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Fierce Moon is the chief blogger at PoptropicaSecrets.com. She plays Poptropica almost every day and has finished all of the islands in the game. She loves to put together complete walkthroughs of all the Poptropica Islands and has a love of wearing food costumes when making the walkthroughs.

You can find Fierce Moon on Twitter, Facebook and on Google+.


  1. what are all the materials needed to help me in survival?

  2. what are all the materials needed to help me in survival

  3. hi fierce moon can you please tell me what island are you on so i can friend you?

  4. I’m everywhere! Right now at this precise moment, I’m in the Town Hall on Virus Hunter Island.

  5. hi I am maryann I wanna meet you but I cant find you

  6. can you please go to the barber shop in spy island? i want to friend you

  7. Hey,I’m Sneaky Grape can you please add me,you should find ,me in Wimpy Boardwalk in the laser tag center

  8. Hey FM, I got my own twitter (And followed you of course :P) http://twitter.com/Pop_Awesomeness

  9. Friend me!! Omg fierce moon we look exactly the same names aleily12 (magic club she’s a poptropican forever loves dogs can’t crack her nuckles and she has completed 3 islands including wimpy boardwalk wimpy wonderland and spy island also is friends with thinknoodles shout out!! Check his chanel out! has like 19 friends and loves her oufit I’d just friend you all well peace I’m out!!

  10. hi i want u 2 add me i’m at the poptropolis games right now you can’t see mee cuz i’m competing right now.

  11. hi can u add me fierce moon where r u?

  12. Today my home country will play in the FIFA Mexico! Mexico!

  13. friend me plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

  14. Hey fierce moon I want you to know that I am a huge poptropica leader and I matched up every villain in poptropica so if maybe you can help me get some of them together that would be awesome and please add me I’m mcdon20 so um ya I’m a big fan!

  15. Please friend me at the barber shop in spy island

  16. I just wanted to say your cheats are totally spot on perfect.

  17. I can’t get past the plant monsters on steamworks island any tips

  18. Hey Red Ant, have you checked out the Steamworks Island cheats page? I did a pretty detailed guide on how to get past the plant monsters.

  19. where are you now

  20. you helped me complete 14 islands on poptropica through text walkthroughs and your channel secret penguin. thanks!

  21. Hey Firece Moon I Love Your Post Add Me As Your Friend But My acount is saved un zozi585 add there

  22. what’s your username?

  23. I would like to be your friend my username is myramyra0618

  24. princess chula the cat of diamond topia ✨✨

    Where is the supply room in the museum in counterfeit island & my username is chulacat please friend me !

  25. Hey, Fierce Moon where can I find you now on Poptropica?

  26. hey Fierce Moon helped me tho a lot of islands im doing atlatas mission right now thanks to u i’m almost done

  27. Fierce Moon you should make a walkthrough on Escape from Pelican rock island I can show you how to finish the island easily I got magic powers!! I done it twice I did it in under 9 minutes

  28. Hey Moon, can you friend me? My username is Ocean6464, what’s yours?

  29. And your avatar is, like, beautiful. So technically, aleily12 you are gorgeous too.
    On the other hand, everyone is beautiful in a different way. 🙂

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