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Marshal in Charge

Howdy pardners! For all of you who want to dress for your part as Marshal in Wild West Island, then we have the outfit for you! Shop around for your fave western style shirt, (we used the shirt from the cattle driver in Rock Ridge) but many other shirts look fabulous with it as well. We got our skirt from ... Read More »

Quickie Costume

Hey, guys! I had some down time, because I’m almost done studying (!!!) so I came up with a quick, simple look, that is still pretty awesome! Pre-College Cas. I love this because it’s totally something I would wear! It’s cute, but simple, and not constricting, great for pre-college casual. Find the yellow striped shirt, also used in Not so ... Read More »

Sebastianette and Geek Chic

Hello, faithful readers! I’m sorry it took so long, but as I said in my last post, finals and all that. If I have some people out there who enjoy anime and magna, you might know of “Black Butler”? I have made a Poptropica version of Sebastian for girls and boys! Sebastian/ette Take the shirt and vest from Mews’ butler ... Read More »

Costume Coming Soon and I Enlist Your Help!!!

I’m having a new costume come out soon, don’t worry. I have finals soon, so I’ve been studying, and my internet has been down. Now comes the part where I ask your help. If you’re reading this, Godzilla2000, you are unfathomably rude. Godzilla2000 recently sent me some very nasty hate mail with lots of profanity. This message was degrading on ... Read More »

Strange Moon’s “Business” email

Some of you have been trying to get in touch with me through my personal email, because I’ve been using that to reply to questions outright. From now on, please feel free to follow and use this address to get to me. Send chat requests and whatnot! The address: popsecretsstrangemoon@gmail.com Hope to hear from you all! Read More »

Live Report 1

Hi, Strange Moon reporting LIVE from the Soda Pop Shop in Early Poptropica! I’ve been seeing this as a popular fashion choice: White skirt, white vest, and the blue shirt from the blue guy on Astro Knights Main Street. I kinda like it, and if you pair it with the elusive blue beret or newsboy hat, it’s really cute! Also ... Read More »

Hair Colors

Using my favorite hair style, I’m going to show some of my best colors. Some are simple, some are a bit more complicated. The outfit I’m using with this post is “Tough Girl”, and I found this vivid pink mouth on someone in a Multi-Player area (I think it was the Hair Club…) Enjoy! Bodacious Brunette: On 24 Carrot Island, ... Read More »

Cryptid Captor (In Honor of Cryptids Island)

This is the Poptropican version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the “Cryptid Captor”. It’s dedicated to the release of Cryptids Island for all players! First, go to Mythology Island, and take any old shirt you want, be it blue, purple, green, orange, red, you pick! (I’m afraid the girls have more options, sorry boys!) Then use the Biker Jacket, or ... Read More »

Art Students/Private School Students

It’s cliche, I know, but that only expresses it’s individuality. Everyone is so obsessed with marking their originality, that everyone has abandoned the cliches! Now’s the time to claim it! Here, you can see that it’s very simple. You need the black skirt with black tights, white and blue sweater vest combo, beret with the spiky bob, and a grey ... Read More »

Not So Normal Citizen

Ever get tired of your friends running away from you and screaming “Don’t suck my blood!” ? get this fab costume to help become a more normal part of Poptropican society. Here we have a magenta shirt with a peep of white at the neck, a brown vest-like jacket, a striped belt, and a black skirt w/ tights! Your pale ... Read More »