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Anything Goes Costume Contest is Super Close!


Wow, there’s only a few votes separating the current leader of the Anything Goes Costume Contest from 2nd place! I’m going to keep the contest going until the end of the day tomorrow (Monday, May 6th at 5pm EST). So…get out the vote! Use the comments below to try to sway anyone who hasn’t voted yet. Tell us who you think deserves to win and why. And, as always, please be respectful and cool to others. Tell us which costume is great, not why someone’s costume is bad.

This is down to the wire, can’t wait to see who comes home with the prize! Good luck!

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  1. @ CS- Ok.. Don’t worry .. I will… :mrgreen:

    Fascinating :mrgreen:

  2. Cool Smarticle

    You’re not going to tell her…. are you? o.O

  3. @ CS- I thought you told me too ❓ ❗ ❓ Well if you don’t want me to tell her you’re in luck cos I haven’t.

    Fascinating 😡

  4. Cool Smarticle

    No!!!! I DO want you to. I just THINK that you’re not going to tell her. But please do. Tell her in a nice way though. Make sure to mention my name too.

  5. @ CS- I will when she comes back on.. Chillax

    Fascinating 😛

  6. Cool Smarticle

    Okay. I’m chillaxing. 🙂

  7. @ CS- Good ..

    Fascinating 😡

  8. Cool Smarticle

    Are you mad at me ❓ You have “Fascinating 😡 “.

  9. @ CS- The faces at the end of Fascinating don’t mean anything. I just put whichever face.

    Fascinating 😎

  10. Cool Smarticle

    Oh, they don’t go with the mood ❓ They’re just random ❓

  11. @ CS- Precisely

    Fascinating 👿

  12. Cool Smarticle

    I think you did that one on purpose. 😆

  13. @ CS- Maybe…

    Fascinating 😡

  14. Cool Smarticle

    That one too…… ❓ You’re just trying to prove your point. XD

  15. Cool Smarticle

    Hmm……… 💡

  16. @ CS- Hmmm what ❓ You got an idea or something ❓

    Fascinating 😉

  17. Maayyyyyyyybeeeeeeee, maaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy not. 😆

  18. @ CK- Don’t play games with me CS. Only kiddin.

    Fascinating 😯

  19. Cool Smarticle

    You play games with me, like your name. 😆

  20. Cool Smarticle

    And you talking to yourself? “@ CK – ” ❓

  21. @ CS- That last comment I typed was meant for you.

    Fascinating 😳

  22. Cool Smarticle

    Don’t play games with me CS ❗


    I did that on purpose! :mrgreen:

    😆 Right?

  23. @ CS- You imitating me. LOL ❗

    Fascinating 😛

  24. Cool Smarticle


    IKR ❗ YOLO ❗


  25. Why did I say that? O_O