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Tough Girl (or Semi-Punk/Ulti-punk)

This was one of my earlier costumes, but it’s timeless! You only NEED 225 credits, but in my version there is 375. You need to have Gamer Girl, Biker, and Rock Star 2. Use the shirt from the black Rock Star 2, the Biker Jacket and the hair from Gamer Girl. (For less credits, you might try the gray and ... Read More »

Sassy Spy Costume

This outfit uses 150 credits for: Pop Star and Royal Ball: From Pop Star, use the shirt, jacket, belt, and hair. Find someone wearing the glasses with attached microphone, and find a black skirt with black tights. Chew popgum, or use the Royal Ball mouth. Read More »

Amish (Boy and Girl)

Boy’s Amish: Find an RP wearing the top hat thing. Dye it gray. Find the bucktoothed grin, and this blue shirt with a white shirt under it. Then the jeans with the belt attached. Find a beard and you are Amish Man!! AKA: Ezekiel. Girl’s Amish: Go to Astro-Nights Island and copy the girl in front of the planetarium for ... Read More »

Rickie Rock – Revised

This is my version of the Reality TV character, Rickie Rock: Go to Reality TV and come and leave until you get Rickie Rock. Copy her shirt. The rest is found on our friends, the RP’s. You need the black vest, black skirt with black tights, a tiny bit hard to find, but worth it. The last piece is a ... Read More »

It Begins and Wannabe Costume

Hi everyone! You migh’ve seen me on the “Costume of the Week” posts. Well, I am PoptropicaSecrets newest member, Strange Moon: Ace Fashion Reporter! Okay, I made the title up, but I will be posting everything from my costumes I’ve made so far, to things I see in multi-player areas. I’ll give you all my first costume I ever made! ... Read More »

Costume of the Week – Hunter of Artemis

There was a lot of response to the Costume of the Week post last week and many of you replied in the comments section with all kinds of great costume ideas in Poptropica. There were so many good ones it was hard to pick just one to highlight this week. But congratulations go to Super Thunder who put together a ... Read More »

Poptropica Furry Monster Costumes

Halloween is getting closer and you can really tell on Poptropica. Great Pumpkin Island opened up for everyone this week and now you can get a bunch of new Poptropica Furry Monster costumes. There are eight costumes in total, four for girls and four for boys. That’s a lot of furry monsters. Let’s take a quick look at the different ... Read More »

Poptropica Steam Robot Costume

There’s a new costume available in the Poptropica Store to help celebrate the release of the newest island in Poptropica, Steamworks Island. The new costume is called the Steam Robot, and it’s a great little robot outfit, complete with helmet and steam-powered backpack. You can get it in the store for credits or for free with your Poptropica membership. Here’s ... Read More »

Poptropica Vampire Costumes

The latest Twilight Movie, Eclipse, is out in theatres this summer and Vampiremania has once again become the rage. Poptropica now lets you get in on the fun with a bunch of new vampire costumes available in the Poptropica Store. There are three new vampire costumes for girls and one new vampire costume for boys. The costumes are very similar ... Read More »

Gamer Dude and Gamer Girl Costumes

There are two new costumes available for sale in the Poptropica Store this week. They are the Gamer Dude and Gamer Girl outfits. Both feature retro arcade style t-shirts and gaming goggles. When you use the space bar to activate the costume’s special move, your goggles will flip up, just like on the Steamworks pilot outfit that members got for ... Read More »