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Fan Costume Contest #3: Halloween Voting

Here’s the poll for our Halloween themed Fan Costume Contest.  Check out all the amazing contestants here and then come back here to vote.  Remember, you can vote up to 3 times.  The top three votes will win first, second, and third place!  Winners will be announced on Wednesday, October 31st.  Good luck everyone who entered! Read More »

Fan Costume Contest #3: Halloween!

Happy Halloween!  As the wind is whipping and the rain is falling sideways outside, it’s time to vote for our favorite Halloween-themed Fan Costume.  A big welcome to all of  you who are entering for the first time!  So many great entries.  If only you could vote for more than one.  But wait!  You CAN vote for more than one. ... Read More »

Fan Costume Contest #3: Halloween!

Fall Fashion Winner: Red Wing! Congratulations to Red Wing, the winner of our second Fan Costume Contest!  Her outdoorsy archer outfit — say that fast five times! — really resonated with you all.  Congratulatons also to our two runners-up, Quiet Cloud and Quiet Star and to all of  you amazing Poptropicans who participated! Fan Costume Contest #3: Halloween! Next up: ... Read More »

Fan Costume Contest #2: Fall Fashion! (Part Three)

Part Three of our fabulous Fall Fashion Costume Contest!  For details, check out Part One.  (Note that the last contestant is some kind of weirdo who snuck in at the end.  Don’t vote for him, he’s only going to get a big ego!) Here are contestants #23 through #33: Contestant #23: Muddy Dolphin, who’s “attempted to mix the colors of ... Read More »

Fan Costume Contest #2: Fall Fashion! (Part Two)

Part Two of our fabulous Fall Fashion Costume Contest!  For details, check out Part One.  Here are contestants #12 through #22: Contestant #12: Serious Bubbles, says she’s “a typical girl, almost that is. Her lovely auburn hair goes perfectly for Fall! She also has a nice little sweater on for those chilly days to come. Her outfit does look a ... Read More »

Fan Costume Contest: Fall Fashion! (Part One)

Unbelievable!  We’ve got 33 contestants for our Fall Fashion costume contest!  Yay!  Since there are so many of you vying for fashion supremacy, I’ve divided the contest up into three parts.  Each part has eleven contestants.  Vote for your favorite and the three with the highest number of votes (regardless of which part they’re in) will go up against each ... Read More »

New Fan Costume Contest: Fall Fashion!

Congratulations to Fearless Knuckle who won our first Fan Costume Contest!  The theme was “Summer Fun” and Fearless took a Wild West approach for her Summer outfit.  It’s not all Old West, though.  Check out her awesome steampunk goggles and hi-tech headphone combo.  So cool! The release of Super Villain Island stalled us a bit, but we’re back on track ... Read More »

Fan Costume Contest: Summer Fun!

Welcome to our first Poptropica Secrets Fan Costume Contest!  Yay!  The theme, of course, was Summer Fun.  Check out the costumes and outfits that your fellow Poptropicans submitted, then vote at the bottom for  your favorite.  If you’re one of the awesome fans who submitted a costume, thank you!  And please don’t worry if you don’t win, there will be ... Read More »

Poptropica Secrets Fan Costume Contest: Summer Fun!

EDIT: Brave Star reminded me that the Avatar Studio is available for everybody.  Yay!  Thanks to Brave Star for correcting me and for the original idea of a fan costume contest! I’m looking for cool costumes and outfits!  For our next costume contest, instead of me (Zippy T.) putting a weird outfit together, I want to see what you guys ... Read More »

Poptropica Store: Super Villain Island Gear

In case you missed it, the Creator’s announced the super amazing super villain gear members will be able to get when Super Villain Island launches.  From left to right in the picture, you can see the Night Hare costume, the creepy evil henchmen that you can have follow you around, and sleeping powder, which villains of course use to make ... Read More »