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Early Poptropica Character Guide

Early Poptropica Character Guide

We spend so much time running around the different islands of Poptropica trying to solve quests that sometimes we fail to appreciate the many Poptropicans that we encounter along the way. Some islands are nearly empty (Survival Island, for example), but others are teeming with busy Poptropicans going about their business. With that in mind, welcome to part one of ... Read More »

The Mystery of Van Buren

Survival Island Lodge Outdoor

Regular viewers of the Sneak Peeks section in Daily Pop have been seeing a lot of images of some sort of log cabin mansion lately, including some interesting pictures that feature the name, “Van Buren.” Based on the overall look of the images appearing in Daily Pop, it looks to be part of an upcoming episode of Survival Island. But ... Read More »

Is Poptropica Phasing Out the “Island”?

Where Have the Islands Gone?

There are now 39 official “islands” in Poptropica, with Survival and Mission Atlantis starting a new trend of episodic adventures, where we play a short episode or chapter of an island right away rather than wait for the full island to be developed. But there’s another trend forming: the lack of the word “island” on the official names of these ... Read More »

The Gods of Mythology Island

Poptropica Gods of Olympus

In Poptropica’s Mythology Island, we get to meet several of the Greek Gods, specifically the gods that commonly make up the Twelve Olympians. We also get to meet Hades, god of the Underworld, who was never really invited to the party up on Mt. Olympus. That could be a big part of why he’s such a sourpuss. When you visit ... Read More »

Poptropica Monster Carnival Island Has Arrived in Early Access

OK, Poptropica Members. After waiting very patiently for the past six years, Monster Carnival Island has finally arrived for members to play. The written walkthrough is now available here: Poptropica Cheats for Monster Carnival Island. Hey members, what do you think of this newest island for Poptropica? Post your thoughts in the comments section below! Non-members are able to play ... Read More »

New Poptropica Books are Here

The newest Poptropica Books have arrived on Amazon.com, but the real news is that there’s still no Monster Carnival Island, at least as of early Friday morning. If we’re lucky, we might see it later today. There’s been no update on the Creator’s blog and the Poptropica home page still just lists Monster Carnival Island as “Coming Soon.” But back ... Read More »

Virus Hunter Island is Now Live…and so are our Walkthroughs!

The infamously slow in the making Virus Hunter Island is now here!  You can find both our Written and Video Walkthroughs for the island here! The island had some minor glitches, but they didn’t stop me from completing it. One unfortunate bug was that I didn’t get to costumize the super cool bio-suit that you wear during part of the ... Read More »

Harry Potter Costumes, Part Two

This is part two of our Harry Potter costume jamboree. Here’s part one. And here’s how we got started on this idea. We only got six more submissions, but got a whole bunch of submissions and they’re all great. Plus, we got two a bunch of Harrys, which we didn’t have yet. Can’t have a Harry Potter Poptropica Island without Harry, can we? ... Read More »

Gathering Costumes for Harry Potter Island!

  Not surprisingly, since it’s the most popular book series in the history of the printed word, the winner of our “which book would you like to see turn into a Poptropica Island” poll is: Harry Potter! Since it’s almost 100% certain that everyone reading this has read at least one of the books or seen at least one of ... Read More »

Poll: Which Book Would YOU Want as a Poptropica Island?

  In our last post I asked you all to hypothesize a Hunger Games Island, similar to previous Poptropica islands based on popular books such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Wimpy Wonderland. As expected, you came up with some great ideas (and great reasons why it would be a challenge). As a bonus, I asked you what’s another ... Read More »

Create Our Own Island: The Hunger Games

  Okay, everyone, put your thinking caps on, because we’re going to create a Hunger Games themed Poptropica Island! That’s right, imagine that you’re in charge of turning the ridiculously popular book and movie series The Hunger Games into a Poptropica island. How would you go about it? Think about the other Poptropica islands that are based on books, like ... Read More »