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Boy Costumes

A lot of the costume ideas so far have been for girls, but I have 2 right here boys! No pictures, but soon I’ll get a boy account and get pictures up soon!

The Lumberjack

Red shirt w/suspenders, and the jeans with the black belt attached. Use Bucky Lucasโ€™ hair, and all the mightiest forests tremble in your presence! All trees shall that stand in your way will fall, or be felled by you! We worship you, O Mighty Lumberer!

Cool and Classy

Credit for this goes to Bendy Gamer, whom I saw in the Billiards Hall at Reality TV Island. Emo dudeโ€™s sweater, a black skirt, and polka-dot belt. Add a white tie and itโ€™s done! Cool, laid back, but still classy. ๐Ÿ˜€ Or, ya know, emo-ish.

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  8. strange moon how come u get to make a poptropica secrets page?

  9. Shiny Clown, Strange Moon is an author now. Raheat98, you make me LOL!

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  21. @Shiny Clown: Super Thunder is right. PoptropicaSecrets asked me if I wanted to report fashion for you guys, as I had suggested so many outfits. I have editor access to the blog.
    @Raheat98: Shame! Don’t procrastinate!

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  27. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ So. I have a new outfit in the making, and another 28 still to post! :-/ Very behind. I need to stop making and start/continue posting! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  35. wanna know something fun 2 do….. after completing Real TV jump on helicopter’s rotor… it fun
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  36. you spin while throwing hands up it funny plus if u have item that needs space bar to activate like bow the arrow spins or if you have football and throw it, it spin like crazy b4 coming down

  37. hi guys, now my name will show you the “pink and green medusa!” ! 8) !

    and this is how you do the “werewolf worker”: first, you get ‘Haunted House’ from the Poptrica store and you take the ugly witch’s broom; then you go to the ‘Cryptid’s Island’ sneak-peak and you customise the guy with the blue jacket and you take everything except for his jacket, hair and hat; now you get the werewolf costume from the Poptropica store and then you take his face, nose, ears and tail. Done! ๐Ÿ˜€ !


  39. reheat98 makes us lol!! ๐Ÿ˜† Reheat98: I met sensei cuz i got lucky. I wish you luck.

  40. where do u get the red shirt and should it be plaid and can u use the axe from the viking costume in time tangled

  41. yo lucy scorpian how did u get medusas hair

  42. Thomas Edison: Copy Thomas Edison(Exept Shirt) Go To Cryptids the Get the guy in the red hats shirt.

  43. oh and strange moon sorry if i offended u when i said that

  44. thnx for compliments guys im so happy from what you guys said that I…..I…. (starts crying tears of joy ……………. JK :P)
    Thanks any way ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜€

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  46. Popular Jumper cool blog…. and when i say cool i mean awesome!!!!!

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  51. does any one here live in Reading Pennslvania and has very heard of the Olivets Boys and Girls Club? THIS IS IMPORTANT!!


  53. no i live in Atlanta Georgia.

  54. Oh and Strange Moon? From time to time, may I offer you ideas for your posts?

  55. I live in Virginia

  56. Ha! I live in the North Pole!

    I live in Toronto.


  57. I actually live in Brantford too.

  58. It’s not 3:34! It’s 7:38!

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  60. I would LOVE if you all give me some idea from time to time! And please don’t overpost!

  61. Chillinโ€™ out (not literally) it will cost 75 credits
    heres a cool outfit for boys. Use either Percyโ€™s hair (in my pic) or using rock singer hair. look around poptropica for white or black top (over shirt). get rock singer hair. then use rock singer shades or go to spy island HQ (right next to blimp) and get shades from receptionist guy. Get black pants from that guy (not necessary but you can do it) and thats about itโ€ฆ
    click my name for idea… username for studio is rohit78

  62. actually it cost nothing as hair can be any

  63. hope u like it ๐Ÿ˜€

  64. Squidward (free): go to the cryptid island preview and copy the row boat guys SHIRT NOT HIS SMACK THE BROWN VEST and his pants (click on his legs to get them) and color youself blue (cntrl+shift+h/go to early poptropica and find the pigmnt guy and find a light balloon and click on it) (if ctrl+shift+h is bringing up history than do it and just click shift+h/ctrl+h (i forget) then finish spy isand and go to director d and copy his blad head (just click his top head line) add a frown and thats about it. tell me if u like it ๐Ÿ˜€

  65. Squidward (free): go to the cryptid island preview and copy the row boat guys SHIRT NOT HIS SMACH THE BROWN VEST and his pants (click on his legs to get them) and color youself blue (cntrl+shift+h/go to early poptropica and find the pigmnt guy and find a light balloon and click on it) (if ctrl+shift+h is bringing up history than do it and just click shift+h/ctrl+h (i forget) then finish spy isand and go to director d and copy his blad head (just click his top head line) add a frown and thats about it. tell me if u like it ๐Ÿ˜€

  66. SMACH or SMACK how do u spell it

  67. if u need a boy account u can use one of mine just emal me

  68. Hello,it’s Cheerful!
    I’m so glad you came up with some boy costumes.My brother DIES if he logs in the blog & sees all
    girl costumes.I mean I AM his little sister,but I beat more islands than him.So he beggs me for a g-
    ood costume,& I got nothing.Because I’m pretty sure I’m a girl.For some advice,you ROCK Stran-
    Your #1 fan,
    Cheerful Dolphin

  69. do you do neopets?

  70. sigh. what to do

  71. Heh all islands complete and im perfectly happy with how my poptropican looks (click on my name 2 see)

  72. gentle wing how did u get your mouth to move

  73. Why not add the Viking Suit axe to the outfit?


  75. Hm. Why would I want to look emo? Nice.
    Just nice.:roll:
    Anyway. Congrats Strange Moon.
    Hav fun making awesome outfits.

  76. I sh. ๐Ÿ™„
    Ya. ๐Ÿ™„
    I’m surprised my eyes haven’t fell out yet.

  77. New costume in poptropica store.

  78. I am LOVING the Holiday Ball costume (It’s FREE)!!! It makes me laugh. I wonder if it’s easily incorporated in a costume…?

  79. I just like it cuz its free.

  80. Oh and hi Strange Moon.

  81. Hello, Smart Paw! ๐Ÿ˜€ How are you?

  82. thx!! ur a cool guy reheat!!

  83. hi strange moon :] i got an idea of an outfit U can make,
    make a Christmas outfit.
    KK bye
    Yhar #1 Fan,

  84. hmmm… mabey u can invent some sort of lady gaga costume?? i mean, it would be like, really funny!!! XD

  85. can someone give me there room code it doesn’t matter if you are aboy are a girl.

  86. i would like to help you secrets my user name is seakeroflove i have completed every island i am a member for life and dont need to get paid if i can help email me at josephbradham@live.com i can i have a laptop and a computer i am christan we only worship one god the only true god Jesus Jehovah i am frequent commenter i love your walkthourghs please me i help i will post up a cprtyids island walkthorgh for you if you do

  87. I don’t really like the boy costume but could you give me tips for my character (calm lion)?

  88. @yo: I am Strange Moon, not PoptropicaSecrets. Please avoid posting your life story on here, and no one is paid either way…

  89. crptid time solve the puzzle witch is a mixed up word and will give stuff away scrambled word for thw day is ddiler

  90. crystal skull alien costume turn your skin blue get bones at haunted house and presto

  91. @ yo is the answer riddle

  92. @ anonymous yes it is the answer is riddle next one oums

  93. @reheat98 lol thats what i said when i saw it i was all like “omg! ARE YOU SERIOUS SKIRT?IT SAYS STRAIGHT UP BOY COSTUME”lol

  94. i got it from PHB

  95. made it my self

  96. can anyone tell me how to post a pic

  97. Hey, Im Nickie’s brother (straight +A) I use her account. You are good at makin’ costumes! Strange.

  98. uh strange moon hi im duncan n i hve a great coustome idea since its winter i made a scorrge kind of coustome

  99. It is supposed to say SHIRT not SKIRT!! Sorry!!!!!!!!!! Like the brown-ish black-ish over shirt!! And i don’t know why the belt is there………. Also, a jean. I really messed that one up, huh?

  100. I think my guy looks absolutely AWESOME!!!!!! check him out! ——> http://www.poptropica.com/avatarstudio/avatar.html?a=bMHV3THU3WTI5dmJHUnlZV2R2YmpFd01XaHA%3D

  101. hey litttle dragon how did you get the spinning clock? its awesome

  102. Hey Busy Heart Reporting From Cryptids Island A Fashion Update Vampire Boy Costume No Girl Fashion Costumes Yet But Thanks Mighty Stomper For This Fashion Update!
    Trey Coleman

  103. How do you get the white tie?


  105. How do you get the waiter costume