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New Mythology Island is Here for Members

Poptropica Mythology Island

Well, it’s “new” in the sense that it has been updated and fits the big screen look. I just did a quick run through the island and it looks and sounds great! The gameplay is pretty much the same, although they made a few changes, like making the boat ride across the river Styx a lot easier. The newly updated ... Read More »

Mythology Island to be Updated

Poptropica Mythology Island

We got our first clue when new special members-only Mythology Island items appeared in the Store, but now the word is official. Mythology Island will be the next island to get the “big screen” treatment on Poptropica. It will also be available on the iPad app version of the game. There will be new music and sound effects as well. ... Read More »

Mission: Atlantis Episode 1 is Out

Poptropica Mission Atlantis Episode 1 End

Members can now play Mission: Atlantis Episode 1. I just completed it and will be posting the complete walkthrough onto the Mission Atlantis cheats page shortly. Here’s my first impressions, though. It’s a fun (but really short) episode. I think we’re going to have to get used to this shorter episodic format. There’s really two main parts to episode 1 ... Read More »

Site Outage

Poptropica Basement

Wow, we’re back online after a 23-hour site outage. PoptropicaSecrets.com is currently hosted by HostGator. I say currently, because after yesterday’s experience, we’ll be switching hosting companies soon. Fortunately, things came back online 20 minutes ago. Thanks, everyone, for your patience! Looks like we’re up and running just in time! The newest island, Mission: Atlantis, is set to be released ... Read More »

First Lunar Eclipse of the Year

Poptropica Full Moon

Ready for something really cool? The first lunar eclipse of the year arrives tonight around midnight Pacific Time (3 am Tuesday ET). A total lunar eclipse is when the Earth’s shadow covers the Moon in its entirety. Tonight’s eclipse will likely be one of the rare “blood moon” eclipses, where the moon glows an eerie red-orange shade during the eclipse, ... Read More »

Poptropica Tablets

Tablets in Poptropica

Want to get one of those cool handheld tablets that you’re seeing people carrying around in the common rooms? The good news is it’s easy to find one. Just go to one of those advertisement billboards you see in-between zones on the islands. Look for the one that shows a video for the new Poptropica iPad app. Click on it ... Read More »

Survival Island: Crash Landing Has Arrived

The first episode of Survival Island, called Crash Landing has arrived as members can play right now. We’ll be posting all the cheats and walkthroughs on our Cheats for Survival Island page shortly. In the meantime, if you’re a member, jump on in. In other news, Monster Carnival Island is now available for everyone to play! Read More »

Monster Carnival and Survival Coming on Thursday

Thursday, March 20 will be a big day for Poptropica players everywhere. Two big things are happening. First, Monster Carnival Island will be available for everyone to play. Be sure to check out the full walkthrough for Monster Carnival Island if you get stuck. There are plenty of cheats, tips and secrets to beat the island. Second, the first episode ... Read More »

Poptropica on iPad

The creators made a big announcement this week in the blog. You can now play the full version of Poptropica on your iPad. There are only two islands available at the moment on the iPad version: Time Tangled Island and 24 Carrot Island, but the Poptropica Creators are promising to release more of the classic islands soon. New islands, like ... Read More »

Monster Carnival Island Arrives this Week

On Friday, the Poptropica Creators dropped members some nice Valentine’s day news: Monster Carnival Island will be released in members-only early access this week! No word on the exact day, but it should be here very soon. Once it’s released, we’ll be working hard on the full Monster Carnival Island walkthrough (video and written). We’ve been waiting a very, very ... Read More »

New Poptopics Books Coming

The Poptropica Creators announced two more books in the Poptopics book series. These are books that give lots of details on the real-world inspiration behind several of the Poptropica islands. The newest books in the collection will be Scary Monsters and Wild West. The first discusses Cryptids Island and the second (of course) covers Wild West Island. They each cost ... Read More »