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Poptropica Steamworks Mech Pilot Costume

Poptropica Members can get a special new costume when they log in. To get it, you have to log in before July 30 and it will be added automatically to your backpack. It’s a Steamworks Mech Pilot Costume and it is of course here to celebrate the upcoming launch of Poptropica Steamworks Island (the launch date still hasn’t been officially ... Read More »

Poptropica Hammerhead Costume

There is a new costume available in the Poptropica Store this week. It’s the Hammerhead Costume and it looks a lot like the Sharkboy and related costumes in the game but this one has a head piece that looks like a hammerhead shark with two big eyes bulging out of the sides. Sharks are cool, especially in the summer. And ... Read More »

Hot Dog and Tofu Dog Costumes

Well I’ve got something new to wear for my next walkthrough video! Poptropica just added two new costumes to the Poptropica Store. They’re the Hot Dog and the Tofu Dog costumes. They look almost exactly the same, but the Tofu Dog costume is supposedly a healthier choice. OK! Head to the Poptropica store to check out the new costumes, which ... Read More »

Graduate and Soccer Player Costumes

There are two new costumes in the Poptropica Store this week. They are the Graduate costume and the Soccer Player costume. The graduate costume, which celebrates all of the graduation ceremonies taking place this month, is a free item for all Poptropicans in the store. It comes with a cap and tassle, and a graduation robe. It looks very nice ... Read More »

Poptropica Hypnotic Costume

This is pretty cool. Poptropica put a secret hidden item in the game called the Hypnotic costume. It’s free for everyone and all you need to do is find it. The creators made it kind of easy by posting a screenshot in the official blog and then going so far as to tell us its in Early Poptropica. If you ... Read More »

Mythology Surfer Costume

The Poptropica store has been updated with a fun Friday surprise for the summertime. It’s not quite Summer yet, but now you can celebrate in style with the Mythology Surfer Outfit. This outfit is probably inspired by the surfing scene in Mythology Island when you head towards Poseidon’s domain. The surfer costume can be purchased in the store for credits ... Read More »

Prom Outfits in Poptropica

It’s that time of the year where proms happen in high schools all over the country. Now you can dress up your Poptropican in a prom outfit. There are two new outfits in the Poptropica store. There’s a tuxedo for boys and a prom dress for girls. You can buy them with credits or get them for free with a ... Read More »

Four Cool Outfits for Guys in Poptropica

Last week, I posted about four fashionable outfits for girls in Poptropica. Now I’m following up with four cool outfits for guys. They’re not quite as fashionable, but these are fun and functional outfits for the Poptropican on the go. Best of all, they’re easy to locate. If you’re not familiar with how to copy costumes from Poptropicans that you ... Read More »

Four Fashionable Outfits in Poptropica

Last week, I published a guide to cool costumes that were easy to get in Poptropica. A lot of you added comments of even more costumes that you can find, so here’s another guide of very fashionable costumes in Poptropica. These four are for girl characters. I’ll write a post tomorrow with dashing outfits for the guys. Special thanks to ... Read More »

Flower Power Outfit

Poptropica updated the Flower Power card that is available in the Poptropica Store to include a flower costume. So now when you’re traveling through the islands of Poptropica spreading goodwill and springtime cheer by placing flowers in the ground, you can do it in this silly but stylish flower outfit. Here’s what the creators have to say about the new ... Read More »

Medusa Hair in Poptropica

Late in the quest for Mythology Island on Poptropica, you and Hercules will encounter the Medusa, one of the most dangerous creatures from Greek Mythology. In Poptropica, she quickly turns Hercules to stone and he becomes a statue. All of this happens during one of those cut-scene moments in the game where your cursor turns into a spinning circle. This ... Read More »