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Dr. Hare’s Rabbot Balloon

It’s not the Dr. Hare costume, but maybe it’s the next best thing. On the Creator’s Blog they’ve announced that the Dr. Hare Deluxe Balloon is now available in the store since they reached their goal of 5,000 votes for their Lego set.  It looks like the image above. And here’s their description: Like a Giant Rabbot effortlessly soaring over ... Read More »

Back Lot Island: Teaser Images

  As we get ready for the release of Back Lot island, I wanted to gather some of the teaser images the creators have given us and see if we can’t figure out some of the details of the movie-themed adventure. First off is a film splicer, a piece of old-school movie editing equipment that has gone the way of ... Read More »

Back Lot Island Gear!

  Lights, camera, ACTION! Over the last few days, they’ve announced the release of Member’s Only gear in the store. As usual, all three items are related to the upcoming new Poptropica content Back Lot Island. It’s interesting that all of the items harken back to the old days of Hollywood. It seemed from some of the teaser images that ... Read More »

Vote for Your Favorite Rare Outfit!

Wow, we’ve got some really crazy entries for this contest! You’ll find all of our awesome contestants below and the place to vote is at the bottom. You can vote for whichever costume you think is the coolest, whichever one you think is the rarest, or whatever criteria you want to use. It’s totally up to you! (Some of you ... Read More »

Poptropica Cheats for Back Lot Island

The latest island from Poptropica is Back Lot Island, a fun romp through the world of old-school film-making! Written Walkthrough: Back Lot Island consists of 9 Areas.  Two of the areas are outside the movie studio and seven of them are inside the studio reachable by a cart, similar to the Lunar Rover on Lunar Colony. Main Street Sunrise Street ... Read More »

Most Rare Poptropica Outfit Contest!

No, I know Poseidon’s Trident isn’t that rare…BUT I know you guys must have items and outfits that you’ve collected over the weeks and months (and years?) that are! Based on the excellent suggestion from a slightly-bored Wild Star, I want to see what items you guys have in your Poptropican backpacks that are rare. What could they be? Limited ... Read More »

Crood Stuff: Caveman Outfits and More

  It doesn’t take long adventuring around Poptropica to see that they put interactive ads on many of their islands. Some of the ads are more interesting than others and the latest, a promotion for the caveman-themed film The Croods, is pretty good, if only because of the new costumes available! Here are the steps to find the goodies: 1. ... Read More »

The Next Island is…Back Lot Island!

  The lights, the cameras, the action!  The newest island from Poptropica is called Back Lot Island and it looks like it’s going to be an exciting romp through Hollywood! Maybe. Why the doubt? Well, the image above was posted with the following on the Creator’s Blog: “What’s the next Island going to be?” That’s the question we hear over ... Read More »

Let’s Re-make Early Poptropica

  The…ahem…winner of our last poll — Which Poptropica Island is Your Least Favorite — was Early Poptropica. Congratulations! Oh, well, maybe not congratulations, but you know what I mean. Anyway, there seems to be a general consensus that Early Poptropica could have been better. The results aren’t too surprising. It came out a long time ago, back when the ... Read More »

Coffee Shop Island!

  Poptropica has announced their next island and it’s…Coffee Shop Island! Thrill to a world of baristas and beans, looking for something cheap to buy so you can use the bathroom! Just kidding. They haven’t announced a Coffee Shop Island. But they did post a teaser picture of a coffee shop possibly from an upcoming island? (Those of you who ... Read More »