the girl in the red swim suit take her lips or and you need a white tie and a white hat you can also find that easyly in erly potropica if you want to see how it look type mejellybelly in avatar studio

  260. Okay!You can join!But remember,you can join but we will have a teamwork,okay?

  261. Great!

  262. i can yay!!!

  263. I would really love to join your club green grape! In fact, I have another costume idea; Punk Rock Girl. You are going to need 225 credits for this one. You need Vampire Girls 1’s hair. Then you need Rocker Girl on the pink setting. Get her top and pants( pink broken heart and purple pants). Then put her on the purple setting and get her PINK guitar. You can have any lips. Get the Prom Queen’s front and side bangs. Finally, get the gray vest from the butler in the Mews Mansion on Cryptids island. Hope you like it 🙂

  264. It looks awesome huh? I know, I know. *applause*. Please, please, your embarassing me *blush*

  265. Casual Ancient Greek Girl:
    1. Ivy wreath (found on time tangled island)
    2. Wavy hair (Crypids, main street)
    3. Green lips, dress, and belt from girl in Herc’s hero hut (mythology island)


  266. Mejellybelly and magicwind, please go to the cute girl and queen of the underworld section. that’s our meeting place. its mighty drummer club.

  267. and remember guys, teamwork.

  268. hey hey check out my new gravatar it is magic wind get it?

  269. i changed it to a pretty night fairy

  270. now its two kitties in love

  271. I love this outfit also can u plz tell me where u got the gold pop star outfit

  272. ok this is the last time im changing my gravatar it is what my poptropican really looks like look for me my name is bronze flame

  273. magicwind you’re missing out on appointments!

  274. you’re missing out!!

  275. Here is another “Hunter of Artemis” costume!! It’s reallly good!! Get Athena’s dress ( when she looks like an old woman) from Mythology Island. Get the bow/arrow and, the knife from the “Robin Hood” costume form the Poptropica Store. Ok! Now go into Herc’s Hut (Mythology Island) and costumize the crown form the woman in purple. Use whtaever hair you want………. (Ponytail is the best hairstyle (My Opion) cause’ you can see the arrows on her back. To get the pony tail you can costumize OR get the “Biker Outfit” from the Poptropica Store.
    TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!
    PS: This costume is from tacothegoat1

  276. I like yellowplum’s idea u can save a lot more credits and plus it looks more like a huntress of artmeis

  277. Hi psophia

  278. I don’t feel too well

  279. Yellow plum: I just love your designig!

  280. oh i know a costume!! it’s called the chinese green widow! okay so you need the black widow’s shirt and pants and belt. next use the hair from prize you get from sumo wrestling. and last if you have colorizer make your hair green and if you don’t have a colorizer go to 24 carrot island and mix blue and yellow! BYE!!

  281. Psophia: Guess what!
    Me and Ke$ha are friends.
    She’s actually a nice person, you know?
    She broke up with Shadowprince,so now, I have to say that I’m on her side!

  282. Great CD!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you. It makes me so happy when other people feel good and optimistic.

  283. Psophia!
    You’re the best!
    Shadowprince,I still hate (come on!he’s an idiot for being so wrong in the first place)
    But Ke$ha is great actually.I shouldn’t have doubted her.
    I made a new pal.Her name is White Sword.She’s neat too.
    And guess what?I’m back from Singapore.
    I loved it so much!

  284. Cool!! I wish I could go to Singapore.

  285. I am staying in the U.S for my vacations, though,

  286. http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bWU81TWhkZVc1dVlYSjFkbWxsYmpJNQ%3D%3D
    Do you like my outfit?I call this one Chinese Student.Tell me if you like it and I will post the directions.

  287. Don’t click yet!That’s not the outfit!

  288. Love it MD!
    Post the directions.
    And Md,Ke$ha and Shadowprince are sick when they’re together but Ke$ha’s not bad…

  289. Guys?
    It’s safe to go back to our original page.
    Ke$ha’s nice and Shadowprince is gone.

    Think about it.
    We aren’t the Super Fashion Gals anymore.
    We need our page back.
    That was our Club.This is theirs.

    I just don’t feel right when I’m not on our page.
    Lets go back.Please?

  290. Umm-kay!

  291. Hello?

  292. Guess SP is not going to show.

  293. hey GG

  294. hi.

  295. I’m freezing right now, SP.

  296. SP, can you give me the link to our page? Everytime I try to go to it, my keyboard goes wacko.

  297. Thats cool that hunter of artemis. And i got an outfit. The were wolf.

  298. Hi Jeall!
    I’m Icy Fire!
    I like the costume too.
    It’s so simple yet so inspiring!
    I bet whatever your outfit is,it will be great!

  299. By the way,are you a boy or a girl?

  300. The Poptropica Gazette.
    Costume News:
    On Saturday May 7th,Icy Fire produced 3 new costumes.
    Ms.Fire is a member of the Super Fashion Gals and has recently just joined.The costumes are called “Trendy with a Touch of Orange”Cute Nerd” and “Extra Fun”.
    Go to the Cute Girl and Queen of the Underworld page to see these costumes.

    We are hiring new members to post their own stories on the Poptropica Gazette.
    Contact Icy Fire to get your free job as a reporter today!

  301. IF, i wanna join the poptropica gazette. i’ll just post some of my costume ideas and some stories.

  302. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    I’m here, too!

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  305. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

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  306. Hi Ke$ha!!!
    Lets get this partay started!!!

  307. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    Extra icy iced water… I like it.

  308. I’m wearing:

    A red and white striped long sleeve
    A pair of black capris.
    Red flats
    My hair is in a friendly braid

  309. I mean french braid.

  310. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    She’s more of a bikini person.

  311. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

    My hair is in a crown braid.

  312. Shudder…

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  316. Sandy, the Mad Dragon

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    *they arrive*

  317. Hi guys. CD is back!

  318. it seems like some of us wanna join the poptropica gazette to post stories and costume ideas.

    Everybody rox!!!

  319. yay!

  320. (not at u bendy turtle when i said yay i just mean evry1 rox)

  321. ok. 🙂

  322. seems like some of us goes on in the morning! GM, BT and everybody! (good morning!)

  323. im in the philippines takin a vacay at my grandma’s house .

  324. holy thats the best girl costume ive seen yet

  325. yeah im sorta bored here just typing………its so hot in the philippines….

  326. oh. well typhoons visit the philippines often my grandma said. well now iz not rainin its 1:45 pm here

  327. i live in the philippines but right now im in the us

  328. tiny penguin do you live there or are you visiting?

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  330. yep i live in the philippines oh yeah BT, what i meant was for example: im in manila (its a city in the philippines) then my grandma is in negros oriental (that is an island in the philippines) i am visiting her in her house there. (sorry that i 4got to add details!) BTW silver moon, where in the philippines?

  331. silver moon mighty drummer is asking if u could join our club i really dont know what the name of the club is but i’ll tell u ASAP (as soon as possible)

  332. I live in the Philippines,too.

  333. (ohmygosh!!!) filipinos like me even post in this blog!!! amazing discovery!!!

  334. um MD where will we be posting?

    pls sabihin mo na!

    (please tell me!!)

  335. Hello.
    Am I the only Muslim on this blog?

  336. uh….i don’t know….there might BE more muslims out there….in this blog.

  337. TP: Thanks.
    I guess I’m okay.But I feel like a loner…
    Bit it’s okay!

  338. ya welcome IF…no…you’re not a loner…

  339. nice pic jade!

  340. ya welcome!

  341. ….bendy turtle. 🙂 😉

  342. ok…..i get it. 🙂

  343. sorry i changed my outfit its not what i was supposed to wear i just changed

  344. ……what outfit…??

  345. I am wearing:

    -> Hoodie
    -> Denim shorts
    -> Converse High cut shoes (black)
    -> And a rocker- sort of hair

  346. OMG, I tried it and it was sooo cute!
    By the way, how about this:
    Any Astro Knights costumes from the store
    Follower dragon

  347. Why can’t there be a Hunter Of Athena COTW?

  348. LF, her hair is brown, not black.

  349. Goth(for both genders)
    Green Rock Star hair
    Vampire 2 shirt
    Mythology Hades amulet
    Green Prom Queen bottom
    Change skin to Green

  350. Emo angel. i posted this somewhere else as well
    1. white hair (bangs) with black roots from rock star 2
    2. halo from angel costume ( white hair, 24 carrot)
    3. skirt from angel
    4. wings from angel
    5. white shirt with black heart from rock star 2
    6. black and purple belt from rock star 2
    7. mouth from gothic cheerleader ( or purple rock star 1 if you have it)
    8. pale skin from vampire 1 2 or 3
    9. any black jacket.
    hope you like it! it looks really cool but is pretty expensive.

  351. Chole King
    Crytipds hair from the girl with a beret
    Yellow shirt
    Blue jeans
    Even better, it’s free!!!

  352. Cat Goblin
    Masked Hero shirt & pants
    Cheesy Mouse Nose

  353. Hunter Of Athena
    Athena’s outfit
    HOA Hair,Bow & Arrow
    Midas Touch

  354. for HOA I used prom the queen dress and it looked super cute.

  355. Another Hunter of Artemis: (Less expensive version)- girls only

    Costumes needed:
    Prom Queen (White color scheme- 75 credits)- The top and bottom, the right bang that covers your eye (there’s only one of them)
    Robin Hood (75 credits)- the bow, the quiver full of arrows
    Mythology Surfer Girl (Optional- 75 credits)- her braid. If you get the touchscreen mirror (Mythology Island) and click the heart, it will take you to aphrodite. go to the right and you will see two surfer girls. one of them has a purple braid. if you have no problem with purple, customize it. If you want a different color braid, buy the mythology surfer girl costume and get the braid. (colors offered are red, green, and blue)

    Go to Herc’s Hero Hut (mythology Island) and customize the girl in the purple. customize her golden hair dome thingy.

    Humming Bird Follower (Classic Pack, 250 credits)

    Extras: (optional)
    Buy the “Phantom” gold card (250 credits) and set it about halfway to make it look like your glowing (do NOT use the electrify gold card or glow gold card. the hunters of artemis are described as having a silvery glow, not a golden one)
    From the robin hood costume (you should already have this), add the knife. this may clash a little with the gold waistband from the prom queen dress.

    In all, this should cost 400 credits (if you only but the needed items- prom queen, robin hood, followers classic pack), 475 credits (the previous list plus the mythology surfer girl costume), or 725 credits (every single item mentioned, even the optional ones)

    ~Small Wolf

  356. what dose hoa mean?

  357. Is this a designing thing?

  358. Here’s an outfit I have abstracted from the very fabric of my mind: it’s called… Deadly Maiden. To accomplish this outfit, you need to go to Red Dragon island. Find the girl id the teal kimono on the Great Bridge. Customize her hair and add the curly bangs from the girl at Herc’s Hero Hut on Mythology Island. Next, add the front bangs of the prom queen. Next, find the woman in the pink kimono in the Imperial Garden on Red Dragon Island. Either use hers, or the old woman’s kimono in the Bonsai Trees shop. Next, go to Astro Knights Island the first guy you see, customize his sword. Finally, and this is important, on Red Dragon, if you have completed your ninja training, go to the Fortress and use your ninja star. When you have it in your hand, leave the Fortress, and you will still have it in your hand.

  359. A Fairy Fit For a Queen:
    -get the Vampire One hair
    -use the front bangs that cover half of your eye
    -get the crown&bangs along with the wand from the fairy queen
    -costumize the queen’s outfit from Astro Knights
    -copy the pearl necklace from cj’s mom on shrink ray island
    -use the fairy wings(RP)
    voila! you have your gorgeous royalty fit for a queen outfit!

  360. Do you know how to make a Poseidon and Percy Jackson costume?

  361. PERCY JACKSON ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps. I bought the new Percy Jackson book the son of Neptune and it is AWESOME!

  362. The Son of Neptune is Hero’s of Olimpus. Beside that do you know how to make Poseidon and Percy Jackson?

  363. Harry Potter is WAY BETTER. deal with it. there is magic and other stuff. 😎

  364. I like both do you know a Harry Potter costume or Ron?

  365. UnderWorld angel Warrior- Hades top, bottom, and belt, angel wings, any hair bow and pack of arrows from robin hood costume, and midas touch. hope ya like it

  366. needy child- worker of hades top, bottom, and scars, and messy black rock star 2 hair, & any lips.

  367. I’ve read every percy jackson book they have out

  368. Artemis (this is kinda what she looks like in movie, plus and extra item ) – Vampire girl 2 hair, White prom queen hair, golden head piece from girl in purple at Herc’s Hero hut,
    any lips & bow & arrows plus arrows on back.

  369. Do you know how to make a different version of Poseidon and Percy Jackson?

  370. anyway, type in lolipoofbabe in user name when u click my name

  371. i have a costume and its called high school popular (girls) first put on vampire 1″s hair then get aprodite’s ( godess of love) bangs,after get the bubble gum mouth (without the chewing) next go on randomize to get the cell phone ( you may wana do this 1st) by pressing ctrl + r. then go to popstar costume and get the hat, jacket, belt and skirt. then customize the pink musical note T-shirt.Now your a high school popular!(BTW, type in lolipoofbabe in when get top the avatar studio by clicking my name.

  372. I have a costume of the goddess Artemis. Its not exactly how the Percy Jackson series describes her, its just my imagination about her
    Go to Mythology Island
    Costumize the girl’s shirt near Herc’s Hut
    Costumize the girl’s skirt and toga-drape thingy by the Museum of Olympus
    Go inside Herc’s hut and costumize the purple girl’s crown
    Get Robin Hood Costume and costumize the arrow backpack and bow
    get “Electrify!” and use blue color
    All done! i know this isn’t as accurate to Percy Jackson books, but as i said earlier, its just my vision of her! Click my name to see costume!

  373. Oh yeah, and for the hair for my Goddess Artemis , you can use any, but I used Vampire 1 hair.

  374. i have a spy costume.first go to crypitdids island and get all black clothes from the girl standing near kitty’s kites.next get dark glasses from the top secret secretary in hq on spy island.last put on your grappling hook bowtie and ta da you have a spy costume

  375. lizzy u r so rite and so lucky i have to wait till christmas just to get the son of neptune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  376. Percy Jackson outfit
    Reality tv island goth boy hair and bangs
    Black hair
    Caucasian skin
    Simple smile
    Astroknights costume sword or any other sword hand item
    Any shirt boyish shirt like a blue hoodie and a white tank top


  378. I love that costume too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  379. God I wish i had 500 credits! I need like 575 credits to get everything i need from the store AND to complete this costume!

  380. I love this costume!

  381. Once I was trying to customize into Athena and I got the sphere! Aftrwards I removed it and went to get it back and I couldn’t. I’ve been trying since then to get her sphere

  382. I have one of the best costumes in poptropica i called it Graduated Princes 1st vampire woman tob and botom
    2cd fairy queen’s wand and crown
    3rd the graduated hat an hair (the red graduated)
    Other acesories (not neccesary) use the mythology surfer chain c from zues and the angel wings
    hope you’ll like it <3

  383. Hunter of Artemis

    🙂 i LOVE that costume