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Disco King and Disco Queen Costumes

There are two brand-new costumes available in the Poptropica Store this weekend. They’re the Disco King costume (for boys) and the Disco Queen costume (for girls). They both feature groovy 1970’s style garb and huge blue afro hairdos that are animated. The outfits each have a special move when you press the space bar: you’ll break out into a disco ... Read More »

Live Report 1

Hi, Strange Moon reporting LIVE from the Soda Pop Shop in Early Poptropica! I’ve been seeing this as a popular fashion choice: White skirt, white vest, and the blue shirt from the blue guy on Astro Knights Main Street. I kinda like it, and if you pair it with the elusive blue beret or newsboy hat, it’s really cute! Also ... Read More »

Cryptid Captor (In Honor of Cryptids Island)

This is the Poptropican version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the “Cryptid Captor”. It’s dedicated to the release of Cryptids Island for all players! First, go to Mythology Island, and take any old shirt you want, be it blue, purple, green, orange, red, you pick! (I’m afraid the girls have more options, sorry boys!) Then use the Biker Jacket, or ... Read More »

Art Students/Private School Students

It’s cliche, I know, but that only expresses it’s individuality. Everyone is so obsessed with marking their originality, that everyone has abandoned the cliches! Now’s the time to claim it! Here, you can see that it’s very simple. You need the black skirt with black tights, white and blue sweater vest combo, beret with the spiky bob, and a grey ... Read More »

Not So Normal Citizen

Ever get tired of your friends running away from you and screaming “Don’t suck my blood!” ? get this fab costume to help become a more normal part of Poptropican society. Here we have a magenta shirt with a peep of white at the neck, a brown vest-like jacket, a striped belt, and a black skirt w/ tights! Your pale ... Read More »

Bigfoot Fanatic

Poptropica released another new item into the store just before the holidays. It is the Bigfoot Fanatic outfit and it’s here to celebrate the members-only release of Cryptids Island. The outfit features a giant hat in the shape of Bigfoot himself along with a green footprint shirt and a black belt with buckle. The outfit also lets you costumize one ... Read More »

Vintage Glam Rocker

I’m so sorry I don’t have the guys version yet, but I keep putting of creating a boy’s account. I’ll do it as soon as I can. Very sorry for the inconvenience. But the Vintage Glam Rocker is possibly my best creation yet! Here: This outfit may not be Queen-worthy, but it’s a start! Most of it is found on ... Read More »

The City-zen

Do you want to blend into the background? Be seen but not seen, heard but not heard? Then get this outfit, perfect for blending into the background! A blue Newsboy Cap, Yellow Striped Shirt, Black Skirt w/ tights, and an Open Brown jacket all form RP’s will help you become a casual and stylish person. –This one was made by ... Read More »

Saved by the Holiday Ball

Well, I’m glad to see that Poptropica has just released the new Holiday Ball costume/item into the game. And here I was, worried that I had run out of outfits to wear for the upcoming Cryptids Island Walkthrough! The Holiday Ball is a free item in the Poptropica Store. You’ll find it with the “gold card” items up above and ... Read More »

Boy Costumes

A lot of the costume ideas so far have been for girls, but I have 2 right here boys! No pictures, but soon I’ll get a boy account and get pictures up soon! The Lumberjack Red shirt w/suspenders, and the jeans with the black belt attached. Use Bucky Lucas’ hair, and all the mightiest forests tremble in your presence! All ... Read More »

Something Old, Something New

Go to Mythology Island, and use the mirror to get to Aphrodite’s realm. Copy her mouth. Then, go to the restaurant place outside, copy the blue girl’s shirt ONLY. Then, buy the biker outfit and use the jacket, OR with your a cheaper, you can find someone wearing the black vest. You can use the infamous mannequin jean, or the ... Read More »