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Harry Potter in Poptropica

Hey everyone, I know it’s been a while since we’ve posted any really good Poptropica Costume cheats. Strange Moon, where have you gone? So this week, we’re featuring a classic: how to create a Harry Potter costume. There are a lot of variations on this, but here’s one of the easiest ways to assemble the costume. You don’t need to ... Read More »

Paper Boy and Skullduggery Pirate Costumes Return

Poptropica’s costume revival month returns with this week’s re-release of the Skullduggery Pirate and Paper Boy outfits in the store. Both of these costumes are only available to paid members in the game. The Skullduggery Pirate first appeared right before the release of Skullduggery Island (of course!) and it features all kinds of pirate goodness like a hat, earrings, a ... Read More »

Return of Robin Hood and Light Ninja

This week, there are two more rare costumes returning to the Poptropica Store. The two outfits that have come back are the Light Ninja and the Robin Hood costumes. Only members can purchase them and they’ll only be available in September. Light Ninja The Light Ninja outfit is a white ninja costume that comes with a katana sword and nun-chucks ... Read More »

Mystery Train Inspector Outfit

There’s a new outfit available in the Poptropica Store. It’s the Mystery Train Inspector costume and it’s available for members only. You cannot buy it with credits. You can only get it with an active Poptropica membership. The new outfit is a classic 1800’s Sherlock Holmes style detective outfit, complete with a tween hat and jacket, black pants and a ... Read More »

Midnight Red Ninja Costume for Members

There’s another new ninja costume available in the Poptropica Store. It’s called the Midnight Red Ninja costume and it’s available for members only. It’s based off an earlier costume, the original Midnight Ninja outfit, which is also still available in the store for everyone. The new Midnight Red Ninja costume features a black outfit with red accents. Your Poptropican will ... Read More »

End of the Rock Star Costume?

The Creators made a blog post today saying that soon, the Rock Star costume will no longer be available in the Poptropica Store. So if you want to get it, you need to go to the Poptropica Store right away. Members can get costumes for free and non-members can get it with credits from completing islands. I think this is ... Read More »

Secrets of the Rattlesnake Wrangler Outfit

One of the great hidden secrets in Wild West Island is the Rattlesnake Wrangler outfit. It’s not required to complete the quest and it’s not totally obvious how to find it. It even was mentioned in the Poptropica Creators blog, but they didn’t give very many clues. Here’s how you get it. After you return to Rock Ridge from capturing ... Read More »

5 Fun Outfits from Wild West Island

Poptropica Wild West Island is filled with fun and adventure, including lots of activities and mini-games. But it’s also filled with some really great Western-themed costumes and outfits. Here’s a selection of some of the best ones that I was able to find, along with instructions on where to find them. Marshal Taylor Sure, when you become marshal yourself you’ll ... Read More »

The Kid Costume

The sixth prize is available in the Round ‘Em Up game from the Wild West Island sneak preview. Head over there and rope some cattle to get it. It’s inspired by the famous outlaw Billy the Kid, who died at age 21 in 1881. The outfit includes a hat with a bullet hole through it, an orange bandana, and ammunition ... Read More »

The Hombre

The sneak preview for Wild West Island is still running and there’s a new costume you can get starting today. It’s The Hombre. It includes a sombrero and a red, yellow and green scarf. Just like all the other sneak preview prizes, you win it by completing the Round ‘Em Up mini-game on Wild West Island. Head there on your ... Read More »

The Loaner

The prizes keep rolling in from the Wild West Island sneak preview mini-game. If you’ve been playing then you know that every two days the prizes change. The current one is The Loaner, which is a simple black hat and bullet strap outfit that you can wear over whatever you already have on. It’s not fancy but it makes you ... Read More »